Double VPN is about using multiple VPNs in a chain arrangement to route the traffic through two VPN servers.  This VPN server chaining technique also referred as multi-hop, provides additional protection and confidentiality.

Quick Summary-What is Double VPN?

Double VPN

Double VPN, as the name suggests, is a feature that enables you to utilize not one, but two VPN servers. Such a multi-hop connection offers double encryption and provides additional IP address protection.

One significant distinction from a typical VPN connection is that you frequently have limited server options and must choose from the available pairs.

Double VPN – Advanced VPN security

Double VPN can be a wise choice, especially for some individuals or teams who want foolproof security. Whether you’re a political activist or a journalist who writes about sensitive subjects, extra security is always a smart idea. Utilizing two distinct VPNs could be even safer from this perspective.

The double VPN feature is uncommon. The majority of VPN service providers lack it. VPN companies do not prefer this technology because of slower connection and less popularity.  When your traffic passes through two VPN servers situated in different locations, the slowdown becomes unavoidable. Additionally, double encryption uses a lot of resources.

Pros and cons of utilizing Double VPN

Despite the fact that double VPN boosts security in contrast to kill a switch or leak protection, there are certain drawbacks of it.  Even without multi-hop, a VPN service might be deemed the best. But let’s  dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of double VPN.


Double VPN generally provides you with more security and privacy. More information on how it does this is provided in the list below:

Double encryption: Your traffic is encrypted by two VPN servers, making it nearly uncrackable.

Extra IP : Your real IP address is hidden by the first server, whose IP is hidden by the second server.

Blinding Your ISP : While the destination web page will continue to be unidentified, your Internet Service Provider will be aware that you have used the VPN.

Whereabouts unknown: To better hide your traffic, double VPN servers are typically located in different nations. More layers are added by multi-hop between your real location and your virtual place.

Protocol Cocktails:   By combining the TCP and UDP versions of the OpenVPN tunneling technology, you may increase your security even more.


It was never intended for double VPN to be utilized by default. Because of this, many providers still do not have it or do not have any plans to deploy it. However, while choosing Double VPN, you should be aware of the following drawbacks

Slower speed:  The greatest problem with Double VPN is this. Since you are undoubtedly already aware that a typical VPN connection slows down, adding a second server and more encryption can cause those Mbps to drop significantly.

No Tor over VPN: Combining these characteristics is not possible. Although using the Tor browser with Double VPN while browsing the internet is conceivable, the speed will be as slow as a crawling snail.

Power Consumption:  Plugged-in devices are exempt from power consumption , but you can anticipate a quicker battery loss on mobile.

Server Choice:  Top virtual private networks give users a choice of at least 50 nations. Sadly, there are significantly fewer servers available with Double VPN.

Double VPN’s biggest flaws include its decreased performance and limited server choices. On the other side, if your connection is fast, you might not experience a substantial speed reduction. Regarding a lack of server possibilities, the majority of users will be satisfied with the most well-liked locations, such as US or the Netherlands.

How does Double VPN work?

The primary goal of Double VPN is to provide additional security for masking IP address through double-encrypt traffic. Technically, it is possible to add additional servers to the VPN server chain to create triple or even quadruple VPNs.

Let’s first look at a standard connection to gain a better understanding of how Double VPN functions:

1. Your traffic is encrypted and sent to a VPN server through a VPN program.

2. Your traffic is decrypted and your IP is hidden by the server.

3. The target is sent unencrypted traffic by the server.

4. You receive the response from the target in the reverse process.

The outcomes shows, your link is doubly encrypted, and the target website or service can observe the IP address of the second VPN server.

Unfortunately, some service providers falsely advertise double encryption while actually using single encryption. Instead, each server decrypts your data, lowering the level of security because it would only take a compromise of one of the two servers to snoop on the traffic. Positively, your IP address is still hidden past the first VPN server.

Is Double VPN more secure than a regular VPN?

If the VPN service provider doesn’t use double encryption, a double VPN connection is safer than standard VPN connection. Your IP address is masked by two VPN servers, not just one. Furthermore, any brute-force attack is essentially useless in the presence of double encryption.

The data split is another factor that makes Double VPN significantly safer than a typical VPN connection. One VPN server knows your IP address and the destination of your traffic when you are connected to it. When using a double VPN, one server receives your IP but not your destination and the other receives both but not the IP.

Double VPN is ultimately just as secure as your VPN. If it doesn’t have a stringent no-logs policy, there is no need to employ two logging servers when only one will do. The wisest course of action is to pick a provider whose practices have been independently inspected or whose policies have been affirmed in court.

So always choose a VPN that uses RAM-only servers because they cannot log your traffic. Moreover, search for a reliable kill switch, data leak prevention VPN to use on regular basis

Why there is a need of using Double VPN?

Rarely older individuals regret not employing Double VPN when they reflect on their lives. And that’s totally okay. There are a few situations, nevertheless, in which this capability is useful:

  • Securing public Wifi: A conventional VPN connection is effective for that, but Double VPN is superior. A public Wifi hotspot has a lot of users and poor security. Hackers adore them because of this. Therefore, it is a good idea to encrypt your traffic twice.
  • Avoiding surveillance:  Many governments spy on their nationals to prohibit them from illegal activities. With Double VPN, you may avoid having your traffic accessible to outside parties. After all, nobody wants to be discovered downloading illicit material or accessing prohibited websites.
  • Journalism and activism: It’s likely that certain individuals or groups would want for you to fail if you write on sensitive subjects or engage in political activism to alter the status. You should defend your friends, your colleagues, and your web sources in order to crush their fantasies. You can access banned web content as well as additional protection and privacy by using Double VPN.

Difference between Double VPN and VPN over VPN

Double VPN and VPN over VPN are pretty comparable. You connect to two VPN servers rather than just one in both scenarios. The only distinction is that whereas VPN over VPN, as the name suggests, uses one server from each provider, Double VPN utilizes two servers from the same provider.


NordVPN - Double VPN

NordVPN is one of the premium VPN services that have double VPN technology . This Double VPN feature offers additional protection for additional privacy and security.

Also,  there are several circumstances in which even slight variation can prove to be crucial. Imagine if law enforcement raids a VPN provider and demands user data. Therefore, everything about you, including your IP address, is available to anyone when you connect to two servers. For VPN over VPN, only a small portion of your data is accessible to the compromised supplier.

It’s not a bad idea to operate two VPN connections at once. This provides you the ability to store your eggs in truly distinct baskets, but it will cost you more. If both VPNs were located in the same country,it would be simpler for the government or other third-party to snoop on your traffic.

However, there are certain issues when employing two services for multi-hop. You might not be able to run many VPN clients at once because the providers aren’t designing their software to function this way.


A distinct feature that gives you more security and privacy is double VPN. Due to the strain placed on our connection, it isn’t very popular, but double encryption greatly increases your online security.

If you reside in a country where internet freedom is limited then Double VPN is a greatest option for remaining anonymous. Even if you “have nothing to hide,” it is advised to enable this function when using a public Wifi network.

The few VPN service providers who offer Double VPN feature are often established companies. They are dedicated to protect their users so they won’t log any traffic. You can try combining two distinct apps or using a browser extension in the absence of a VPN that supports multi-hop. You can check NordVPN Review to know who it offers double VPN for extra security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two VPNs simultaneously?

You can create a combined VPN connection by using clients from two distinct VPN service providers. Remember that such a setup can not be very ideal and be vulnerable to several incompatibilities.

Is Double VPN worthy useful?

If you want to make sure that no one is seeing your data, than its is a viable option, It adds a high level of security so the hackers will not decode the information.

Which is more secure onion over VPN or Double VPN?

Onion over VPN routes your connection across numerous nodes, so it is safer to utilize it than double VPN. Your connection is therefore encrypted and passes through at least three nodes. This indicates that the chain will ultimately be longer. However, both choices are extremely secure.
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