NordVPN! Probably you have heard the name of this VPN. With overall good reviews that highlights the fast speed, online security tool, streaming, and torrenting capabilities.  It’s certainly a product worth considering.

Headquartered in Panama, the best VPN service offers in-house built NordLynx tunneling protocol for high speed.  It’s a versatile option when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions and staying anonymous on the Internet.   This unbreakable encryption AES-256 and independent audited no-logs policy for complete anonymity are what make the VPN stand out from the rest.

 So, let’s start with a quick summary and then dig deeper into the details of NordVPN review.

Quick Summary: NordVPN Review

Ranked no #2 out of 55 VPNs

NordVPN is a secure and feature-rich VPN option offering endless options. When it comes to speed not a single VPN can compete its level. NordVPN does not keep logs and hence it’s the secure option to protect online privacy.  With the largest VPN  server network of over 5,500 servers in 59 countries, the market of this Vpn is expanding enormously.

NordVPN Review:  Pros & Cons

Double hop VPN serviceRenewal of subscription plan is  often at a higher price
Regular privacy policy and security auditsRetains connection timestamp for the duration of 15 minutes only
Inexpensive option  preferred by a wide range of peopleDedicated IP feature is a privacy risk
Fast and secure connection with NordLynxNo GUI app for Linux
Offers 6 simultaneous connectionsSome servers are not as fast as  the others
Excellent Firestick app and Smart DNS toolNo live chat option is available
Torrenting traffic is allowed on every server 

Who should get NordVPN?

 Get NordVPN if :

  •  If you have a Netflix craze, then NoRDVpn is for sure the ultimate choice for you. As it offers 11 Netflix libraries t, HBO Max, and much more.
  • NordVPN includes a lot of technical features, including ad blockers and also offers the ability to create your own NordVPN server and Onion over VPN.
  •  For fast and secure connection of NordLynx similar to WireGuard used for efficient connection across NrdVPN entire servers.

Avoid NordVPN  if :

  •  NordVpn offers various functionalities and if you are a beginner and do not know much about VPNs then this one is not the best choice for you.
  •  NordVPN has servers in fewer countries, so if you are planning to VPN server in Russia then you won’t be able to find the IP address of it.
  •  If you are planning to install VPN on your internet router then NordVPN does not offer a dedicated app for routers, therefore it is difficult to switch servers.

NordVPN Key Details

NordVPN Review

Here’s a detailed table that list all the key features for you to make quick decision.  

Data CapUnlimited
Speed95 Mbps
Data LeaksNo
Logging PolicyNo Identifying data
IP addresses5,613
Support24/7 Live chat
Free Trial7 Days (No money back guarantee)
Simultaneous Connections6

Is NordVPN safe?

With market-leading encryption and secure tunneling protocols, it is one of the safest VPN providers.  NordVPn servers run on RAM, so data gets wiped out every time your server is restarted. A lot of VPN providers use this technology, as there is no information to steal when the servers are restarted.

All in all, with all the technical standpoints and feature-rich applications, NordVPN seems the safest option.  

NordVpn ‘s NordLynx  is twice as fast as other VPN protocols

NordLynx is the default VPN protocol that offers the ultimate security. Also, it does not offer a single Vpn protocol to choose from. From the settings, you can choose OpenVPN and IKEV2  for iOS and macOS.  These are also secure option, but not as good as NordLynx.   

NordLynx is an extension of WireGuard, which is considered the most efficient and easier to audit Vpn protocol. As WireGuard assigns users a Static IP address, therefore it stores user data on the VPN server.

 NordVPN is serious about the double log policy, therefore, they worked on a “Double NAT system” for secure VPN connection and storing encrypted data on its servers.

NordVPN services

 NordVPN is rich in all the features you look for in a VPN.  NordVPN prioritizes quality over everything so unable to work on the latest advancements available in premium VPNs. The option of split tunneling is for Windows and Andriod often disappoints the users.

FeaturesOffered by  NordVPN
Kill SwitchYes
SSL SecurityYes
Split tunnelingNo
DNS leak ProtectionYes
Log TracesYes
Security and  Privacy auditsYes
Threat ProtectionYes

NordVPN works Well with US Netflix and other Streaming Sites

NordVPN  Review

NordVPN works efficiently for successfully unblocking Netflix, HBO Max, and all other streaming sites. It works in reliable geo-blocking of video content in HD quality.  Here’s a detailed list of streaming services that can be accessed through NordVPN :

Streaming ServicesWorks with NordVPN
Netflix USYes
Amazon Prime VideoYes
BBC iPlayerYes
Disney +Yes
HBO MaxYes
Hotsor IndiaNo
All 4Yes

NordVPN’s excellent streaming performance is based on branded Smart Play feature which efficiently switches between DNS servers to access geo-restricted content.

Efficient Streaming of 11 Netflix Libraries

NordVPN has always been able to access US library and hence it is one of the best VPNs for Netflix. Over the years the streaming speed and blocked service have gained access to IP addresses that are not previously available.

 NordVPN automatically connects with the server that is compatible with Us Netflix. So there is no need to worry more and waste time in finding a server.

 Reliable access to BBC iPlayer, SkyGo, and other UK streaming sites

NordVPN is the top-rated choice to consistently bypass geo-restrictions for BBC iPlayer. Connecting to the UK server is possible with a single click. You don’t have to compromise on speed and quality, as the VPN offers a lifetime experience to watch videos in high resolution.

 On top of everything, you don’t have to select a specified UK server to gain access to BBC iPlayer. Just connect it with any UK server, it works well for all UK servers.  Also, it works to unblock Channel 4, ITVX, and all other streaming sites that require UK IP address.  Even during the Premier League season,  the streaming services remain fast and secure for the viewers to enjoy.

Works well with Kodi

 With a private logging policy and good streaming quality NordVPN can hide Kodi activity from your Internet service provider.  NordVpn is compatible with all the well-known Kodi boxes.  Through its own Nvidia Shield, it is easy to access Kodi add-ons without any data leaks.

NordVPN supports simultaneous connections

 With desktop VPN applications for Windows, macOS and Linux, it compels the users to choose this VPN service. Android and iOs have separate applications and browser extensions are available for FireFox, Edge, and Chrome.  

  Easy installation of NordVpn is possible on Android Tv and Amazon Firestick and almost all other routers.  By installing NordVpn on the router, you can protect internet-capable devices in your home including game consoles and other miscellaneous devices.  Whereas every NordVPN allows six simultaneous connections at a time. But once you install NordVPN on the router, this restriction is completely irrelevant.

NordVPN offers cybersec and threat protection

While NordVPN is active it can efficiently block ads and malware.  With threat protection functionality , NordVPN can scan files from viruses and delete them before they download.

NordVPN: An exceptional choice for Torrenting

NordVPN works great on most operating systems

NordVPN offers a mediocre onboarding experience

NordVPn created a good balance between user -friendliness and technical complexities. It includes a wide range of features, but the majority of buttons are unlabeled which creates difficulty for users.  The interface is inconsistent across various operating systems.

 As NordVPN does offer a detailed guide about the usage of the application at the start, so it is difficult for the users to comprehend.  But the application has few features that greatly impact the usability of the application.

  • Auto connection initiates the VPN connection whenever you connect to the Wifi. This is the major benefit as we can use VPN solely for encrypting the traffic and accessing geo-restricted sites.
  • Presets are available to create a customized shortcut that you can easily add to the app home screen.  This can save a lot of time as you can select your favorite server location, VPN protocol, and sites you want to connect automatically.
  • Pausing allows you to temporarily disconnect with the NordVPN server for 5, 30 or a total 60 minutes.
  •  Split tunneling is available on a small number of devices but it lets you choose which apps to route inside and outside the VPN tunnel.  This is extremely useful for apps that require true IP addresses without having to disconnect with NordVPN.

NordVPN does not log any user information

NordVpn is a reliable VPN service that is based in Panama.  Panama,  a country without data retention laws  is strict about logging any data.

Data TypeLogged by NordVPN
Browsing ActivityNo
Device InformationNo
Individual Bandwidth usageNo
Individual ConnectionNo
DNS QueriesNo
Originating IP AddressNo
VPN Server LocationNo
VPN Server IPNo
Account InformationNo
Data of Last connectionYes
Number of Simultaneous ConnectionNo

 NordVPN is safe for Torrenting

 NordVPN permits torrenting activity over 85%  of its servers.  It provides a steady download bitrate of 9.8 MiB/s connection.  Here’s the NordVPN review on torrenting speed and all other factors.

Torrenting AttributesResult
Port ForwardingNo
Kill SwitchYes
Logging PolicyNo identifying data
No of P2P servers4,771
Average Download Bitrate9.8 MiB/s

 NordVPN offers high-level security with kill switch and its very own NordLynx protocol.  It is also compatible will popular torrent clients that include BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Vuze.  It offers no log privacy policy means that NordVPN never forwarded DMCA requests to its users.

How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN offers subscription bundles that range between $3.99 to $13.99 per month.  NordVPN offers standard, plus, and complete plans for users. Plus plans usually include Nordpass in addition to VPN. 

Lastly , the complete plan  is a combination of NordPass, NordVPN and NordLocker , that is a secure cloud backup that encrypts every file stored in it. This plan includes a total of 1TB of encrypted storage.  The detailed pricing plan is as follows in this NordVPN review:

Pricing PlanStandardPlusComplete
1 month$11.99$12.99$14.99
1 year$59.98$71.88$89.88
2 years$100.56$124.56$160.56

Which countries have NordVPN servers?

NordVPN server list is comprised of servers that are distributed all across the globe. NordVPN servers are divided by region and they are continuously expanding their reach by adding new servers.

NordVPN server LocationNo of servers
North America1804
South America61

The best thing about NordVPN is that those fond of  streaming services can use this Vpn to unblock geo-restricted sites  in your home country.

Is NordVPN Worth it?

Considering all the benefits and features of this VPN, it’s a great choice for  many users all across the globe.  Best in class security using ChaCha20 and fast connection speed using NordLynx, it is a safe option. Also, it can block a range of streaming sites and makes it easy for you to chill with Netflix and popcorns.

 It is the preferred choice for advanced users that are looking for mainstream technical features in high quality.  You can easily set up your own networks of encrypted tunnels using Meshnet , and route traffic through encrypted servers using Double VPN.

NordVPN Coupon Codes

NordVPN Coupon Codes

If want to leverage the discounted deals of NordVPN , you can make use of the coupon codes. Coupon Codes are the treasure chest to take advantage of the VPN at a minimal price.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better: ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

 It totally depends upon the preference of users.  But if we see the number of servers and fast connection then go for ExpressVPN. And if you think of technical features like ad blocker, than prefer NordVPN.

How well does NordVpn work?

With agile encryption and secure Vpn protocols, you can enjoy a stable connection on your device with NordVPN.  Also, if you have queries related to the usage of NordVPN, you can always contact their support.
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