In this article we will focus on the top 10 Wix templates that will make your website pop and give the allure to lure in more customers.

What do you do when you first visit a website? You look at its template, how aesthetically pleasing, and organized it is. An eye-sore and cluttered website isn’t going to catch anyone’s eye, because no matter how much the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or in this case “Don’t judge a website by its template” is advertised, we will always judge something by the way it looks. Therefore, the first big decision that you will have to make is deciding on a template, something that isn’t too loud but isn’t too shabby either.

Template design is a field where Wix always scores. With 800 beautifully designed, mobile responsive templates in its arsenal, Wix gives you a plethora of options in every category known to mankind, let it be photography, blogging, or an online store, Wix has got you covered.

A thought must be spiraling in your head that one template got to be better than the other. Well, you are right, even though all of Wix’s templates are beautiful, there are some that just grasp you in their tight grip, unwilling to let go. And those templates are the guest of honor in this article. So, without further ado let’s take a look at the top 10 Wix templates that can make your website look stunning.

Top 10 Wix Templates – A Quick Glance 

With Wix, you get free, mobile responsive templates, even with the free version. So, you can go and check them out without paying a dime. But before you go take a look at the top 10 Wix templates list given below:

  • Adalene – Chic and classy
  • Awesome Sneakers – Big and bold
  • Gelato – Vibrant and fun
  • ‘O ia Poké – Elegant and vibrant
  • Sophie Chamberlain – Minimalistic and alluring
  • Kiss & Makeup – Stylish and bold
  • Odam Lviran – Beautiful and Simple
  • Naomi Rhyme – Expressive and modern 
  • Allan Johnson – Bright and organized
  • Turning Heads – Fresh and welcoming 

Top 10 Wix Templates – Summary Table

To get a brief overview of the top 10 Wix templates consider the table given below in which we have mentioned all the temples along side their price and the websites they are best for.

Top 10 Wix Templates Price Best For
Adalene Free Luxury online stores
Awesome Sneakers Free E-commerce
Gelato Free Hotels and restaurants
‘O ia Poké Free Hotels and restaurants
Sophie Chamberlain Free Portfolios
Kiss $ Makeup Free Accessories or makeup stores
Odam Lviran Free Portfolio
Naomi Rhyme Free Entrepreneurs
Allan Johnson Free Businesses like travel agencies
Turning Heads Free Blogs

Top 10 Wix Templates – Overview

Below we have given a brief overview along with features of the top 10 Wix templates. Go through them to get a thorough understanding of the templates and the perks they have to offer.

1. Adalene – No#1 Among the Top 10 Wix Templates


Best for – High-end online stores

Price – Free


  • Product pages with filtering options 
  • Product search
  • Top navigation bar with social icons
  • Homepage call to action
  • Top and bottom menus
  • Homepage harbors a “Bestseller” product gallery


Among the top 10 Wix templates Adelene takes the first spot due to its breathtaking design. If you want a template that oozes class and screams bouji, then Adalene is it. It is one of the most famous Wix e-commerce themes and is best suited for luxury products. The templates resonate a rich feel, using large images to create a creative and engaging aesthetic. One aspect of the template that caught our eye was its use of a large square grid on the homepage, that helps highlight the products.

The template also makes navigation easy with a Quick View feature, sticky menu, and frequent calls to action. Along with product pages, Adalene supports two About pages, and a Contact page, complete with social links. 

2. Awesome Sneakers

Awesome Sneakers

Best for – E-commerce and online stores

Price – Free 


  • The site footer harbors a contact form
  • The homepage features product collections
  • Supports a large, full-screen hero image
  • Houses product filters for color, size, and price
  • Sticky top menu that aids customers in navigation
  • Customer service page with FAQs and contact form


If you are looking for a big, bold, and fun template to accentuate your products then Awesome Sneakers from out top 10 Wix templates list should be the best fit for you. The template makes use of a blocky design that helps grab attention and also directs the customer’s focus. The template exudes modernity by using full-width backgrounds, overlapping blocks, and large images. Awesome Sneakers cuts away text in order to keep the customers’ sole focus on the products, putting them front and centre.

3. Gelato


Best for – Restaurants

Price – Free


  • Online menu
  • Online ordering
  • Event booking system
  • “Order Online” and “Menu” calls to action on homepage
  • Parallax layout
  • Email subscription sign-up


The first thing that comes to mind when we say gelato is, bold, vibrant colors, and a cool touch amidst the heat, these are the feelings that the template Gelato resurfaces, with its attention-grabbing color palette. The template shows of your brand via bold and vibrant colors, images, and short snippets of text. Its parallax layout uses cascading style sheets, with large background images, and an events page to take bookings. However, the template is not all fun and no business, it includes an easy-to-use online ordering system, a flavours menu, and social media integration. 

4. ‘O ia Poké

'O ia Poké

Best for – Restaurants and online food outlets

Price – Free


  • Social media integration with sticky social icons
  • Color backgrounds
  • Sticky top navigation menu
  • Contact details on the footer of every page
  • Online ordering and menu
  • Location map and contact form
  • Dedicated catering page


When you combine vibrancy and elegance, the resulting blend is how we describe ‘O is Poké. This engaging restaurant website template features bright color backgrounds, text and image blocks, easy navigation, and a simple menu layout. Even the name of the template exudes a very French and bouji feel. Despite having a fun design, the template is very simple, using the same design layout, ensuring a consistent user journey. 

5. Sophie Chamberlain 

Sophie Chamberlain

Best For – Portfolios 

Price – Free


  • Online store
  • Every page has sticky social links
  • Mailing list subscription
  • Homepage gallery
  • License purchase at checkout


If you are an illustrator or an artist looking to showcase your talent and bring in more customers then Sophie Chamberlain should be a perfect fit for you. This template is simple and minimalistic, placing the sole focus on the homepage gallery and making your work shine by using white space and a grid layout. Moreover, the template isn’t overly complicated and features only three pages, including an info page and a store. The only thing the template lacks is a contact form however you can add it during customization. 

6. Kiss and Makeup

Kiss and Makeup

Best for – One page design

Price – Free


  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Contact form
  • Social integration
  • Testimonials
  • Services section
  • Large hero image 


Kiss and Makeup is a perfect blend of bold and stylish, a perfect option for those who covet a one-page design. The template harbors almost all the essentials on a single page, from a contact form to a photo gallery to testimonials.IT makes use of color blocks that help separate these sections, encouraging clients to keep scrolling. Moreover, the top navigation is sticky which makes it easy to jump between sections. The template lacks a booking feature, but if you wish to add it, you can do that during customisation. 

7. Odam Lviran

Odam Lviran

Best for – Creative design websites

Price – Free


  • Contact form
  • Social media integration
  • Homepage gallery


Odam Lviran is a perfect fit for simple sites, wishing to show off a small portfolio of images, ideal for creatives who want to let their work speak for itself. The template proves that even by sticking to the basics you can have a beautiful portfolio. This simple yet beautiful template features a homepage gallery, a contact page, an “About” page, and social media integration. This template is all about putting your work in the spotlight, without letting other factors divert the attention of the visitors.  

8. Naomi Rhyme

Naomi Rhyme

Best for – Entrepreneurs 

Price – Free


  • Members area
  • Contact form 
  • Online services
  • Testimonials
  • Subscription feature
  • Online bookings
  • “As Features On” clients highlight
  • Blog
  • Video backgrounds
  • Social media integration


This powerhouse of a template is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, encompassing all the necessary features from social icons to testimonials, that help customers know your brand. This fun, modern yet professional design uses a very intriguing color palette to catch the eye of visitors. The white space and contrasting colors create a very modern and professional atmosphere, encouraging visitors to consider doing business with you. Even though you can easily add videos to this template but be warned as by adding heavy videos you will slow down your site’s loading speed.

9. Allan Johnson

Allan Johnson

Best for – Businesses

Price – Free


  • Sticky top navigation menu
  • Blog
  • Social media integration
  • File uploads
  • Sticky contact form in the footer
  • Homepage calls to action
  • Online bookings


The Alan Johnson template exudes a cool, calm, and collected feel. The template is not only easy to navigate but is also bright and clutter-free. Visitors can easily find their way around the website without feeling overwhelmed. The template also harbors a built-in bookings feature making it an ideal fit for service-based businesses. It also features a blog where you can post educational and informative articles as well as a “Guides” page.

10. Turning Heads 

Turning Heads

Best for – Blogs

Price – Free


  • Author bio sidebar
  • Instagram feed
  • The “Recent Posts” feature
  • Search feature
  • Social media icons in sticky top navigation
  • Homepage blog feed
  • Contact form at every page’s bottom
  • Instagram feed
  • Email subscription sign-up form


As the name suggests, the template really does turn heads with its fresh visuals and welcoming aura. Not only is it easy to navigate but is also clutter-free as it employs the usage of sections. Moreover, the template promotes readability by using blocks to separate content and display the blog feeds. Turning heads makes use of white space and eye-catching images to help accentuate your blog’s visual appeal. 

Top 10 Wix Templates – Selection Criteria

Wix offers more than 800 templates from which these top 10 Wix templates were selected. Each template was weighed on the basis of its design, mobile responsiveness, customisability, and features. Out of the entire library of templates offered by Wix, these 10 truly amazed us.

Design of the Top 10 Wix Templates – Deign of a template is very important, it defines your entire website , and gives it allure and attraction. The top 10 Wix templates that were sleeted for this article feature stunning designs. Each design speaks a language of modernity and sophistication.

Mobile Responsiveness of the Top 10 Wix Templates – 80% of the world population prefers to use their cell phones to surf the internet. Therefore, in this era of cell phones it is of vital importance that websites are mobile responsive. Non-mobile responsive neither get a lot of traffic nor they are ranked high on search engines. All the templets included in the top to Wix templates are mobile responsive, ensuring that your website gets maximum traffic and ranks high on search engines.

Customisability of the the Top 10 Wix Templates – Even though Wix doesn’t offer a lot of customisability as it is geared towards beginners and novices. However, it doe scoffer enough that you can customise its templates to add a personal touch to them. The top 10 Wix templates mentioned above can be easily customised with the hep of a drag-and-drop editor. You can also add various elements and integrations to them to make your website more functional.

Features of the Top 10 Wix Templates – All of the templates mentioned in the top 10 Wix templates list carry with them robust and unique features that make them stand out fro others. Therefore, before settling on a template first study the features it offers and then make a decision.

Frequently Asked Templates

Are all Wix templates free?

Yes, Wix houses 800 beautiful templates, all of which are free to use and customize.

Are the templates offered by Wix mobile responsive?

Yes, all 800 templates housed by Wix are mobile responsive.

Can I make changes to my Wix website after it is published?

Yes, you can make as many changes as you want on your website, even after it is published.
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