1&1 IONOS offers a website builder under the name of MyWebsite that provides a simple and affordable solution to all web development problems. The website builder houses various features, designs, and services that are all geared towards helping small businesses establish and enhance their online presence. The goal of IONOS is to make website building easy and fun. If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to set up a website, then IONOS should be a right choice. In case you are having second thoughts about subscribing to this website builder, then please consult our IONOS Review to get a better understanding of the platform. 

IONOS Review: At a Glance

IONOS Review
Drag-and-Drop EditorYes 
Monthly Cost$1 to $15 per month
Social Media IntegrationYes
Email ToolsYes
Inventory ManagementYes
SSL CertificateYes

MyWebsite offers users two versions of site editor that cater to the needs of both novices and professionals. The website builder provides users with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. The editor requires no coding skills and can be used by individuals who aren’t tech-savvy. 

It houses amazing templates that are mobile responsive and customizable. Users of MyWebsite will also find several other useful features like social media integration, inventory management, email tools, SSL certificate, and API.

IONOS Review: Pros and Cons

Site editor offers beginner and advanced versionsLimited customization
Great e-commerce featuresNot suitable for complex sites
Offers multilingual tools Does have a free plan or free trial 
Handy SEO toolsLimited number of templates
Customizable templates 
Affordable subscription packages  
Easy to use 

IONOS Review: Features

IONOS Review: Editors 

IONOS took into consideration the needs of both beginners and pros and provided 2 editors, MyWebsite Creator, and MyWebsite Now. MyWebsite Creator is an advanced editor, curated to fit the needs of experienced website builders. Creator offers more flexibility as compared to MyWebsite Now allowing users to customize layout, add effects, edit site CSS code, drag and drop various elements like images, buttons, forms, text boxes, and much more. As MyWebsite Now is solely for beginners, it lacks creative and design freedom. Users of the Now editor can neither drag and drop new elements on their web page nor can they edit them.

Multilingual Translation

With MyWebsite creating a multilingual website a piece of cake. With IONOS by your side, you can say goodbye to the flaky Google Translate as you can easily translate the content on your side in 62 languages via MyWebsite. Moreover, you can add 60 languages to your website at a time. Therefore, if you are looking to spread your wings internationally, this tool will prove to be an invaluable asset. 

IONOS Review: Templates

IONOS offers several incredible-looking templates that can beautifully portray the essence of your website. All the templates offered by IONOS are customizable and mobile responsive. By using the drag-and-drop- editor users can add text, images, and other elements to make their website pop. Templates catering to various industries including restaurants, photography, real estate, business, travel, events, and much more are available on IONOS MyWebsite. 


IONOS offers top-notch e-commerce tools and features that are designed to suit the need of individuals looking to establish an online store. All of these tools aid in the seamless creation and operation of an online store. Some of the best e-commerce features that are offered by IONOS are a sales tax calculator, multilingual shop, fraud checker, and Amazon, Instagram, and eBay integrations. Furthermore, the stores that are built using IONOS can process payments via PayPal as well as credit cards. 

IONOS Review: Analytics

Analytics play an important role in the seamless and smooth operation of a website. They provide website owners with reports on visitor traffic, devices used, frequency of visits, frequently visited pages, and much more. This helps website owner bring changes in their website that will help attract more audience and enhance traffic. 

IONOS Review: Different Kinds of Websites

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Business website Good e-commerce tools 
Can create multilingual website
Limited e-commerce tools
BlogOffers some blogging toolsDoesn’t provide essential blogging features
E-commerceHas all the basic e-commerce features  Lacks advance tools and features
PortfolioHas beautiful templates and an easy to use drag-and-drop editorLimited design and creative freedom

For Business Website

MyWebsite is an ideal platform for small businesses looking to establish an online presence. IONOS offers a personal email account, a free domain for one year, social media integration, SEO tools, and built-in email marketing. Moreover, if you are looking to promote your business in different countries, you can make a multilingual website with the help of IONOS. Furthermore, small businesses and startups will also appreciate the affordability of the website builder. 

For Blog

Even though blogging isn’t IONOS main area of expertise it still provides its users with basic blogging tools. Blogging features like RSS feed, search feature, comments section, social bookmarking, and article categories are all available on MyWebsite. It is an ideal platform for those who are just getting into blogging however professional bloggers might find it lacking and a tad bit tacky. 

For E-commerce

If you are a small business looking to establish an online store and lack the technical skills to do so, then IONOS MyWebsite might be the ideal platform for you. Even though the platform doesn’t offer a wide range of e-commerce tools it still has enough to get your online store up and going. However, you might find the platform lacking as it doesn’t offer a lot of advanced e-commerce tools and features. 

For Portfolio

IONOS can be used to create a portfolio website, but it won’t b our first choice. The templates it houses are attractive but give off a corporate feel. You won’t be able to find the artsy templates on IONOS. Furthermore, the website builder has limited design and customization freedom. Therefore, you won’t be able to design the website as you please. Users can only add testimonials, create photo galleries, and embed live feeds from their socials.

IONOS Review: Plans and Pricing

Introductory price$5 per months(6-month pan)$1 per month(12-month plan)$15 per month(6-month pan)
Regular price$9 per month$15 per month$25 per month
Site editorMy Website NowMy Website CreatorMy Website Creator
Webspace10 GB50 GBUnlimited
Webpages10 200Unlimited
Professional email111
Email inbox storage2 GB12 GB50 GB
Wildcard SSL certificateYesYesYes
Statistics and analyticsYesYesSiteAnalytics plus
Tips via emailYesYesYes
24/7 multi-channel supportYesYesYes
IONOS personal consultantYesYesYes

IONOS MyWebsite offers three affordable plans namely Starter, Plus, and Pro starting from $1. Both the introductory and renewal pieces of these plans are budget friendly making it an ideal choice for those who are on a limited budget. Small and startup businesses can greatly benefit from these pricing plans. 

Starter plan offers an intuitive editor for beginners who want to set up a website quickly in order to enhance their online presence. The Plus plan comes with a powerful editor that caters to the need of individuals seeking more design freedom. Whereas the Pro pan offers an ideal combination of a powerful editor and top-notch SEO tools. 

IONOS Review: Customer Support

Being a customer-friendly platform, it comes as no surprise that the customer service offered by IONOS is reliable and efficient. IONOS offers its users 24/7 phone support, email as well as live chat support. The platform also has a knowledge base if you want quick solutions to your problems. 

IONOS Review by Customers

IONOS Review
IONOS Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IONOS have a free plan?

No, IONOS doesn’t offer a free plan. You will have to purchase a subscription package if you want to avail its services. 

Is IONOS a good value for money?

IONOS offers three affordable plans with introductory prices ranging from $1 to $15. All these plans come with the necessary tools and features you will require to build and operate a website.

How can IONOS help me rank on search engines?

IONOS offers robust SEO tools which can help optimize your website for search engine rankings and also increase the visibility of your website.
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