Making an online store is easy but getting people to notice it and buy things is harder. The design plays a vital role in creating trust and making your stores stands out. But making it looks good is a bit tricky because it’s not just about pretty pictures, you also need to understand how people use websites. To start, it’s important to be aware of the eCommerce Web Design Mistakes to avoid. This can ultimately enhance sales on your online platform.  

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Common eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are the common eCommerce web design mistakes which does not drive many sales.

1.  Low-Quality Images

If you use low-quality images on your online store, it can stop people to buy the things from your store because the images leave bad impression on buyers. Many people make a big eCommerce Web Design Mistakes by using the same pictures that others use. This doesn’t make your store unique. Instead, you should use many good pictures of your products from different angles so people know what they’re getting. A photo collage is the best way to show your product with different angles. With the help of collage maker, you can easily create a collage that highlights your product key features.

2.  Lack of Consistency

If there’s is a lack of consistency in ecommerce store design, it can lead to various other errors. Making a functional and visually appealing customer service can be challenging. So, it is necessary to establish predefined standards for elements like colors, fonts and navigation to ensure a cohesive design. This enhances the user-experience and positively impacts conversion rates.

The points you need to consider to make the things simple and avoid to make eCommerce Web Design Mistakes:

  • First, you need a font you rely on
  • Don’t overcomplicate the things
  • Need a color palette you use by default

3.  Too Many Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are frequently employed on the website for the things like inviting you to subscribe to a blog or downloading an eBook. Pop-ups are helpful because they highlight the important things, increase website traffic and personalize the user experience. However, using too many pop-ups can be one of the eCommerce Web Design Mistakes because it might bother people and stop them for having a good time on the webiste.

4.  Having Too many Fonts

Using more than two or three different fonts in an online store can confuse the store. The words on the store’s website should be easy to read and understandable. You have to use one font for the big titles to make them stand out, and different one for the regular paragraphs. When designing an online store for selling things, the main purpose of choosing fonts is to help shoppers easily read and understand the information on the website. it is also one of the eCommerce Web Design Mistakes.

5.  Not Knowing Your Target Audience

When you’re making the website to sell things, just hoping for sales isn’t effective. You need to understand who your likely customers are and how they use your website. Designers should research these potential buyers, including their age and interests. Without this understanding, your store might not get more sales because the website won’t be appealing enough to make them want to buy things from it.

6.  Lack of Payment Options

Many websites only allow payments through Visa or Mastercard, or only pay with a PayPal account. What if someone has an AmEX card and don’t use PayPal? Or what if someone doesn’t have a credit card and wants to pay from their bank account? To get the maximum number of orders, you should offer as many ways to pay as possible.

7.  Only One Product Image

If you are selling the products online, you have to provide multiple images from different angles. Take a picture in every color, show it from front, back, and sides. You can even add the detailed shots of specific features of the products. All of these can really helpful in convincing someone to purchase from you.

8.  Confusing Navigation

It’s really frustrating when you’re trying to find a product on a site with confusing navigation. And it’s also getting worse when an online store doesn’t organize its products into categories or any helpful groups. So, you must provide an easy-to-use and straightforward interface design. So, people should be able to navigate through your website without thinking twice.

9.  Not Including Store Policies

Before customers buy something from your store, they will probably seek information about your shipping procedure, return protocols and other rules. It’s necessary to add this information in a FAQs section and elsewhere on your website. Making store policies clear can save you from a lot of headaches later on from the customers who are unhappy with an order they’ve placed.

10.  Lack of Contact Information

Lack of Contact Information is a biggest eCommerce Web Design Mistakes in making websites. When visitors visit your website to use your services and buy something, they need to easily find how to contact you. But if they look really hard for your contact information, they might feel annoyed and go away. So, it’s necessary to have a “Contact Us” page or put your contact details on every website page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between good and bad website design?

A good website design have clear, concise, easy-to-use, and non-distracting elements, while a bad website make you feel annoyed and confuse.

What are the eCommerce web design mistakes you should avoid?

Here are the eCommerce Web Design Mistakes you should avoid:
1.  Low-Quality Images
2.  Lack of Consistency
3.  Too Many Pop-Ups
4.  Having Too many Fonts
5.  Not knowing Your Target Audience
6.  Lack of Payment Options
7.  Only One Product Image
8.  Confusing Navigation
9.  Not Including Store Policies
10. Lack of Contact Information
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