When we visit a website the first aspect that graces our eyes isn’t its product but its design and template. A sleek and modern design will definitely compel visitors to check out your products. However, a website with an outdated design will drive visitors away faster than the speed of light. So, when you select a template for your website keep in mind that humans will always judge something by its appearance no matter how much we advocate the concept that appearances don’t matter. Therefore, always go for a template that catches the visitor’s eye all the while accentuating your products.

Keeping these points in mind we carefully handpicked this list of top 10 e-commerce website templates, that will make your website shine and take your business to unprecedented heights. Let’s begin our venture, shall we?

Top 10 E-commerce Website Templates – A Quick Glance

Following ease the top 10 e-commerce website templates that blew our minds and will surely knock your socks off as well.

  • Tresoire by Squarespace – Minimalistic and striking 
  • Gling by Wix – Bright and airy
  • Debut by Shopify – Classy and simple
  • Ania Gaudin by Wix – Impactful and endearing
  • Alta Loma by Squarespace – Vintage and unique
  • Bliss by Shopify – Elegant and simple
  • Nude Makeup Store by Wix – Clean and organized 
  • Express by Shopify – Bold and expressive
  • Mina by Zyro – Serene and bold
  • Ventura by Squarespace – Chic and artsy 

Summary Table – Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates

In case you do not have the time to go through the entire article, refer to the table given below that contains information on the top 10 e-commerce website templates along with their price, what they are best for, and which website builder created them.

Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates Price Web-BuilderBest For
Tresoire FreeSquarespace Clothing and accessories store
GlingFreeWixClothing store
Debut FreeShopify Jewellery and accessories store
Ania GaudinFreeWixAccessories
Alta LomaFreeSquarespace Beauty and health stores
Bliss FreeShopify Beauty products stores
Nude Makeup Store FreeWixMakeup store
ExpressFreeShopifyFood and drink stores
Mina FreeZyro Decorative products store
Ventura FreeSquarespacePhotography and art

Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – Overview

Given below are brief overviews of the top 10 e-commerce website templates. Browse them to find out what they have to offer and what kind of features they carry in their arsenal.

1. Tresoire by Squarespace – No#1 Among the Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates


Price – Free

Best for – Clothing and accessories 


  • Minimal navigation bar
  • Collage-like product grid
  • Dark color palette


Squarespace templates have set the bar so high that having it complete with other web builder templates might be considered an act of injustice. Each and every template of the website builder screams dedication and creativity. One such template that we came across that knocked our socks off and blew our minds is Tresoire. Upon setting eyes on the template, one can’t help but gasp in admiration. With pared-back minimalism, and elements set against a striking black background, the template resonates a very premium and polished feel.  

With this template, you can create an elegant website that seamlessly advertises and accentuates clothes and jewelry. Moreover, with the Fluid Engine editor, that Squarespace introduced recently, you can design with even further precision. So, if you are looking for a template that can give your brand and products a premium, bouji feel, then we think you’ve just found the one.

2. Gling by Wix

Price – Free

Best for – Clothing store


  • Stylish font options
  • Clear CTA buttons
  • Logo in the site header


If Squarespace is the king of template designs, then Wix is their biggest collector. With 800 templates in its arsenal, Wix has options for every and all kinds of websites. One such template that we found in its e-commerce archive is Gling. Gling invokes a sense of calmness and refinement, surrounded by a light, bright, and airy aura. The template is clean and decluttered, making the products pop off the page. It is an ideal choice for clothing stores, that are looking for a trendy clean template to showcase their products. The default layout of the template creates a perfect balance of text and photos, allowing you to add information about the products seamlessly. 

3. Debut by Shopify

Price – Free

Best for – Accessories and jewelry 


  • Predictive search items
  • Promotional banners
  • Slideshow for showcasing products


When classy and simple blend together the resulting concoction is what we call Debut. Debut is a chic template, resonating with a classy and modern feel. The designer really took their time coming up with this one, taking the most modest color template and incorporating large image headers, so that the visitors would get mesmerized but not too distracted from the products. This template places products front and center with is simple layout helping them pop. A noteworthy point of this template is that it comes in two different styles, so you can choose the one that fits your products best.

4. Ania Gaudin by Wix

Ania Gaudin

Price – Free

Best for – Accessories 


  • Members-only area
  • Big-impact images
  • Hidden navigation menu


If you are looking for a template that gives off a contemporary and undeniably stylish feel, then Ania Gaudin should be your top pick. The template encompasses a very premium feel, exuding elements of classy, chic, and elegant with a hint of vibrance. The template harbors big blocks of color, a prominent sticky logo, and larger-than-life images. Ania Gaudin by Wix speaks a language of luxury and makes your products stand out by putting them on a pedestal. 

5. Alta Loma by Squarespace

Alta Loma

Price – Free 

Best for – Health and Beauty 


  • Clear check-out page
  • Quirky and bold font and CTAs
  • Space to advertise the ethos of your brand 


Another Squarespace template to bless your eyes and wow your heart. With a neutral color palette and vintage-style text, this template adds depth to your brand. Despite exuding a very luxurious feel, the template is very easy to navigate. It consists of a single page check-out process, that also allows users to track the progress of their order. The one thing about the template that is worth mentioning that how effortlessly it creates a contrast between its fun, rounded text, and square images. 

6. Bliss by Shopify


Price – Free

Best for – Beauty product


  • Image animations
  • Sidebar accordion menu
  • Product image zoom


The name Bliss really suits the template as its design invokes feelings of serenity and joy. This simple yet alluring template uses a carousel of product images to get customer’s attention. Clean and minimal, yet alluring and tempting, Bliss is an ideal template for health and beauty products. This simple template harbors a slideshow-style banner, multiple product categories, simple and straightforward checkout, and labeled CTAs.

7. Nude Makeup Store by Wix

Nude Makeup Store

Price – Free

Best for – Makeup products


  • Animated image hover effects
  • Slideshow image header 
  • Gallery carousel
  • Product quick-view feature


Nude Makeup Store is a refined tapestry woven from the threads of minimalism and elegance, exuding a sense of order. This template is extremely easy to navigate, using an uncluttered cart and checkout pages, that allow customers to complete their purchases seamlessly. You can also integrate your social media platforms easily on your web homage, featuring your latest Instagram posts alongside your products. 

8. Express by Shopify


Price – Free

Best for – Food and drink 


  • Great for small catalogs
  • Slide-out cart
  • Featured collections on the home page


This template is good enough to eat. With vibrant colors and quirky fonts, it inspires a sense of allure and awe. Express by Shopify opens with a wide image header, where you can put on display the delectable food products that are available for purchase. Not only is the template easy to navigate but it also makes browsing and purchasing food easy as visitors can read product info and view products on the same page.

9. Mina by Zyro


Price – Free

Best for – Decorative products


  • Products grouped according to categories
  • Easy and quick navigation


Mina by Zyro is a minimalistic, beautiful, and classy template that gives your website a very premium feel. The template is geared towards displaying decorative products like wall art, ceramics, etc Mina groups products according to styles, design, and artist. Customers can easily find their way around this simple template, browse products, and make final purchases.  

10. Ventura by Squarespace


Price – Free

Best for – Art and photography


  • Simple color palette
  • Emphatic product images
  • Easy social media integration


This template creates a perfect balance of artistry and professionalism and can be used for any kind of website but is more suited for arts and photography websites. Ventura’s simple but beautiful design and minimalistic color palette makes your products stand out and catch the eye of the visitors. Even though this template didn’t go all out on the design it is still a solid choice for accentuating your products. 

Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – Selection Criteria

Different templates from numerous website builders were compared on the basis of their design, features, customizability, and mobile responsiveness. Thorough examination and research were conducted before the templates mentioned above were added to the top 10 e-commerce website templates list.

Design of the Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – The first thing on your website that visitors will notice is the design. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you select a template with an attractive design that best fits your niche. The templates that are part of the top 10 e-commerce website templates list are all beautifully designed and filled with allure.

Features of the Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – Features of a template play a vital part in the functionality of your website. Each template mentioned in the top 10 e-commerce website templates list carries with it unique features that will not only make your website pop but will also boost user experience.

Customisability of the Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – As most website builders available on the market are targeted towards beginners, the level of customizability and design freedom offered by them is minimal. However, the templates mentioned in the top 10 e-commerce website templates list carry enough customisability to allow you to modify them and add a unique touch.

Mobile Responsiveness of the Top 10 E-Commerce Website Templates – Mobile responsiveness of websites is very important these days as we are a generation that runs on mobile phone devices. All the top 10 e-commerce website templates are mobile responsive and optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many templates does Wix offer?

Wix offers a massive template library, harboring about 800 templates that are all mobile responsive and customizable.

Which website builder in the market has the most beautiful templates?

Squarespace houses the most beautifully designed and gorgeous templates that can make your website the talk of the town.

Are Wix templates free?

Yes, all the 800 templates offered by Wix are absolutely free.
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