ZenMate is an affordable VPN service that is suitable for an average VPN user. It has the ability to circumvent geo-restrictions in some parts of the world. Therefore, it unblocks famous streaming platforms like Netflix and supports torrenting.

The solid speed and secure connection on the VPN service make it a good choice for users.  With low priced three-year plan, ZenMate is the preferred choice of many VPN users. If speed and pricing are your top priorities then give this VPN a try.  For further details, let’s dive into the detailed ZenMate Review.

Quick Summary: ZenMate Review

ZenMate Review

ZenMate is a simple and reliable VPN service for those who want to protect their online privacy.  This VPN technology is fast and user-friendly. With unlimited connection and fast streaming service, it  works best for Netflix and Amazon Prime. The free extensions are widely available in a range of operating systems for better performance.

ZenMate Review:  Pros & Cons

Lets have a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of this VPN in ZenMATE review.

Pros Cons
Affordable subscription plan Limited tunneling protocol
7-day free trial Payment available only via card and PayPal
Unlimited simultaneous connections Few advanced customization options
Free proxy extension No Smart DNS and Firestick application
No WebRTC, IP, and DNS leaks  
4,800 servers in 81 countries  
Efficiently supports torrenting  
Reliable kill switch  

Who should get ZenMate Access?

Access ZenMate if :

  • You want budget-friendly VPN services that are easy to use. ZenMate VPN has been prefered for all those who prefer usability.
  • You want a no-log VPN.  This Vpn does log your Ip address and the whole VPN traffic.
  • You want a VPN to unblock streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. ZenMate is a credible VPN service that unblock geo-restricted content.

 Avoid ZenMate if :

  • You  want customization and advanced VPN features. ZenMate is only recommended for beginners who want minimal functionalities.
  • You want access to some restricted streaming content in your geolocation. It doesn’t work well with Disney+ and iPlayer
  • You want a VPN with good customer support. ZenMate doesn’t offer great customer support for its users.

ZenMate Key Details

For a detailed guide about the basics of this VPN, we have summarized all the key details of ZenMate.  

Data Cap Unlimited
Speed 94 Mbps
Servers 4800
Countries 81
Data Leaks No
Logging Policy No log policy
Jurisdiction Germany (14+ Eyes Members)
IP addresses 4800+
Torrenting Unlimited
Support Live chat , email and other online resources
Lowest Price $1.51/mo for 3-year plan
Simultaneous Connections Unlimited
Works in China No
US Netflix  Yes

ZenMate Features

ZenMate offers industry-standard features that provide value to its users. It comes with range of protocols that include OpenVPN, IKev2, and WireGuard. The Vpn protocols offered by ZenMate are not available on all the operating system but are available on many. 

Features ZenMate
Network Encryption AES-256
Kill switch Yes
Split Tunneling Yes
IP address Anonymous
DNS feature Yes
Malware blocker Yes

Is ZenMate good for streaming?

ZenMate Review

ZenMate has a range of servers optimized for unlocking streaming services.  Currently, ZenMate unblocks BBC iPlayer and 5 Netflix libraries. Overall, its good VPN for streaming and offers reliable connection.

Streaming Services Works with ZenMate
Netflix US Yes
Amazon Prime Video Yes
BBC iPlayer Yes
Disney + No
HBO Max No
Hulu No
YouTube No
Hotsor India No
All 4 No

ZenMate works well with 5 Netflix libraries

ZenMate is a relatively good VPN service to unblock Netflix libraries. Although it doesn’t match the capabilities of the highest-rated streaming platform, but is a fine service for streaming. With server networks all across the globe, it can bypass streaming geo-blocks.

 ZenMate worked well with 5 Netflix regions that include the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, and France.  That is actually impressive in terms of connection and speed.  But sometimes with this Vpn service, you experience a considerable amount of buffering.

ZenMate unblocks BBC iPlayer

One of the greatest highlights of this VPN is that it works well with BBC iPlayer.  BBC video services are not often unblocked by various VPNS  but ZenMate works well with BBC iPlayer.

ZenMate has torrenting-friendly servers

ZenMate is a viable option for torrenting.  All the servers allow P2P traffic but the speed is often slow.   It effectively masks your Ip address and encrypts your online data to keep you safe from ISP snooping.  These functionalities make it a suitable option for torrenting.  60 servers all across the globe all specifically optimized for torrenting traffic.

ZenMate network speed and performance

ZenMate speed is not fast enough. The longer the server distance, the poorer the server connection. It has average ping times and the streaming and torrenting speed is average.  Here’s a table  stating the speed of different regions around the world.  Have a look at the download and upload speed in this ZenMate review.

Server Location No VPN (New York) US (New York) Canada (Toronto) UK(London) Germany (Berlin) Brazil (Sao Paulo) Japan (Tokyo) Australia (Sydney)
Download Speed 100Mbps 95Mbps 85Mbps 91Mbps 89 Mbps 82 Mbps 84Mbps 76 Mbps
Upload Speed 100 Mbps 78 Mbps 41 Mbps 75 Mbps 43 Mbps 69 Mbps 93Mbps 34 Mbps
Ping 1ms 16 ms 136 ms 72 ms 84 ms 140 ms 143 ms 212 ms
Distance 0 mi 5mi 300 mi 3,500 mi 4,000 mi 4,800 mi 6,700mi 9,900 mi

As the data clearly shows that ZenMate provides slow international speed. Some servers offer high speed but most of them are not as fast as the other top-tier VPN services.  A speed loss of 15% is observed while shifting from US server to the Canadian server.  In addition, the local ping time is comparatively high with a rise to 16ms.  The low ping time is unsustainable for online gaming.

ZenMate privacy and logging policy

The main site of ZenMate is simple, but the privacy policy is vague.  This is a secure VPN service that comes with military-grade encryption along with no data leaks for high-level security.  The Windows and Android applications use the OpenVPN protocol by default, which is the best protocol for high-end security.  The macOS and iOs apps are limited to the IKEv2 protocol.  But if you want to shift to WireGuard, you can do it manually on Windows and macOS.

ZenMate has basic apps designed for simplicity

ZenMate applications are basic and are primarily designed for functionality and simplicity.  The applications are easy to use and come with all the basic functionalities.  Beginner VPN users appreciate the functionality and ease of use of the application.   So, from a consumer point of view, this VPN is well-designed and consumer friendly.

Although this is a great option for all newcomers, if you require technical features you should consider VPN with advanced technical features.

ZenMates apps for all the devices

ZenMate is compatible with a number of devices and you can easily install them on routers to protect your online activity.  The free and paid browser extensions are readily available. Not only this, the company offers unlimited device connection for one subscription. This means that you can protect the online activity of all the devices in your home or workplace.

The company also sells business VPNs that come with additional functionalities of a management dashboard and managerial support.  This is extremely useful  for companies who want to keep their data confidential.

ZenMate Pricing and Plans

ZenMate Review

 ZenMate is an affordable VPN with a minimal price range of $1.51 for a 3-year plan.  With all the basic features, this VPN is the best value for money.  ZenMate is basic “click and protect”  service to mask your IP address.

ZenMate offers three subscription plans for browsers and all other operating systems.  In addition, ZenMate also offers free plan for browser extensions in 4 countries.  The plans for the browsers are categorized separately for browsers and all other devices.

Subscription Plans Pro (For browsers) Ultimate (All devices)
1 Month $7.99 $10.99
6 Months $3.19/mo
1 Year $ 1.99/mo (2 Months Free) $1.51/mo
3 Years $1.51/mo (3 months free)

As far as the payment is concerned, you can only purchase this VPN service through card or PayPal.  You don’t have any choice but to make purchases through cryptocurrency and bitcoins. Although the top-tier VPN services offer this option ZenMate lacks this feature.

ZenMate VPN servers

ZenMate has a huge network of servers in 81 countries all around the world.  The servers are physically present in their geographic location. ZenMate owns all the servers it offers and is rare in most of the top-tier Vpn services.

The servers are located in regions like Asia, Africa, Pacific, America, and most countries all across Europe.  The majority of its servers are located in countries like US, UK, and Germany.

Is ZenMate worth it?

ZenMate is a basic Vpn service that offers an easy way to mask your IP address and encrypt your web traffic.  The speed and security are good enough for users to opt for this VPN service. Typically, it works best for Windows. The macOS and iOs app needs improvement regarding the privacy policy.

 As ZenMate comes with the cheapest price plans so it’s good to consider this easy-to-use VPN service for online security. While the price plans are low, this VPN service has improved a lot in recent years.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does ZenMate offers free trail?

Yes, a free 7-day trail is available for ZenMate. Along with this, you have an extended 30-day money-back guarantee. You can check out all the features and if it lacks the functionalities you can always refund your money in the first 30 days.

Does ZenMate work in China?

No , it does not work in China and other regions with strict VPN restrictions.  The company openly mentions that it does not provide applications in China as they won’t be able to function properly  Moreover,  it offers servers in Hong Kong allowing you to unblock Chinese streaming sites.  

Is ZenMate VPN a safe VPN service?

 Yes, ZenMate is a very secure and safe option. With a military-grade subscription and a strict no-log policy, it prevents your data from leaks.  This VPN comes with advanced security features like perfect forward secrecy and Ram-only servers to prohibit users from visiting malicious sites.


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