Choosing a template for your website might seem like a trivial task but trust us when we say this, it will have you spiraling down the deep end. Your template is the very essence of your website, a pivotal element that will give the visitors a visual introduction to your brand. Being humans, it is in our nature to gravitate towards all things that are beautiful. Therefore, when picking a template take extra care to pick one that will catch the visitors’ eye, grasp their attention, and won’t let go.

When exploring, you will find many website builders promoting their templates, trying to lure you in with the promise of exquisite mobile response designs. In this article, we will give you an overview of the top 10 best GoDaddy templates, that will surely mesmerize you with their beauty. 

For a more in-depth analysis of the website builder, consult our GoDaddy Review.

Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – A Quick Overview

Consult the list of top 10 best GoDaddy templates given below to know which ones made the cut.

  • Timehop – Timeless elegance
  • Serve – Visually bewitching
  • Global Spark – Inspirational and impactful
  • Apparel – Alluringly chic
  • Vivaci – Casual yet bouji
  • Montserre – Creative and flexibile 
  • Wanderly – Attractive and engaging
  • Reservoir – Straightforward yet catchy
  • Elite Living – Modern and enticing
  • Flint & Co – Beautiful and tempting

Summary Table – Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates

Don’t have the time to go through the entire article? No worries. Refer to the table given below that harbours the top 10 best GoDaddy templates along with their price and what websites they are suitable for.

Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates Price Best For
Timehop Free Luxury brands
Serve Free Caterers and event planners
Global Spark Free Charities or non-profits
Apparel Free Online clothing stores
Vivaci Free Cafes
Montserre Free Home decor
Wanderly Free Photographers
Reservoir Free Wellness brands
Elite Living Free Real estate
Flint & Co Free Clothing and accessories store

Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – Overview

Given below are the brief overviews of the top 10 best GoDaddy templates. Read them to find out what each template has to offer and what features they come with.

1. Timehop – NO#1 Among the Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates

Timehop - Top 10 best GoDaddy templates

Price – Free

Best for – High-end brands


  • Monochromatic design
  • Hover effects
  • Appointment booking


This template made number one in our top 10 best GoDaddy templates list due to its alluringly beautiful and sophisticated design. Timehop presents a beautiful blend of elegance, modernity, exuding charm and allure. Its singular monochromatic design speaks a language of sophistication and opulence, bringing content into sharp focus, and eliminating all and every visual distraction. The theme employs a time-honored approach, effective for premium brands that are offering novel designs, luxury products, and personalized services to discerning clients.

Timehop incorporates striking images on every page that resonate a luxurious feel, catching the eye of the visitor, and with it displays convincing text sections that sow the seed of trust in the visitor’s heart. Via hover effects and subtle color accents, Timehop enlivens the visitor experience all the while making sure to eradicate distractions. 

2. Serve


Price – Free

Best For – Even planners and caterers


  • Book now page
  • Online appointments
  • Extensive gallery


If serving looks was a competition, then Serve would have definitely claimed the first spot. This beautiful template carries a flavor of enticement to it accompanied by an aftertaste of allure. A perfect option for event planning, catering, and chef-prepared menu service, Serve comes with an extensive gallery displaying photos of decadent food and jolly past events.

With its Book Now page, prospective clients can easily get in touch and do business with you. Let it be a message or a call, the template offers various options for clients to connect with you. Moreover, you can also incorporate GoDaddy’s built-in features like Online Appointments, Check Availability, Book a Phone Consultation, or Calendar.

3. Global Spark

Global Spark

Price – Free

Best for – Nonprofits


  • Payment option
  • Events page
  • Contact page
  • Newsletter


Global Spark is an impactful template, resonating with a feel of inspiration combined with a hint of allure and finesse. This template is custom-made for non-profits, supporting a robust and message-focused design that will not only help attract followers to your cause but will also get your message out all the while helping you build a network of committed donors. With its vibrant Donate Now button and eye-catching header, the template quickly helps grab visitor attention.

By employing the use of compelling images and inspirational text about your organization’s history and goals, the template draws visitors to your cause. Complete with a Contact page for building community engagement and an events page for sharing upcoming programs, Global Sparks is a fore sure way to build deep roots that will help your nonprofit bloom and flourish. The purpose of including this template in the top 10 best GoDaddy templates list was to help out non-profits establish an online presence.

4. Apparel 


Price – Free

Best for – Clothing store


  • Easy navigation
  • Full-width slideshow
  • Lookbook


Apparel is an effortless blend of style, and ease, accompanied by a subtle note of chic. The template’s subtle yet beguiling color palette makes it an ideal choice to represent contemporary fashion brands. Easy navigation paired with delectable style and features, Apparel lures the visitors in like a siren call, unwilling to let go. It entrances the visitors with a full-width slideshow, featuring your latest collection. When the visitors will scroll down they will be met with small side-by-side images, announcing your most popular and new designs.

On the sidebar menu, visitors can make their way to your Lookbook and Shop pages to entice their senses with your products. They will end their journey with a brief overview of your brand on the About page, and a quick glance at your customer reviews. 

5. Vivaci


Price – Free 

Best for – Cafes and coffee shops


  • Gallery-style menus
  • Square account
  • ChowNow delivery app integration


Chic and style is a language that Vivaci speaks very well. Just like a hot cup of coffee, the design of the template fills one with feelings of warmth and comfort, leaving a sense of serenity in its wake. Due to this very reason, Vivaci is an ideal template for cafes and coffee shops. Supporting a fully responsive design, Vivaci makes navigation easy for your visitors, encouraging them to skim your site and browse your specialties. The gallery-style menus, carrying delectable pictures enhance the visual appeal of your brand and leaving one with a rumbling stomach and a watery mouth.

That’s not all, if a galley-style menu is not up your alley, you can always change the layout of the menu panel easily.  Another aspect that makes Vivaci a perfect template for cafes is that you can connect a Square account and can also integrate the ChowNow delivery app, facilitating your customers to place orders from the comforts of their home. 

6. Montserre 


Price – Free

Best for – Home décor shops


  • Abandon cart recovery
  • Blog


Montserre is a template that resonates with a minimalistic yet premium feel. This crisply-style, flexible template facilitates easy browsing and allows visitors to navigate their way easily through your product line. Montserre’s creative and modern design makes it a perfect template to visually represent home furnishings and accessories brands. It place greater emphasis on customer ease allowing them to create a password-protected account that facilitates fast and secure checkout and also allows them to track their order, search order history, and confirm delivery dates. 

7. Wanderly 


Price – Free

Best for – Photography blog 


  • Homepage video
  • Attractive gallery layout
  • Vimeo integration


Wanderly is a picturesque template, that takes visitors on an exciting journey via image and story. This template is ideal for a photography blogs, allowing you to tell your enticing story to the world via images and text. Photojournalists can very efficiently make use of this template to promote their work and make their mark in the digital world.

Wanderly comes with a home page video and a large header that immediately catches the attention of the visitors, compelling them to explore your website in depth. Upon scrolling down, the visitors will come face to face with three circular thumbnail images accompanied by corresponding text snippets, telling the story behind your blog. With Wanderly you can incorporate attractive gallery layouts, from horizontal to slide show to vertical to grid, in order to display your photos in the best way possible.

8. Reservoir


Price – Free

Best for – Wellness brands


  • Social media links
  • Appointments manager
  • Booking options


Reservoir is a straightforward and simple template resonating with a calm and serene vibe, best for wellness brands. The template facilitates better engagement by arranging your content in such a way that it is just one scroll away. From online classes to benefits to group opportunities, visitors can gain access to all your important content in just one short scroll. The template also includes links to social media, terms and conditions, and privacy policy on the deep purple footer. With GoDaddy’s booking and appointment tools, you can seamlessly manage appointments and allow clients to register, pay online, and check slot availability. 

9. Elite Living

Elite Living

Price – Free

Best for – Real estate


  • Schedule Showing
  • Manage inventory
  • Advance Search 
  • Vimeo integration
  • Booking tool


Just as the name suggests Elite Living reverberates with a premium and luxurious feel, captivating visitors and putting them in a trance. Elite Living is perfect choice for relators, allowing them to showcase their property listings, and schedule showings. With the help of this template, they can also manage inventory, and attract buyers and sellers. With its advanced search overlay, buyers can seamlessly browse listings by type, layout, location, and price range.

They can also view the pictures of your premier properties by clicking on the Feature Properties menu. By incorporating a Vimeo account, you can also add virtual tours of your listings, further enticing the visitors and compelling them to do business with you. Moreover, with the built-in booking tool, your clients can seamlessly schedule a free consultation and show, online. 

10. Flint & Co

Flint & Co

Price – Free

Best for – Clothing and accessories stores


  • Homepage slideshow
  • Google maps integration


If gorgeous and beautiful were mixed together the resulting cocktail would be Flint & Co. This template carries an aura of luxury and quality, paired with an echo of subtlety. The sales of every clothing and accessories store depend on pictures, the more vibrant and beautiful your pictures are the more inclined clients will feel to click “add to cart”. With Flint & Co you can engage your visitors by welcoming them with an enticing homepage slideshow and product photo galleries. Visitors can easily navigate their way through the website, browsing your products and making purchases. Any clothing store that wants a template that places emphasis on their products and accentuates them with a subtle colour palette should go for Flint & Co. 

Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – Selection Criteria

To select the top 10 best GoDaddy templates, we examined all 200 of GoDaddy website builder templates, taking into account their features, design, customisability, and other elements.

Design of the top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – Each template in the top 10 best GoDaddy templates supports a design that is unique from others and yet is equally alluring and magnetic. The design of a template plays an important role in a website’s success. A dull and boring site with makes visitors click the cancel button faster than you can blink. However on the other hand a beautifully designed and well-organised website will make the visitors explore it further. So, if you are using GoDaddy consult our top 10 best GoDaddy templates to find your perfect template.

Features of the top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – What features a template offers can play an important part in the functionality of your website. Our top 10 best GoDaddy templates offer robust features, that can take your website from a zero to a 100. Therefore, read the feature list carefully before selecting a template.

Mobile Responsiveness of the Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – What device are you using to read this article? We are guessing it’s a mobile phone. Its convenience and handiness has made it the top-used device in the world. About 80% of the world’s population use it to surf the internet. Therefore, having a mobile-responsive website is a must these days. All the top 10 best GoDaddy templates included in the article are mobile responsive and optimized.

Customisability of the Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates – GoDaddy website builder is an easy-to-use website building tool, geared towards beginners that have no prior knowledge of computer tech and coding. Therefore, the level of customisability and design freedom offered by the web-builder is limited. However, the top 10 best GoDaddy templates included in the list can be customized and modified a little to add certain unique elements.

How to Get Top 10 Best GoDaddy Templates?

You can get your hands on the top 10 best GoDaddy templates by purchasing a GoDaddy website building plans. Don’t have the budget for it? Fret not as we have made a list of GoDaddy Coupon Codes that will help you avail big discounts on long-term plans.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are all templates offered by GoDaddy mobile responsive?

Yes, each and every template that GoDaddy houses is mobile responsive.

Can I customise GoDaddy templates?

Yes, you can seamlessly customize GoDaddy templates with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. However, as the web builder was developed with user ease in mind, the customizability is limited.

Are GoDaddy templates free?

Yes, all GoDaddy templates are free. You can easily get your hands on its most visually appealing templates without having to spend a dime.
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