HubSpot is well known for its marketing capabilities and is considered a giant in the digital marketing world. This platform which was established in 2006 has about 167k customers as of 2023. HubSpot also offers its users a website builder known as HubSpot CMS. HubSpot CMS is an easy-to-use platform. Users can easily learn to use it as the builder guides them step by step while they create a website. It is an excellent tool for content writers and marketers. In this HubSpot review, we will provide you with an elaborate analysis so that you can get a better understanding of its website builder. 

HubSpot Review: At a Glance

HubSpot Review
Drag-and-Drop Interface Yes
Monthly Cost $23-$1,200 per month
Social Media Integration Yes
Email Tools Yes
Inventory Management Yes
SSL Certificate Yes

Building or designing a website from scratch can be difficult, especially when one doesn’t have any knowledge of website building. HubSpot CMS will elude you from such worries as it provides its users with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. With the help of a drag-and-drop editor and prebuilt themes, anyone can construct a professional looking fully functional website in a matter of minutes. 

HubSpot CMS is built exclusively for newbies, marketers, and content creators. Therefore, the platform has incorporated all the basic and necessary tools and features into the website builder. These features include social media integration, email tools, inventory management, SSL certificate, and API. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a website builder that isn’t complicated and doesn’t require you to learn coding then HubSpot CMS is perfect for you.

HubSpot Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Customizable and responsive templates Unhelpful technical support
Built-in SEO Very expensive
Easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor Design limitations

HubSpot Review: Features

Easy to Use Drag and Drop, Editor

HubSpot CMS offers its users an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Users can construct alluring websites that are fully functional and boost all the necessary features with the help of drag and drop editor. Users don’t have to be pro at website building to use it and just have to select an element, drag it and drop it on their website. This editor allows them to customize their website in whatever way they want. 

Themes and Templates

People construct a website to represent and grow their brand all the while enhancing their online presence. HubSpot facilitates users in constructing a website that fulfills all needs and requirements. The platform offers pre-designed themes and templates, so users don’t have to spend a lot of time making a website from scratch. All of these templates are customizable, allowing users to modify them as they please. With HubSpot CMS users are just a few clicks away from launching a website that can grab people’s attention. 

A/B Testing

With the help of HubSpot, users can A/B test website content. A/B test plays a vital role in determining which campaign variation has better results. For this, the users have to prepare two or more versions of a web page. Half of the people visiting the website see the first version whereas the other half see the second. Users can compare the performance of the two versions and select the one that performed best. 

SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is necessary as it enhances the rank of your website on search engines, making it more visible to the public and increasing traffic. When it comes to SEO, HubSpot CMS is the best one in the industry. Its SEO tools analyze search engine algorithms and then make useful suggestions that can help optimize your website. Users can also add unique meta tags and descriptions, customize URLs, and build a sitemap to boost their SEO ranking. 


In actuality the real work beings after you publish a website and that is maintaining and monitoring it. HubSpot CMS provides its users with an analytics tool that helps track search engine ranking, visitor traffic, traffic sources, sales, and session times. These analytics help users modify and maintain their websites according to the need of the audience. 

HubSpot Review for Different Kinds of Websites

Website type Website benefits Website limitations
Blog Excellent SEO tools Limited tools
Portfolio site Large variety templates and themes Limited customization and design flexibility
Business site Offers various tools for online business, email marketing The tools are basic 

For Blog

HubSpot CMS provides built-in blogging tools. Blogging is an efficient way to drive traffic to your website and enhances customer relationships. With HubSpot, CMs users have all the necessary features they need to create and run a successful blog. With prebuilt these and a visual editor, users can set up and design their blog in a matter of minutes and optimize it for search engine rankings with the help of SEO tools. Even though the features offered by the website builder are efficient some might find them too simple and basic.

For Portfolio Site

If you are an artist looking to either promote or sell your content on the internet, then you should opt for HubSpot CMS. The website builder will supply you with beautifully tailored templates that you can customize using a drag-and-drop editor. However, if you want full design and creative freedom then you might find HubSpot lacking. 

For Business Website

Having an alluring website is a sure way to enhance a business and grow an audience. HubSpot CMS provides is used with all the necessary tools they will need to make an inviting business site. These include a drag-and-drop editor, theme library, analytics, cloud hosting, and much more. 

HubSpot Review: Plans and Pricing

  Free Tools Starter  Professional  Enterprise
Price $0 $23/ month $360/month $1,200 per month
Reporting dashboard Up to 3 dashboards, each with 10 reports per dashboard 10 dashboards, 10 reports per dashboard 25 dashboards, 30 reports per dashboard 50 dashboards, 30 reports per dashboard
Shared inbox Limited to 1 inbox Limited to 1 inbox Up to 100 inboxes Up to 200 inboxes
Email marketing 2,000 email sends per calendar month 2,000 email sends per calendar month 2,000 email sends per calendar month 2,000 email sends per calendar month
HubSpot mobile app Yes Yes YEs Yes
Website themes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing pages Limited features Limited features Limited features Additional features
Live chat Includes HubSpot branding Remove HubSpot branding Remove HubSpot branding Remove HubSpot branding
Website traffic analytics Standard web analytics dashboard Standard web analytics dashboard Customizable website traffic analytics Customizable website traffic analytics
Facebook Messenger integration Send and receive simple messages No HubSpot branding Advanced Messenger bot branching and reporting Code snippets for custom Messenger bot actions
Blog 1 blog
Includes HubSpot branding
1 blog
Remove HubSpot branding
Up to 100 blogs Up to 100 blogs
Drag-and-drop editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/B testing No No Yes Yes
Subdomain and country-code top level domain availability 1 subdomain and 1 CCTLD on 1 root domain 1 subdomain and 1 CCTLD on 1 root domain Unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on 1 root domain Unlimited subdomains and CCTLDs on 10 root domains
Design manager Yes Yes Yes Yes

HubSpot Review: Subscription Packages

HubSpot CMS subscription plans are heavily priced and range between $23-$1,200 per month. Even though the platform offers a free plan, it doesn’t have all the necessary features required to run a website. The free plan is mostly for checking out the platform’s basic features and practicing. If you want to make an attractive fully functional website, you will need to purchase a subscription package.

HubSpot Review: Customer Support

HubSpot has provided its customers with various ways through which they can contact them in case they run into a problem while using the platform. Users can either call them, email them, or chat with their agents via live chat. The website builder also has an academy that houses in-depth articles addressing various issues. 

HubSpot Review by Customers

HubSpot Review
HubSpot Review
HubSpot Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HubSpot CMS expensive?

Yes, HubSpot CMS is a heavily priced website builder. It offers three paid subscription packages that range from $23-$1,200.

Is HubSpot CMS a good website builder?

HubSpot CMS house all the necessary tools and features one might need to construct and run a website. But the website builder is extremely expensive, and you can find better, affordable options in the market. 

Is HubSpot better than Wix?

No, HubSpot is not better than Wix. Wix offers a lot more features compared to HubSpot. Moreover, the subscription packages offered by Wix are a lot cheaper.
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