UltraVPN is a small-scale VPN services that is primarily helpful to unblock geo restricted content. With ultra-fast servers, access to  various virtual locations, it is a viable VPN option.  It keeps your identity secure so you could easily stream your favorite shows.

 The VPN service claims to have the secure unbreakable encryption for efficient masking of IP address.   Let’s uncover all the features, functionalities of this VPN. Here’s the detailed UltraVPN review to see all  it can offer to the users.

Quick Summary: UltraVPN Review

UltraVPN Review

UltraVPN is a reliable VPN option offering unlimited VPN access with no bandwidth caps.  This results in fast speed and minimal lagging and buffering.  It’s also a great choice to select various server locations. With P2P support and additional firewalls it protect your IP address and prevent DNS leaks.

To keep your data safe from cyber criminals, it provides military -grade encryption.  For those who value security and anonymity it’s a great choice.  In brief, this product is well developed with minimalistic features and efficient customer support.

UltraVPN Review :  Pros & Cons

24/7 phone and email supportNo WireGuard protocol
Completely free password managerSmall server fleet
 Efficient masking of IP addressOverpriced with few features
Offers  6 simultaneous connectionNot audited
Intuitive and user-friendly interface Logs some of the user information
Advanced encryption ( AES-256)Some locations are slower than the other  
Efficiently supports torrenting 
 30-day money back guarantee 

Who should get UltraVPN Access?

Access UltraVPN if :

  •  If you want fast connection , than  opt for UltraVPN. This service has faster connection when compared to other VPN services.
  •  If you want efficient streaming. Based in US, this service is efficient in unblocking Netflix libraries.
  •  If you want an application compatible with all the platforms. UltraVPN is compatible with Mac, Windows , iOS and  all other devices.

 Avoid UltraVPN if :

  • You want   advanced features in your VPN . It lacks advanced features that are preferred by various VPN users.
  • You want fast service at all server locations. This VPN is slow at  various locations  and works best  for US.
  •  You want budget friendly VPN. This VPN does not  offer advanced features hence it costs a little extra.

UltraVPN Key Details

For the brief overview of the ULtraVPN , lets have a  quick overview of all the key details of this VPN in this UltraVPN review.

Data CapUnlimited
Speed95 Mbps
Data LeaksNo
Logging PolicyKeeps some  Logs
JurisdictionUS (five Eyes Member)
IP addresses830
Support24/7 Live chat
Lowest Price$2.99/mo  for 2 year plan
Simultaneous Connections6
US Netflix Yes

UltraVPN Features

 Are you curious to know that what are the features you get in UltraVPN subscription plan ? if yes, than here’s a  quick summary of all the features in this UltraVPN review:

Network EncryptionAES-256
Kill switchYes
Safe Swap ServersYes
Split TunnelingYes
VPN protocolHydra protocol
DNS featureNo

 It is to mention that mobile and destop both apps offer kill switch , which is essential to secure data. When the VPN disconnects, this VPN service protects the data for leaking out. Moreover the split tunneling feature decide about the encryption of web traffic , so it becomes diffcut for hackers to decode data.

 Is UltraVPN good for streaming?

UltraVPN works well with  some Netflix locations , unblocks Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iplayer and much more. Although its not at the top of the list with slow and lagging connection for streams.

Streaming ServicesWorks with UltraVPN
Netflix USYes
Amazon Prime VideoNo
BBC iPlayerYes
Disney +Yes
HBO MaxYes
Hotsor IndiaNo
All 4No

Overalll the streaming experience work well with the platforms  like  HBO max and Disney+. Even though the  video is of high-quality  you have to deal with buffering and lagging.  This is typically the result of overcrowded servers and less server locations.

Unblock Netflix with UltraVPN

UltraVPN struggles to unblock Netflix across various regions like Australia and Japan.  The Netflix Us library is unreachable when tried with Australian or Japanese server. This thing instantly limits the streaming option for you.  But through UltraVPN you can access to UK and Canadian libraries. More importantly the UK locations exceptionally worked well.  The video is of  high quality with less buffering.

UltraVPN unblocks other streaming services

For HBO max, Disney+  the streaming quality is high .  While you may experience buffering due to unrealiable Internet connection.  The video quality was impressive with no issues with most of the servers. In addition to this, YouTube streams are of high quality with no lags.

Unfortunately, it took ages to connect with BBC iPlayer but once it is connected it is nearly impossible to stream anything on it.   Many of the times, users appear error message while playing another episode of the show.

UltraVPN is good for torrenting

UltraVPN works quite well for torrenting due to P2P capabilities. Along with it, this VPN allows torrenting on all the servers. Although it takes a few tries to check out the most efficient server for torrenting, but once you connect you can easily torrent your favorite movie.

The server that works well for torrenting is Netherland server, that offers excellent speed and reliability. Apart for this server, UK server is also a good option for torrenting but not as good as the other option.

Speed and performance of UltraVPN

UltraVPN Review

UltraVPN offers few tunneling protocols to choose from.  You either have the option of Catapult Hydra  or IKEv2 protocol. These two are   much slower than the industry standard protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard.  The recorded baseline speed is 450 Mbps for download and 425 Mbps upload speed.

 Here’s a detailed table for the download speed across various regions in this UltraVPN review

RegionsDownload speed with Catapult HydraDownload speed with IKEv2
US279 Mbps339 Mbps
UK220 Mbps347 Mbps
Germany225 Mbps306 Mbps
Japan134 Mbps8 Mbps

Here’s a detailed table for the upload speed across various regions

RegionsUpload speed with Catapult HydraUpload speed with IKEv2
US94 Mbps192 Mbps
UK140 Mbps258 Mbps
Germany265 Mbps310Mbps
Japan25 Mbps5 Mbps

Apart from Japan , IKEv2  works speedier than the other VPN protocol. Both the upload and download speed is much better for this VPN protocol resulting in better online connection.  

UltraVPN plan and pricing

UltraVPN is one of the few VPNs that fall in the category of moderate price range. The reasonable prices are due to limited features and functionality. Lets have a quick glance of pricing in this UltraVPN review

Subscription OptionUltraVPN
Monthly plan$7.99/mo
One-year plan$4.99/mo
Three-year plan$2.99/mo

 No matter which of the pricing plan you choose, the functionalities are same. Each plan comes with 3-0-day money back guarantee.  The PassWatch password manager and dark web  scan  features are the two distinct features offered by this VPN .  The best value for money is the long term 2 year plan  that cost  nearly  $2.99 per month.

If you want to give a try, then go for the monthly option. Although it’s a little costly but once you know the features you can than go for long term plan.  

Payment options for UltraVPN

UltraVPN supports limited payment options. The two options that are currently available are credit card or PayPal. So, if you wish to use other payment options like cryptocurrency than it’s not the best option.

UltraVPN server and Locations

 The data about number of servers in various location is still unclear. But the identified number of servers are as follows in this UltraVPN review

RegionsNo of countries
Rest of the World5

 The limited amount of server location results in buffering and lagging. When the server becomes crowded,  it affects the functionality and speed of the VPN. Also, the majority of the servers are located in Us , which also poses serious security and anonymity issues.

Is UltraVPN worth it?

UltraVPN is a viable option, but there are other better option in terms of pricing and features.  Despite having a small server fleet, this VPN offers good connection speed.  It has excellent streaming capabilities for few platforms but browser extension is not available.

This VPN  costs almost similar like all the mid-range VPNs with similar  security and privacy . Furthermore, if you are handling sensitive information than this VPN is not the best  option for you.

UltraVPN Coupon Codes

UltraVPN Coupon Codes- UltraVPN review

This is the treasure chest to avail the VPN services in a minimal price. No matter where you are currently residing you can stay anonymous with this VPN at a minimal price. The cost of This VPN service ranges from $2.99-$7.99 but you can further decrease it using the promo codes.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Can you get UltraVPN for free?

UltraVPN is one of those VPNS who don’t offer free trails or free VPN plan option.  So, the only option available is the monthly plan. But the 30 -days money back guarantee ensures that you can enjoy the premium features risk-free for a complete month.

How much UltraVPN costs per month?

 UltraVPN offers 3 subscription plans. So, if you want to go for monthly plan, you have to pay $7.99 per month. But in case of 2-year plan, you only have to pay $2.99 per month.

What type of encryption is used by UltraVPN?

UltraVPN uses military grade encryption to completely encrypt your online traffic. This is currently the highest level encryption available in the market.

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