In this article we will discuss the top 10 best website builders in 2023 that are making waves in the web building industry. In this modern age, you need a website if you want your business to grow and become successful. A website that is beautiful, practical, and user-friendly will help attract more people. Whereas a website that is dull, complicated, and slow, will compel people to leave and never look back. Now a days you donโ€™t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a website designer and can make a fully functional website yourself without hassle by using a website builder. Website builders offer an easy to use platform, that can aid you in creating an alluring website.

We will briefly tell you about the top 10 best website builders in 2023. These website builders are affordable, with lots of attractive templates, and are so easy to use that even a beginner wonโ€™t have any problem using them. We can go on and on about how useful these website builders are, but we promised to tell you about the top 10 website builders so here they are.

Top 10 Best Website builders in 2023

Consult the list given below to know about the top 10 best website builders in 2023.

  • Wix โ€“ User-friendly website builder
  • โ€“ Reliable website builder
  • Network Solutions โ€“ Easy to use with well-designed templates
  • HubSpot โ€“ Flexible, easy to use with a wide range of features
  • Squarespace โ€“ An all-rounder website builder
  • HostGator โ€“ Budget-friendly website builder
  • IONOS โ€“ Hassle-free website builder that is best for online stores
  • SITE123 โ€“ Minimalistic and simple website builder
  • GoDaddy โ€“ All-in-one website builder 
  • Jimdo โ€“ Best for those who have basic computer skills

Summary Table – Top 10 Best Website builders in 2023

We know life these days moves at a fast pace, so for all of you busy bees out there, we have complied all the pivotal information about our top 10 best website builders in 2023 in a table. Feel free to browse.

Website Builder  Starting Price  Free Version  Templates
Wix $4.50/mo Yes  800+ $1.95/mo No  100+
Network Solutions $14.95/mo No  150+
HubSpot $25/mo Yes  140+
Squarespace $16/mo No  110
HostGator $4.95//mo No  4,500
IONOS $1/mo No  100+
SITE123 $5.80/mo Yes  160+
GoDaddy $9.96/mo Yes  100
Jimdo  $9/mo Yes  100+

Top 10 best Website Builders – Overview

Given below is a brief overview of the the top 10 best website builders available in the market. Give the entire article a read to select the website builder that meets your needs and requirements. Each website builder carries with it distinct features, templates, and tools. And as a website is your doorway to the cyber world, choose the website builder wisely.

1. Wix

Wix - top 10 best website builders in 2023

Best for โ€“ Beginners and small businesses.

Price โ€“ From $4.50-$35 per month

Free version/trialโ€“ Yes

Wix is one of the top 10 best website builders in 2023 with more than 200 million users around the world. The website builder is available in seven languages, is easy to use, and most recommend for beginners. Wix allows users to create websites through drag-and-drop tools and offers more than 800 attractive templates. If you just want to test your website-building skills without spending a lot of money, then Wix is the best option for you as it offers a free version as well. 

Pros Cons
Easy to use and beginner friendly. Doesnโ€™t have an option to switch templates once the website is published.
Impressive template library. Best features are only accessible if user subscribes to premium plan. 
Has a built in SEO.  

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Best for โ€“ Beginners looking for a reliable and simple website builder.

Price โ€“ From $1.95-$24.95 per month

Free version/trial โ€“  No is known for its simple and user-friendly experience and has about 3 million subscribers. Beginners mostly prefer as it is simple and doesnโ€™t confuse users. With the help of users can build professional and attractive websites in just one hour. The website builder offers more than 100 clean and professional looking templates. 

Pros Cons
Offers free expert design support. Doesnโ€™t have a free plan.
24/7 customer support. Customization options are limited.  
Has handy e-commerce features.  Even though the introductory rates are low, renewals are extremely expensive. 

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3. Network Solutions

Netwrok Solutions

Best for โ€“ Best for building small websites.

Price โ€“ From $14.95-$109.80 per month

Free version/trial โ€“  No

Network Solutions is the best website builder for creating simple and basic websites. The website builder attracts a lot of users as it is simple and easy to use. As of yet Network Solutions had more than 6.7 million subscribers. The website builder houses over 150 impressive templates and also offers a free domain plus a cheap introductory price. The only complaint that most people have is that its price is too high. 

Pros Cons
Offer over 150 impressively designed templates. It is expensive.
Simple and easy to use  Design flexibility and hosting options are limited.   
Easy to use marketing tools.   No free trial 

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4. HubSpot


Best for โ€“ Business growth and improvement.

Price โ€“ From $25-$1,200 per month

Free version/trial โ€“ Yes

HubSpot is the most efficient and reliable website builder among the top 10 best website builders with more than 177,000 users around the globe. It is an all-in-one platform with a content management system (CMS), editor, customer relationship management (CRM), and also houses a plethora of marketing tools. The website builder also offers users more than 140 templates to choose from. HubSpot offers a comprehensive free plan if you want to test your website building skills.

Pros Cons
Offers a comprehensive free plan. Very expensive.
Is an all-in-one platform with sales, CMS, marketing, and customer support.  Offer only annual contracts.    
Excellent UX and UI.    Free plan doesnโ€™t include customer support.  

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5. Squarespace


Best for โ€“ Solopreneurs and small businesses. 

Price โ€“ From $16-$49 per month

Free version/trial โ€“ 14-day free trial

Squarespace is an all-rounder when it comes to website building and has about 3.79 million devoted subscribers. In the top 10 best website builders, Squarespace is the one that has the most beautifully designed and artsy templates. Users can choose from the 110 eye-catching templates that the website builder offers. The website builder also has built-in marketing and e-commerce tools. Squarespace is a haven for people who have no skills in web design and coding. 

Pros Cons
More than 100 beautiful templates.   Drag and drop editor is slow and lags sometimes. 
Easy to use.   There is a limit to which you can customize templates.      
Excellent blogging and SEO features.     Doesnโ€™t have a free plan.   

6. HostGator


Best for โ€“ Individuals with zero web designing and coding skills.

Price โ€“ From $4..95-$19.95 per month

Free version/trial: Free trial with 12-month and 36-month package.

HostGator is a budget and user-friendly website builder with more than 800,000 customers worldwide. It is an easy point-and-click website builder that is useful for people with no prior knowledge of website building and web designing. Users can choose from the 4,500 beautiful templates that HostGator offer and start building their website. The website builder offers a 45-days money back guarantee in case you decide it is not the right pick for you. 

Pros Cons
Offers plenty of storage.    Response time of customer support is very slow. 
Flexible subscription plans and pricing.  Users must pay extra for services like automated backups and domain policy. 
Unlimited bandwidth and disk space.   



Best for โ€“ E-commerce and business sites.

Price โ€“  From $1-$10 per month

Free version/trial โ€“  No

Among top 10 best website builders, IONOS is an affordable choice for e-commerce stores and small businesses. Due to its reasonable plans and features, IONOS has 8 million customers around the globe. IONOS offers a large variety of catchy templates to users that have no experience in website building. It is an ideal website builder for startups looking for a budget-friendly option. Unlike most website builder IONOS pricing structure is straightforward and easy to understand. 

Pros Cons
Business and expert plans have unlimited storage.  Offers only one free email account per plan.  
Affordable plans.  Unreliable customer support.  
Has reliable site speed and uptime.    

8. SITE123


Best for โ€“  Individuals wanting to build portfolio and basic websites. 

Price โ€“  From $5.80-$75 per month

Free version/trialโ€“ Yes

SITE123 is the most simple and easy to use website out there making it an ideal website builder for beginners. Its ease of use is what made it a part of the top 10 best website builders in 2023. Currently, SITE123 has 53,273 customers and the number is expected to grow in the coming months. SITE123 offers users more than 160 excellent templates to help boost website building. For those who are on a tight budget, the website builder also offers a free version with attractive features. 

Pros Cons
Users can translate their website in multiple languages.   Lacks ecommerce and marketing tools.   
Offers an excellent free plan.   Limited design flexibility. 
Reliable and easy to use.     

9. GoDaddy


Best for –  Do-it-yourselfers  

Price –  From $9.96-18.48 per month

Free version/trial – Yes

GoDaddy among top 10 best website builders in 2023 and is most commonly known for its hosting and domain registration services, but it also offers a top-notch website builder that can help you create a website from scratch. The website builder provides an all-in-one solution to your web development problems and also includes a web design editor and web hosting. The website builder offers about 100 beautiful templates along with excellent marketing and SEO tools. GoDaddy has about 21 million users from all around the world and reports suggest that the number will grow exponentially in the coming years. 

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface. Limited creative freedom. . 
Built-in marketing tools.   Features lack depth.   
Cheap pricing plans.  Restrictive block elements. 

10. Jimdo


Best for โ€“ Small business websites. 

Price โ€“  From $9-$39 per month

Free version/trial โ€“ Yes

Jimdo has an AI design assistant known as Dolphin that can come be extremely useful for inexperienced website builders. Its top-notch AI design assistant helped it achieve a spot in the top 10 best website builders list. The Dolphin can help create a basic website in a span of three minutes that can also be modified. Jimdo Dolphin offers an easy to use and simplified experience. About 444,000 websites worldwide are powered by Jimdo. The website builder also offers over 100 beautiful templates for website building.

Pros Cons
Jimdo Dolphin facilitates quick and easy website design process.   Limited SEO. 
Excellent free plan.     Slow customer service.   
Jimdo site builder is available in multiple languages.     Inflexible templates.

Top 10 Best Website Builders in 2023 – Which One is More Robust

Along the top 10 best website builders, Wix is the most robust of them all. Wix offers some of the best tools and an easy to use editor, making it a solid choice for website building. Therefore, if you are a beginner looking for a budge-friendly and easy to use website builder Wix is the way to go. Other website builders methionxd in the top 10 best website builders article are also quite handy and powerful.

How We Selected the Top 10 Best Website Builders?

When selecting the top 10 best website builders, we examined various aspect of each website builder including its performance, editors, dashboard, features and tools, speed, templates, and several other aspects. Numerous website builders were tried and tested before the above ones where selected to become a part of the top 10 best website builders.

Let us walk you through the steps we took to make the the top 10 best website builders list.

Ease of Use

First we compared the ease of use of various website builders. Ease of use is a very important aspect as these website builders are mostly geared towards beginners and novices. A beginner-friendly website builder will help you establish a website in zero to no time and will give you helpful suggestions along the way. Among the the top 10 best website builders mentioned above Wix and Jimdo are quite easy to use as they offer ADI, which can prove to be a powerful asset for inexperienced users. Even the most technophobe of the users can seamlessly operate them to consult a fully function, attractive website.


Pricing is another aspect that we took into consideration when coming up with the top 10 best website builders. It is of pivotal importance that you go with the website builder that offers the best value for price. All the the top 10 best website builders mentioned above are not only cost-effective but also offer robust features and tools. Moreover some of them also come with several free perks and benefits like SSL certificates. Wix, one of the best website builder mentioned above also offers a great free plan. Which can come in handy if you want to test out its tools and editor.

Design and Features

Always select a website builder that is feature-rich, deign-flexible, and offers alluring templates. A great feature that most website builders offer is analytics. With analytics you can keep track of your traffic, check which web pages are more frequently visited, and also see which device the majority of your visitors are using. With analytics you can bring about a positive change in your website, and make it achieve unprecedented heights.

Customer Support

It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are or how perfectly you planned your website, you will run into obstacles along the way. And when that happens if you website builder has reliable customer support, that can prove to be an invaluable asset. Therefore, when we were selecting the the top 10 best website builders, we read customers reviews, checked various customer support options each website builders offered, and also contacted customer support ourself. Needless to say, all the top 10 website builders possess reliable and helpful customer support in their arsenal. Their agents are not only polite but are also fully versed in the technicalities of website building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free website builder?

Website builders like Jimdo, SITE123 and Winx offer free website building plans that you can use.ย 

What is the difference between website hosting and website builder?

Website builders gives you the tools to design your website. Whereas website hosting provides a place where you can store your website.ย 

Are there any drawbacks of website builders?

Website builders donโ€™t not give users complete design and creativity freedom.
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