In today’s day and time, with so many VPN options, deciding on which one best fits your needs is a daunting task. Most people spend hours looking for a suitable VPN and, in the end, get one that doesn’t truly satisfy their needs. Therefore, we decided to intervene and do all the research for you, so you won’t have to. If you are interested in getting a VPN, just go through our article and trust us by the end of it you will be able reach a solid decision. In this article, we will explore the IPVanish vs Atlas VPN comparison and take a look at which one is better.

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: At a glance

IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
Starting Price$3.33$1.82
EncryptionAES 256-bitAES 256-bit
Money back30 days (only for annual and 2-year plan)30 days
OS CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows, LinuxAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux
Dedicated IP Add-OnNot offeredNot offered 
Max No. of Devices UnlimitedUnlimited
Server Locations75+42
24/7 SupportYesYes

At a glance, it seems like Atlas VPN is a more economical option as compared to IPVanish. The starting price of Atlas VPN is $1.82 while IPVanish subscription plans start at $3.33. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, easy-on-the-wallet option then Atlas VPN is the best fit for you. Both VPNs use top-notch military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that ensures the security and privacy of the user. Therefore, security wise they both are at the top. 

Both IPVanish and Alas VPN are compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. IPVanish and Atlas VPN don’t offer users a dedicated IP add-on, which is a disadvantage as most users prefer to have a dedicated IP address. They both offer unlimited simultaneous connections which is a big deal because most top-ranking VPNs only offer 5-6 simultaneous connections. IPVanish has servers in more than 75 locations whereas the servers of Atlas VPN are spread out in only 42 locations. For both VPNs customer satisfaction is a top priority therefore they are available to help 24/7.  

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Features

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN features
 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
Simultaneous connectionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Devices supportedAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows, LinuxAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux
Manual install devicesRouters and set-top boxesSet-top boxes
Free extrasDNS protection, browser extensions for Chrome, and Firefox, kill switch, split tunneling, SOCKS5 Proxy, traffic obfuscation, SugaeSyncDNS protection, split tunneling, ad-blocker, kill switch. SafeBrowse, SafeSwap, Data Breach Monitor, split tunneling, multi-hop servers

Both IPVanish and Atlas VPN are known for offering numerous useful features. They both offer unique features and benefits to their users. DNS protection, kill switch, and split tunneling are offered by both VPNs. These three features protect users’ privacy and provide them with excellent security. Almost every VPN offers these features.

Unique features

IPVanish offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox whereas AtlasVPN doesn’t. IPVanish also offers a SOCKS5 Proxy with all its subscription plans. SOCKS5 Proxy is an unencrypted intermediary server and helps remove the user’s IP address. It is famous among the torrenters as they want to stay anonymous while downloading content from Torrentz. 

Another feature that IPVanish has, and Atlas VPN doesn’t is the traffic obfuscation feature. This feature helps disguise VPN traffic as regular internet traffic. This way it becomes impossible to detect that someone is using a VPN. IPVanish offers its users another useful feature called the SugaeSync. SugarSync is an encrypted storage similar to Google Drive or Dropbox but with AES 256-bit encryption. 

Coming towards Atlas VPN, it also offers users some exclusive features like SafeBrowse, SafeSwap, Data Breach monitor, and a few others. With SafeBrowse users can block all harmful and malicious websites to enjoy worry-free browsing. SafeSwap is another unique privacy feature offered by Atlas VPN. With SafeSwap users can have different IP addresses that rotate every 10 minutes. This feature helps users maintain their anonymity and browse freely. AtlasVPN also has a Data Breach Monitor and an ad-blocker plus it also offers multi-hop servers. 

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Price comparison

 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
Subscription periodsMonthly, annual, 2-yearMonthly, annual, 3-year
Highest price per month$11.99$11.99
Lowest monthly cost$3.33$1.82
One year price$53.99$49.01
Money back guarantee30 days (only for annual and 2-year plan)30 days
Free trialYesYes

When we compared the price of the two VPNs in detail, we discovered that Atlas VPN is a much cheaper option. Even though both of their monthly subscription plan costs $11.99, the annual and 3-year plan of AtlasVPN is a lot cheaper.

IPVanish offers 3 subscription plans, a monthly plan, an annual plan, and a 2-year plan. Atlas VPN also offers 3 subscription plans namely monthly, annual, and 3-year plan. The annual cost of IPVanish is $53.99 while Atlas VPN costs only $49.01 annually.

Both VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, in the case of IPVanish, it only offers money back for annual and 2-year plans. While Atlas VPN offers money back for all of its plans. 

They both offer a 7-day free trial for all of their subscription plans.  

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN:  Streaming comparison

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: UnblocksIPVanishAtlas VPN
HBO MaxYesYes
BBC iPlayerNoYes
Apple TVYesYes
YouTube TVYesYes
Prime VideoNoYes

Certain streaming platforms get geo-blocked in countries due to licensing and copyrights. These streaming platforms can only be accessed via VPNs as they have the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship.

Both IPVanish and AtlasVPN can easily bypass geo-restrictions and provide access to a number of streaming platforms. Even though IPVanish can’t unblock Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Prime Video, it can however help unblock countless other streaming platforms. Alas VPN can unblock almost all the streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Users can also access the US Netflix or Netflix in other regions by using these VPNs. 

Moreover, they also offer smooth and fast streaming so you won’t have to suffer through frozen screens, buffering, and lags.

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Servers and performance

 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
Total number of servers2,000+750+
Server location 75+42
Mobile friendly Yes Yes 

IPVanish provides a large server fleet as compared to Atlas VPN. IPVanish users have access to 2,000+ servers that are spread out in more than 75 locations. Both VPNs have servers in popular locations like the UK, US, Japan, Canada, and Australia. However, if you are looking for servers in Hong Kong then Atlas VPN is the best choice as IPVanish doesn’t offer servers in Hong Kong. Both VPNs offer fast, streaming, and torrenting optimized servers.  

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Speed performance

IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlasVPN
USDownload speed: 95 Mbps
Upload speed: 94 Mbps
Ping: 7ms
Download speed: 95 Mbps
Upload speed: 95 Mbps
Ping: 6ms
CanadaDownload speed: 96 Mbps
Upload speed: 96 Mbps
Ping: 15ms
Download speed: 92 Mbps
Upload speed: 96 Mbps
Ping: 24ms

The speed offered by both VPNs is more or less similar. They both provide fast speed and connection. When using either of these you won’t notice much difference in their speed. You can enjoy fast browsing and torrenting with both of these VPNs. Therefore, when it comes to speed they both have our vote.   

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Security Protocols

 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
VPN protocolsWireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and IPSecWireGuard, IKEv2
OpenVPN data encryptionAES-256AES-256
OpenVPN control channel encryption
Cloaking technologyYes (OpenVPN Scramble)None
App securityKill switchKill switch, ad blocker
DNS statusPrivate DNS
Private DNS

IPVanish provides users with more VPN protocols as compared to Atlas VPN. Both VPNs provide WireGuard and IKEv2. Whereas IPVanish also offers OpenVPN and IPSec. This provides users with more variety and freedom of choice. They both have the same uncrackable AES 256-bit encryption. The main difference is that AtlasVPN uses RSA-4096 which provides more security than RSA-2048 which is used by IPVanish.

IPVanish offers a cloaking technology that masks VPN traffic and displays it as regular internet traffic. The two VPNs have a kill switch that protects user data and information when the VPN connection drops. AtlasVPN also has an ad-blocker that helps block malicious and harmful ads. 

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Privacy Comparison

 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
HeadquartersUnited StatesUnited States
Connection logsNoYes
Activity logsNoNo
User details for signupEmail addressEmail address
Anonymous payment optionsNoneBitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Both VPNs value the privacy of their customers and offer top-notch privacy protocols. They are both based in the US and are not part of any surveillance alliance. The two VPNs don’t keep logs of user activity and VPN connections. They both support anonymous browsing that allows users to browse and stream without comprising their information both IPVanish and Atlas VPN don’t collect, store or share user information with third parties. 

AtlasVPN also offers users to pay anonymously via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. However, IPVanish does not offer such luxury to its customers. 

IPVanish vs Atlas VPN: Customer Service

Customer support
 IPVanish vs Atlas VPNIPVanishAtlas VPN
Live chatYesYes (only with a paid subscription)
Ticket supportYesYes
Email supportYesYes
Phone supportYesNo
Average email response time2 hours 12 minutes45 minutes
Searchable knowledge baseYesYes
Video guidesYesYes

Both IPVanish and AtlasVPN are among the top-ranked VPNs due to their user-friendly interface and cooperative customer service. They both offer 24/7 live chat and also offer ticket and email support. If you contact them via email you will have to wait a while for their response as they have to answer hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Both VPNs also have video guides available that offer step-by-step instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IPVanish free?

No, IPVanish does not have a free version. If you are interested in availing of the services, it has to offer you will have to purchase a subscription plan. 

Does Atlas VPN have a free version?

Yes, Atlas VPN offers a free version. However, it has fewer features as compared to Atlas VPN’s premium versions. 

Are IPVanish and Atlas VPNs safe?

Yes, both VPNs are safe and they use AES 256-bit encryption that provides military-grade protections and is uncrackable.
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