In this article we will discuss the five best website builders for small businesses that are the crème de la crème of the website building industry and will prove to be an invaluable asset in establishing your online presence.

There is one thing that we all agree on, we can’t live without the internet and cell phones. Therefore, being the generation that breathes bits for air, we can agree that having a website is crucial for any business, especially small businesses. For the growth and success of a small business, it is vital that you establish an attractive online presence, and you can only do that via a website. An attractive website will help lure your customers in and compel them to do business with you. 

Whether you are selling products, processing transactions, or providing information to potential customers, your website should resonate with trust and credibility.  Lucky for you, you live in the time and age of website builders where you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time making a website. Therefore, we dedicate this article to all small businesses out there and will list down the best website builders for them.

Choosing the Best Website Builder

The best way to ensure that your website can perform all the functions you need and is up to standard is by picking the right website builder. Now that’s the tricky part. With so many website builders out there, it is easy to get confused. Therefore, you must make a list of all the features you want in your website builder, search for the ones that fall under the criteria, and then compare them to land on the one that best fits your requirements. Also please make a mental note of the following factors, as they will aid you in your decision.

Ease of Use

Being a business owner, you can hardly find time for yourself let alone waste it on learning code. Fortunately, most of the website builders available on the market prioritize ease above all, eliminating the need to hire someone to make it for you or be tech savvy. Some website builders are easier than others, therefore make sure to compare them before making a choice.

Cost Efficiency

Running a business is no small feat, spending hours coming up with an idea and then sacrificing all your savings to give life to that idea. Trust us no one gets it better than we do. Therefore, we urge you to save what little money you can and opt for a cost-efficient website builder. There are many builders on the market that are not only cost-efficient but also house premium features like Wix

When comparing costs make sure to check the introductory and renewal prices as well as the price of the plugins and apps you might be using. Make sure to use plugins sparingly and not splurge on them. 


Most website builders offer similar features, such as a drag-and-drop editor, eye-catching templates, and SEO tools. However, some excel at particular features that may be necessary for your growth and success. Therefore, as you are establishing a website to run a business, you must pay extra attention to the e-commerce and marketing features. The best website builders that offer robust e-commerce features are Wix and Squarespace. 


Cybercrime continues to rise at a fast pace and small businesses account for 43% of cyber-attacks yearly. As of 2023 small businesses have lost $25,000 due to cyber-attacks and we are only halfway through the year. The cause? Because only 14% of small businesses have a cybersecurity plan in place. Therefore, even though opting for good security features for your website might cost a little extra, they can end up saving you big time in the future. At the very least you should opt for SSL protection, a good backup solution, DDOS protection, and multifactor authentication. 

Design and Style

The look and feel of your website have a major impact on user experience and play a vital role in representing your vision and brand. All the major website builders come with predesigned templates, however, it’s important that you select the one that best represents your niche. If you are interested in a website builder that houses an extensive template library, then you should go for Wix or HostGator. However, if you are gravitating towards artful and imaginative templates then pick Squarespace. 

Key Considerations for Establishing a Small Business Website

Now before you settle on a website builder and start getting artsy and crafty, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I looking for a simple loading page, or do I need an extensive e-commerce site, harboring hundreds of products? 
  • What information do I want to provide to my customers? 
  • What features should I incorporate to make my website stand out?

By taking some time out to think and ponder on your short-term and long-term needs, you will be able to avoid costly changes as your website and business grows in the future.

Company Website Essential Elements

The first thing that your customers will notice will be the design of your website. When customers visit, they expect to lay eyes on a clean, enticing, and modern design that is accompanied by relevant information about your business. The hours spent on making a professional-looking website aren’t spent in vain, as a sleek-looking website will help increase visitor traffic and conversion rates. Your website should clearly depict your identity, mission, and vision, and should clearly answer the following questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What services and products do you provide?
  • What helps set you apart?

You will also have to dedicate time to create content for your target audience. Most businesses prefer to create a blog where they demonstrate their expertise and trustworthiness. This is an important factor that will not only help you rank well on Google, but will also help build credibility with the customers. 

The next step you must take is to think about the features that will facilitate customer interaction with your business and add them to your website. Therefore, you might need to add an appointment calendar, a chat box, an online store, and a contact form. Most website builders carry such features and allow you to add them in just a few clicks. 

Must-Have Features

Your first priority should be choosing a website builder that makes your life easier. It is important that you take your comfort and skills into consideration when making a decision. An underrated and overlooked aspect of choosing a website builder is finding good customer service. There are countless website builders that provide an extensive knowledge base however sometimes we just want to talk to someone one on one. For this purpose, website builders like HostGator have provided a 24/7 real-time chat feature. Lastly, make sure the website builder you choose has all the features that will help in the seamless running of the website and will help it grow. 

Best Website Builders for Small Businesses – A Quick Glance

After hours of research, we discovered five best website builders for small businesses that will aid you in the seamless creation and running of a website.

  • Wix – Versatile among the best website builders for small businesses
  • Squarespace – Ideal or image-heavy sites
  • HostGator – Ideal for online growth
  • SITE123 – Great for quickly getting online
  • IONOS – Ideal for seamless launching of an online store

Website Builders for Small Businesses – Summary Table

Given below is a table that contains general information on the five best website builders for small businesses. Consult it if you don’t have time to go through the entire article.

Website builders for small businesses Wix Squarespace HostGator SITE123 IONOS
Price From $4.50/month From $23/month From $4.95/month From $5.80/month From $9/month
Free trial/plan Yes (free plan) Yes (14 days) Yes (45 days) Yes (free plan) No
Templates 800 100+ 4,500 100+ 100+
Customer Service Live chat, phone support Email, live chat Email, live chat, phone support Live chat, email Email, live chat, phone support
Why we choose it  Comprehensive help center Makes best looking websites Offers an all-in-one package  Most user-friendly  Ensures protected and stable online presence
Pros Intuitive and simple drag-and-drop interface.Impressive template library.Offers a free plan.  Categorized templates.Produces sleek and professional looking websites. Robust marketing and analytics tools.   Extensive template library.Limitless drag0and drop editor. Free logo creator. Sleek templates.Quick to set up and launch. Responsive customer service. Clean and modern template designs.Scalability for business growth.Plenty of features. 
Cons Must pay to add Google analytics.Free site features Wix ads.Not as customizable. Pricier than other website builders.Limited customization freedom.  Outdated templates.  Limited customization.Settings and features need to be changed manually on each page.  Prices increase after initial 12-month plan.Not that beginner friendly.
Rank #1 among the best website builders for small businesses #2 among the best website builders for small businesses #3 among the best website builders for small businesses #4 among the best website builders for small businesses #5 among the best website builders for small businesses

Website Builders for Small Businesses – Overview

We have given brief overviews of the best website builders for small businesses. Read them to know what these web builders have in store for you.

1. Wix

Wix - Top 10 best AI website builders

Wix is number 1 among the best website builders for small businesses and is a veteran of the web-building world. The platform is easy to use and offers hundreds of beautiful, professional-looking templates. Users can put together a fully functional business website in no time by using the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface and image editor offered by the platform. Wix offers its users an intuitive Wix App Market that houses countless apps and plugins made by Wix and third-party companies. These plugins and apps can help in the seamless running of a website and boost its functionality. 

Wix Review

If you wish to know more about the website builder refer to our Wix review, where we have explained everything about the website builder, from its features to its pricing.

2. Squarespace


Squarespace is a website builder that provides a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication. The web-builder provides an easy-to-use interface all the while boasting an impressive template library. Its stunning template library is the reason for its inclusion in the best website builders for small businesses list. Squarespace allows users to create eye-catching websites without any coding knowledge by providing them with an intuitive and simple drag-and-drop editor. Business owners will also be able to find robust marketing and e-commerce features that will aid them in the success and growth of their business. 

3. HostGator


HostGator is a solid website builder for those who want to create a simple and basic website. The website builder is easy to use, boasting a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor, and also allows some level of design and creative freedom. HostGator houses an extensive template library, carrying themes that cater to the needs of different kinds of websites. Moreover, the e-commerce features offered by the website builder are easy to use, facilitating smooth website functionality. 

HostGator Review

For a more in-depth analysis of the website builder please consult our HostGator review. In the review we have penned down our analysis after thorough examination of the website builder.

4. SITE123


SITE123 offers the simplest options for launching your website. All you have to do is provide some basic information, select your business type, and type in the name, and in a matter of minutes SITE123 will generate a template that you can customize. However, the platform allows limited customization and some even find its templates dull and outdated. Moreover, the SEO and e-commerce tools it offers are also basic as compared to other platforms. 


IONOS - IONOS vs Squarespace

IONOS website builder is only a small feature of a large suite of tools. The website builder specifically targets small businesses providing features like analytics, email tools, security, and responsive designs, that facilitate you to launch your website quickly and easily. The themes and tools offered by the platform may not be as advanced as its competitors but they get the job done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a small business require a website?

A website helps increase flexibility, credibility, control, and branding. Most customers these days believe that a business with a professional-looking website is more trustworthy than one that has only a social media page.

Which type of business needs a website?

Almost every kind of business be it a small business, an e-commerce store, freelance, or an established business need a website as customers believe them to be credible. 

What should look for in a website builder?

The main things you need to look for in a website builder are its cost, ease of use, features, and customer service.
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