Network Solutions is among the oldest web hosting companies and is also known for its website building, designing, and domain registration services. The website builder provides a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for even novices to build a website in no time. Network Solutions give users the option to either build a website themselves or simply sign up for their web design services. In this Network Solutions review, we will cover all the main aspects like pricing, features, and customer support of the website builder. Therefore, by the end of this article, we are sure that you will be able to decide if you want to commit to it or not.

Network Solutions Review: At a Glance

Network Solutions Review
Drag-and-Drop EditorYes 
Monthly Cost$14.95-$109.80 per month
Social Media IntegrationYes
Email ToolsYes
Inventory ManagementYes
SSL CertificateYes

Network Solutions provide­s a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, making we­bsite building and design accessible­ to everyone, e­ven those without coding knowledge­. Offering a wide sele­ction of around 150 impressive template­s, users can effortlessly customize­ their websites to re­flect their personal touch. Additionally, the­ platform boasts a range of features that facilitate­ the seamless and efficie­nt operation of online stores. The­se include social media inte­gration, email tools, inventory manageme­nt, SSL certificates, and API support.

Most people­ complain about the website­ builder’s stee­p cost and limited site editor. In contrast, compe­ting website builders offe­r a lot more features at affordable­ prices. However, it’s important to note­ that Network Solutions’ primary expertise­ lies in web hosting, so this shouldn’t be he­ld against their website building capabilitie­s.

Network Solutions Review: Pros and Cons

More than 150 impressive templatesLimited creative freedom, and design flexibility
User-friendly drag-and-drop editorVery expensive
Reliable marketing toolsOutdated and confusing interface
Offers social media integration 

Network Solutions Review: Features


The website builder offers over 150 impressive and immaculate templates. All of these templates are customizable and mobile responsive. Users can easily edit them with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. However, the main drawback is that Network Solutions offer limited design flexibility and little to non, creative freedom. Therefore, if you want full control over your web design then you should look elsewhere.

Marketing Tools

Network Solutions offer numerous features that are necessary to run and promote e-commerce websites. These features include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media sharing buttons, robust reporting and statistics, and XML sitemaps. 

Huge Stock Image Library

Network Solutions has an extensive library of stock images. The images are readily available for website customization purposes. Moreover, each image is breathtaking and serves as a valuable asset to enhance the overall design of any website, making it more visually appealing and enticing. So, feel free to choose from over 2 million royalty-free images and make your website more appealing. 

Search Engine Optimization

Network Solutions houses Search Engine Optimization tools that can help optimize the website for Google searches. These SEO tools include SSL, checklists, sitemaps, mobile optimization, an SEO panel, and much more. With the help of these tools, users can add meta tile and meta description, alt text to images, and modify URLs.  The major drawback is that with the basic Network Solutions plans users can only add meta titles and descriptions. They have to upgrade to an expensive plan if they wish to unlock all the SEO tools. 


Network Solutions offer all the necessary e-commerce tools required to run an online store. These include inventory management, secure order processing, training and support, marketing tools, social media integrations, and storefront designs. Network Solutions is an ideal platform for new entrepreneurs to set up their online businesses. 

Personalized Email

Network Solutions awards the users with a personalized email address once they purchase a subscription plan. This email address matches the user’s registered domain and also gives their brand a professional look. 

Tailored Web Design Services

Network Solutions pre­sents its users with a convenie­nt alternative to creating a we­bsite from scratch. By utilizing their web de­sign services, users can e­ffortlessly specify their pre­ferences and re­ceive a tailor-made we­bsite from the proficient de­velopers at Network Solutions. More­over, users have the­ freedom to personalize­ their website by incorporating de­sired modifications.

Network Solutions Review: For Different Kinds of Websites

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Online storeOffers good marketing features and e-commerce toolsDoesn’t offer a ton of marketing features
Business websiteGood business featuresSEO and marketing toolsBasic tools 
BlogReliable and good SEO toolsOutdated and confusing interface
PortfolioUsers have access to vast stock image library Limited design and creative freedom

For Online Store

Network Solutions serves as an ideal platform for new and emerging businesses. Its user-friendly and minimalist tools facilitate easy navigation through the online market, enabling entrepreneurs to efficiently promote their ventures. With a range of e-commerce features, the website builder ensures seamless operations of online stores. Additionally, Network Solutions offers a built-in website analysis tool that tracks essential traffic and statistical data. These analytics help users monitor visitor numbers, duration of visits, and popularly accessed pages.

For Business Website

If you are a beginner, looking to establish a business website then you might want to consider Network Solutions. The website builder offers good business features including SEO and marketing tools. Although this platform is fit for a novice, experts might find it lacking because of its basic and mundane tools. 

For Blog

As mentioned before, Network Solutions’ main area of focus and expertise is web hosting therefore most people find its website-building services a bit lacking. However, the platform is suitable for beginner bloggers, looking to challenge themselves and test their skills. 

For Portfolio site

Even though Network Solutions can be used to construct and run a portfolio site, it is not ideal. Most artists want complete creative freedom and design flexibility. However, in the case of Network Solutions, you will find limited creative and design freedom. 

Network Solutions Review: Plans and Pricing

Network Solutions Review: Website Builder Plans and Pricing

 Website BuilderWebsite Builder and Online MarketingWebsite, Marketing, and Store
Introductory price$2.95$3.95$4.95
Regular price$14.95/month$64.90/month$109.80/month
Automatic Search Engine ListingNoYesYes
Online StoreNoNoUp to 500 products

Network Solutions offers three website building plans, namely Website Builder, Website Builder, and Online Marketing and Website, Marketing, and Store. Even though the introductory prices of these plans are quite low, the regular prices are extremely high, and considering the limited tools and features it has to offer, the website builder is not worth all that money. 

Network Solutions Review: E-Commerce Website Plans and Pricing

Limited Time Offer$7.95$9.95$19.95
Regular price$29.95/mo$54.95/mo$99.95/mo
Sellable products25300100,000
Bulk Management ToolsNoNoYes
Email boxes550100
Mobile Optimized Online StoreYesYesYes
Domain Name IncludedYes Yes Yes

Network Solutions offer separate plans for E-Commerce sites. These plans include a starter plan, a standard plan, and a premium plan. If you are looking to unlock exclusive E-commerce features, then these plans are for you. However, the price of these plans is high, and it would be better to consider other, affordable options. 

Network Solutions Review: Customer Support

Being a top-notch company, it is only vital that its customer support is as reliable and top-notch. Network Solutions offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. The live chat option is the most useful one as you will be connected to an agent within minutes and won’t have to wait much longer. The platform also has an extensive knowledge base that you can consult in times of need. 

Network Solutions Review by Customers

Network Solutions Review
Network Solutions Review
Network Solutions 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Network Solutions website builder good?

Network Solutions website builder is efficient and reliable, but it is heavily priced, and you can find better and more affordable options on the market.

Does Network Solution offer customer support?

Yes, Network Solutions customer support is available 24/7 and you can contact them via live chat, email, and phone. 

Is Network Solutions cheap?

No, Network Solutions is not a cheap website builder. Even though the introductory prices are low the renewal rates are extremely expensive.
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