Squarespace provides an all-in-one website-building experience that is effortless and fast. The website builder is known for its professional-looking templates, excellent e-commerce features, and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Squarespace is an easy-to-use beginner-friendly platform that is super intuitive. It is ideal for individual and business use; however, Squarespace offers limited design freedom. Therefore, if you are looking for complete freedom when designing your website then Squarespace is not the best option. We have provided an in-depth Squarespace review for all those who are wondering if it is the ideal website builder for them. 

Squarespace Review: At a Glance

Squarespace Review
Drag-and-Drop Interface Yes
Monthly Cost $16-$49 per month
Social Media Integration Yes
Email Tools Yes
Inventory Management Yes
SSL Certificate Yes
API Yes 

Squarespace’s most noteworthy feature is its drag-and-drop editor which makes it easy for people with no coding and web designing skills to build a website without hassle. Squarespace provides a complete package when building a website including a custom domain name, hosting, and email. The platform offers various subscription plans with prices ranging from $16-$49 per month. The website builder also offers social media integrations, innovative email tools, inventory management, SSL certificate, and API.

Squarespace Review: Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
More than 100 beautiful and innovative templates.   Drag and drop editor is slow and lags sometimes. 
Easy to use interface. Customisation of templates is limited.
Offers excellent blogging and SEO features.     No free plan. 

Squarespace Review: Features

Templates and website builder

People mainly use Squarespace for its website-building feature. Squarespace offers award-winning templates that can be easily customized using the drag-and-drop editor. Users don’t need any prior knowledge of coding, web designing, and building to make a website via Squarespace. Squarespace offers more than 100 templates and new ones are added on a regular basis. 

Squarespace Review: Blogging

Users of Squarespace can easily integrate a blog into their website. You can choose a template that best showcases your content and is perfect for engaging your audience. Squarespace also helps bloggers promote their content with specialized tools like email capture forms and social media integration. Plus, bloggers can use its top-notch SEO tools to optimize their content so that it can easily reach the target audience.

A word of caution, if you want to blog with the intention of making a living then Squarespace is not your best option. There are a few other platforms that might suit your needs if you want to make money out of blogging. However, if you are an online business and want to use the platform’s blogging feature in order to educate your customers about the products then it is the best option for you.  


Squarespace is the best platform if you are looking to start an online business. It provides e-commerce features with most of its plans, so you won’t have to install a separate plug-in. Squarespace also has impressive templates, targeted towards online stores. Users can easily accept payments, add products, and check inventory. Plus, Squarespace also provides a built-in shipping calculator that calculates and displays shipping rates to the customers. 

Email Marketing

Squarespace provides a drag-and-drop email editor and customizable templates, all of which are necessary to engage and nurture an audience. Emails are responsive therefore they will look the same no matter what device the customer uses. Squarespace offers various email marketing plans that range from $5-$68 per month. 

Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace provides its users with SEO tools to optimize their websites for Google Search. These tools include mobile optimization, SSL, checklist, sitemaps, page titles, descriptions, URLs, automatic markup, translations, an SEO panel, and Google Search Console integration. 

Squarespace Review: Analytics

Squarespace analytics features help users view website traffic and visitor interaction. The feature helps users identify where their traffic is coming from, how much time the visitors are spending on the sites, which pages are people’s favorite, which devices the visitors are using, and much more. With the help of this feature, users can analyze their audience and deduce what they like and dislike. Through this information, users can improve their websites and enhance traffic.

Squarespace Review: Social Media Tools

Squarespace provides its users with several social media integrations and features. These features can help them share and promote their content on social media and increase their following. Users can include social media buttons on their websites, allowing people to share content with their followers. 

Professional Design Services

If you want to seek expert help when designing your website, you can use Squarespace’s professional design services. With the help of this feature, users can create a custom website with the help of a certified expert. The Squarespace experts will not only help design your website but will also help optimize it for Google searches.

Appointment scheduling tools

With the help of Squarespace appointment scheduling tools users can create, manage and track appoints and can also send appointment reminders to participants. This is a useful tool for businesses that handle appointments like restaurants, salons, spas, and hotels. The appointment scheduling plans have varying prices and start from $14 per month.

Squarespace Review: Different Kinds of Websites

Website type Benefits Limitations
Blog Easy to set up and use Blog editor needs improvement, should be more intuitive and content-forward
Portfolio site Beautiful, eye catchy themes Limited customizability  
Business site Excellent built in SEO, marketing and other optimization tools Limited third-party tools. 
Online Shops Easy to use and beginner friendly  Cheap monthly plan has additional transaction fees

For Blogs

Squarespace provides a solid platform for blogging that is excellent for beginners. Users can set up a blog in a matter of minutes. However, the blog editor is not that powerful and has limited content editing options. 

For Portfolio site

Squarespace is the best platform when it comes to portfolios. The portfolio themes offered by Squarespace are beautiful, diverse, and captivating. However, it offers limited customizability. So, if you want full design control, then you might want to look elsewhere to launch your portfolio site.

For Businesses

Squarespace offers all the necessary tools to grow and promote small businesses. It offers various tools like SEO, email marketing, custom post designs, social media marketing, and countless others that help set up and promote businesses. Unfortunately, not all of these tools are free and you will have to pay extra to access them.  

For Online Shops

Squarespace has all the necessary tools required to set up and run an online shop. Almost all of its plans have e-commerce functionality and offer third-party integrations. Moreover, it is easy to set up an online store via Squarespace. The only drawback is that if you have the cheap plan you will have to pay extra transaction fees. 

Squarespace Review: Plans and Pricing

Personal Business Commerce Basic Commerce Advanced
Price $16/month $23/month $27/month $49/month
Best for Personal use Those looking to grow their audience  Those looking to grow their business For advanced sellers
Mobile optimized websites Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Templates to fit every need Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Free custom domain Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Advanced website analytics No Yes  Yes  Yes 
Fully integrated ecommerce No Yes with 3% transaction fees Yes  Yes 
Checkout on your domain No Yes  Yes  Yes 
Powerful merchandising     Yes  Yes 
Advanced Shipping No No No Yes 
Advanced discounting No No No Yes 
Sell subscriptions No No No Yes 
 SEO features for site visibility Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Unlimited bandwidth Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
30 minutes of video storage Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
24/7 customer support Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Drag-and-drop editor Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Contributors Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited 
SSL security Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Professional email from Google No Yes  Yes  Yes 

Squarespace offers four plans to its users, a personal plan, a business plan, a commerce basic plan, and a commerce advanced plan. The price of these plans ranges from $16-$49 per month. If you are looking to grow and promote your business, then commerce basic and advanced plans are the best fit for you.

Squarespace Review: Customer Support

Squarespace users can get help by contacting the company through email or live chat. Moreover, the platform also offers support options like online webinars, forums, and help guides. Therefore, if you run into any problems or have a query you can either consult the planform’s knowledge base or communicate with an agent via live chat or email. 

Squarespace Review by Customers

Squarespace review
Squarespace review
Squarespace review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Squarespace suitable for beginners?

Squarespace is an ideal website for beginners, seeking to build a website, run an online store, or simply blog. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it for users to navigate through its various features. 

Is Squarespace free?

No, Squarespace is not free and in order to use it you will have to purchase a plan. However, the platform does offer a free trial. 

Is Squarespace good for blogging?

Squarespace is an excellent platform for blogging. Due to the blogging features that the platform offers many bloggers prefer to use Squarespace. Moreover, as it is easy to use, Squarespace is also ideal for beginner bloggers.
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