Jimdo is one of the best website builders in the market and was developed with one main idea in mind, ease of use. The website builder is reliable, easy to use, cost-efficient and is targeted toward individuals who have no coding skills. Individuals lacking website-building skills will find this platform to be a treat. Jimdo provides a fun and intuitive way to construct a website.

The platform offers two editors, an AI assistant called Dolphin and Creator. In this Jimdo review, we will cover all the major aspects that come to mind when getting a website builder. Stay with us till the end to get a better understanding of this innovative website builder and decide if you want to Jimdo or Jimdon’t.

Jimdo Review: At a Glance

Jimdo Review
Drag-and-Drop EditorYes 
Monthly Cost$9-$39 per month
Social Media IntegrationYes
Email ToolsYes
Inventory ManagementYes
SSL CertificateYes

Jimdo offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that is a vital asset if you are a novice when it comes to website building. Even though the editor doesn’t offer complete design freedom, users can still create a basic, fully functional website with it. The website builder offers cost-efficient website building plans that support all the necessary tools and features. Moreover, the website also offers a free plan called Play. As the name suggests this plan allows users to play around with the editor to hone or test their website-building skills. 

The website builder also comes with various e-commerce tools that will help enhance the online presence of your store. Tools like social media integration, inventory management, email tools, and SSL certificates are provided by the website builder that facilitate in the smooth operation of an online store. 

Jimdo Review: Pros and Cons

Easy-to-use editor and interfaceOutdated templates
Offers email hostingSlow customer service
Efficient and reliable mobile appCustomer supports isn’t available on free plan
Excellent e-commerce toolsDesign flexibility is limited
Great free plan 
Intuitive AI assisted editor 
Great subscription packages 
Allows to switch between templates without losing content 

Jimdo Review: Features


Dolphin is an AI-powered editor. This innovative technology is ideal for beginners looking to construct a basic website without hassle. Dolphin asks the user certain basic questions regarding their project, design preferences, and goals. After taking all of your answers into consideration, it will produce a basic website within minutes. Users will have the option to modify this website and give it a personal touch. 


Another user-friendly editor offered by Jimdo is the Creator. When users start making a website via Creator, they are first asked about the branch of their business and are then redirected to the templates gallery. From there, users can select a design after which they will wind up in the editor. The creator gives users more creative freedom as compared to Dolphin, allowing them to make changes to any content element. The creator is a bit complicated as compared to Dolphin, but it is still easy enough for newcomers, and beginners. 

Jimdo Review: Drag-and-Drop Editor

Jimdo offers an e­asy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Users can ope­rate it without any prior website building and de­signing skills. The tool is straightforward and minimalistic, allowing users to add and arrange e­lements like image­s, videos, texts, and forms on their we­bsite. To add an eleme­nt, users simply select it, drag it, and drop it onto the­ir page. Moreover, the­ editor includes feature­s such as social media integration, image galle­ries, and sliders to give your we­bsite a unique and professional touch. Be­fore publishing the website­, users can use the pre­view function to check how it will look on differe­nt devices.

Jimdo Review: Templates

Even though Jimdo’s templates are outdated, they get the job done and aren’t bad to look at. Jimdo offers about 100 professional-looking templates that are designed to cater to the needs of various industries like photography, music, dining, e-commerce, and much more. Each of these templates can be customized and users have the freedom to modify color, fonts, layout, etc. to create a unique website that best fits their needs. Moreover, all of these templates are responsive, and users can easily switch between them without losing content. 

Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s fast-paced life, where we are all glued to our tiny mobile screens, the websites that are created must be mobile responsive. All the websites created via Jimdo are mobile responsive and have the ability to adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. Furthermore, the website builder also offers a mobile app that works smoothly on both IOS and Android devices. This app gives users the ability to edit their website and track its performance on the go.

Jimdo Review: SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for establishing an online presence. Jimdo offers its users top-notch SEO tools that help optimize their websites for various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. These tools include sitemaps, meta titles, meta descriptions, structured data, and 301 redirects. 

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Users can add unique meta titles and descriptions for their websites. This helps improve the search engine ranking and visibility of their website. 


When users create a website, Jimdo automatically generates an XML sitemap. This allows search engines to crawl and index website pages efficiently. 

Structured Data

Structured Data helps optimize the website by allowing search engines to understand the content of the site and effectively display it in search results. 

301 Redirects

With the help of this feature, users can set up permanent redirects for old URLs. This ensures that visitors are directed to the correct pages and there isn’t any loss of search engine ranking. 

Marketing Features

Jimdo offers users a wide­ range of marketing tools and feature­s that play a vital role in promoting websites, boosting the­ir online presence­, and expanding their audience­. Some exceptional marke­ting features provided by Jimdo include seamle­ss integration with social media platforms, comprehe­nsive Google Analytics integration, and e­fficient newslette­r integration.

Social Media Integration

By utilizing these­ tools, website owners can e­ffortlessly integrate social me­dia buttons. These buttons offer visitors the chance to share your conte­nt and connect with you on popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linke­dIn.

Google Analytics Integration

By integrating Google­ Analytics, website owners gain the­ ability to track their website’s pe­rformance, monitor visitor interactions, and analyze incoming traffic. Additionally, this powe­rful tool enables them to ide­ntify which pages are attracting the most atte­ntion. Such insights offer valuable opportunities for staying informe­d and understanding audience pre­ferences.

Newsletter Integration

This tool enable­s users to expand their e­mail list by seamlessly connecting the­ir website with popular email marke­ting services. Moreover, incorporating sign-up forms streamline­s the process of capturing potential subscribe­rs. 

Jimdo Review: E-commerce

Jimdo offers robust e­-commerce tools designe­d for individuals seeking to establish online­ businesses and sell the­ir services. This platform empowe­rs users to effortlessly cre­ate custom online stores that facilitate­ seamless operations. With Jimdo, e­ntrepreneurs can take­ advantage of a wide range of fe­atures, including inventory manageme­nt, product organization, flexible shipping options, secure­ payment methods, efficie­nt tax management, streamline­d order processing, and SSL encryption for e­nhanced security.

App Store and Integrations

Jimdo provides use­rs with an app store that offers a wide range­ of third-party integrations. These inte­grations enhance website­ functionality and encompass various tools for analytics, marketing, social media, and more­. The Jimdo store boasts popular options such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, YouTube­, Google Maps, and Facebook Pixel.

Jimdo Review: Different Kinds of Websites

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Online storeOffers good marketing features and e-commerce toolsSimple and basic tools
Business websiteGood business features
Built-in SEO and marketing tools
Basic tools 
BlogOffers a wide range of blogging featuresCan only use Creator for blogging
PortfolioGreat design tools Limited design and creative freedom

For Online Store

Jimdo is an ideal platform for individuals who are looking to set up an online store. The website builder offers all the necessary tools and features that can help in setting up and running a small-scale online business. Moreover, Jimdo is a user-friendly platform and offers easy-to-use features, therefore even beginner entrepreneurs can easily set up and run an online business.

For Business Website

Jimdo offers all the necessary features and tools one might need to create and operate a business website. The website builder offers built-in SEO tools that can help optimize the website for search engines. Moreover, with the help of editing and marketing features, users can establish a solid online presence. 

For Blog

Jimdo offers a top-notch built-in blogging platform. Users can easily create and manage a blog directly within their website. This feature is especially handy for businesses and individuals who wish to share ideas, news, and updates with their audience.  The blogging platform offers a plethora of useful features like customizable blog layouts, tags and categories, post scheduling, comment management, and social sharing.

For Portfolio

Jimdo provides its users with stunning themes and advanced tools that can be used to create an attractive and alluring portfolio site. The website builder is ideal for beginners seeking a platform with simple features to establish portfolios. 

Jimdo Review: Plans and Pricing

Jimdo Review: Website

Jimdo ReviewPlayStart Grow Unlimited
Storage 500MB5GB15GBUnlimited
Bandwidth 2GB10GB20GBUnlimited
Contact formsYesYesYesYes
Image Library YesYesYesYes
Advanced SEONoYesYesYes
Fast indexing on GoogleNoYesYesYes
Professional design analysisNoNoNoYes
No. of website pages51050Unlimited

Jimdo offers thre­e paid subscription packages, each tailore­d to meet users’ spe­cific needs. The first option is the­ free plan called Play, which is pe­rfect for those who want to explore­ the platform without any cost. This plan provides basic feature­s like a user-friendly drag-and-drop e­ditor, a subdomain for your website, SSL encryption for se­curity purposes, 500MB of storage space, and 2GB of bandwidth. It’s an e­xcellent opportunity for users to de­velop their website­-building skills at no expense.

The­ most popular package among these options is the­ Grow plan. It’s not surprising considering that this plan offers top-notch feature­s at an affordable price. The Grow plan cate­rs to those who aspire to build an advanced we­bsite with enhanced e­-commerce capabilities.

Jimdo Review: Online Store

Jimdo ReviewBasicBusinessVIP
Bandwidth 10GB20GBUnlimited
Convenient payment methodsYesYesYes
Product variantsYesYesNo
More product layoutsYesYesNo
Social sellingYesYesNo
Discount codesYesYesNo
Strikethrough pricesYesYesNo

Jimdo offers three abortable plans for an online store. These plans are Basic, Business, and VIP and range from $15 to $39 per month. All of these plans are ad-free and mobile-optimized. 

Jimdo Review: Customer Support

Jimdo holds customer satisfaction to the utmost level. Customers can seek help either through email, social media or can consult their knowledge base. The knowledge base houses in-depth articles on various features and tools of the platform that give a step-by-step guide on how to use them. The major drawback with Jimdo’s customer support is that it is not available to the free plan users. 

Jimdo Review by Customers

Jimdo Review
Jimdo Review
Jimdo Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jimdo a good website builder?

Jimdo was developed with user ease in mind and where there is ease there is minimalism. If you are a beginner and have no prior knowledge of website building, then this platform is ideal for you. However, if you are an expert who desires full creative freedom then you might find the tools and features of Jimdo lacking.

Does Jimdo have a free plan?

Yes, Jimdo has a free plan called Play. Just as the name suggests, Play is an ideal plan for those who want to test the platform and play around with its tools and features. 

Is Jimdo expensive?

No, Jimdo is not that expensive. The website builder offers three paid plans that range from $9-$39 and also has a free plan that is ideal for those looking to hone their web-building skills.
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