IPVanish is a feature-rich VPN with a no-log policy. Its reliable Fire TV stick app and the fastest file sharing speeds are ideal for torrenting.  Being a user-friendly VPN, it is a great tool to increase online privacy and security.

IPVanish offers a distinct set of functionalities, for instance, you can select your VPN connection to work on your desired Wi-Fi connection and SOCKS5 proxy for all torrenting fans.  Along with it can easily circumvent geo-restrictions, so  you can  enjoy Netflix with ease. So lets a have a look at all the key details in this IPVanish review.

Quick Summary: IPVanish Review

IPVanish is an excellent VPN service that competes with the best in the market. IPVanish offers good value for money, allowing subscribers to use as many devices as possible. With its own server network, it can efficiently unblock US Netflix.  

 With a trustworthy no-log policy, it is the best choice for all Kodi users. The interface of the VPN gives you fine-grained control over your VPN connection.  IPVanish offers high-speed connection and advanced security features for users.

IPVanish Review:  Pros & Cons

Extensive server networkNo VPN browser extension
Advanced security featuresKill switch leaks on macOS
 Efficient masking of IP addressDoesn’t work well in China
Unlimited simultaneous connectionsNo Smart DNS for Apple TV
Excellent VPN for Kodi and Fire TV Stick 
Zero log and no log policy 
Efficiently supports torrenting 
 30-day money back guarantee 

Who should get IPVanish Access?

Access IPVanish if :

  • You want to torrent anonymously. IPVanish has faster P2P speed and private logging policy for secure connection.
  • You want to stream using Kodi. IPVanish no log policy and IP prevention leak is efficient in  for using Kodi.
  • You want a VPN with physical server network. IPVanish is one of the few VPN that uses physical servers for efficient connection.

 Avoid IPVanish if :

  • You have experienced VPN users that require an advanced VPN feature. IPVanish has some of the advanced features, but not all. So it’s preferable to go with VPN with multi-hop and all other functionalities.
  • You want access to restricted streaming content. It doesn’t work well with Amazon Prime Video and some other Netflix libraries.
  • You need to bypass web censorship in geo-restricted countries. IPVanish doesn’t work  at all in China and warns against the use of VPN in censored regions.

IPVanish Key Details

IPVanish Review

For the basic IPVanish VPN review, we have categorized the basic details in the form of table. Below is the detailed  guide in the form of table in this IPVanish review:

Data CapUnlimited
Speed95 Mbps
Data LeaksNo
Logging PolicyNo log policy
JurisdictionUS (Five Eyes Member)
IP addresses40,000
Support24/7 Live chat
Lowest Price$3.33/mo for 2-year plan
Simultaneous Connections6
Works in ChinaYes
US Netflix Yes

IPVanish Features

 IPVanish is compatible with a range of operating systems that includes Mac, iOs, Android, Linux  and various other routers. The is less in terms of connection as well, you can easily share it with other family members without limiting the use of VPN.

Network EncryptionAES-256
Kill switchYes
Split TunnelingYes
IP addressAnonymous and dynamic
DNS featureNo

Is IPVanish good for streaming?

IPVanish Review

The streaming capabilities of IPvanish have improved a lot with time. IPVanish successfully unblocks US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.  However, it does not work at all with Prime Video and HBO Max due to the absence of Smart DNS functionality.

Streaming ServicesWorks with IPVanish
Netflix USYes
Amazon Prime VideoNo
BBC iPlayerYes
Disney +Yes
Hotsor IndiaNo
All 4Yes

IPVanish Unblocks US Netflix and two other regions

 IPVanish connects with US Netflix but the performance is not as good as the other competitors.  The loading time is slow for both the mobile and PC. Users often complain about buffering and lagging video.  In addition to US, IPVanish can effectively unblock Netflix libraries in UK, India and Japan.

Works with all UK streaming Platforms

 Using the IPVanish UK server, one can easily access major streaming services in the UK region.  The quality of streaming along with high speed is the major factor in the preference for BBC iPlayer, ITVX, and All4.  On every single operating system, the stream loading quality is great with little to no buffering.

IPVanish is ideal for torrenting

IPVanish app and its SOCKS5 proxy work exceptionally well for torrenting.  P2P traffic is permitted on all the servers and torrenting speed is faster than the competitor VPNs. P2P traffic is permitted on all the servers while maintaining the fastest connection.

IPVanish manages its own server network and is great for complete user anonymity. Additionally, Vpn does not log user data.

Speed and performance of IPVanish VPN

The WireGuard protocol offers fast connection and the connection speed on every IPVanish server is impressive.  Here’s the detailed speed guide for all the servers in various locations.

Server LocationNo VPN (New York)US(New York)US (Los Angeles)Canada (Toronto)UK(London)Germany (Berlin)Brazil (Sao Paulo)Japan (Tokyo)Australia ( Sydney)
Download Speed100Mbps95Mbps92Mbps96 Mbps91Mbps82 Mbps94 Mbps86Mbps86 Mbps
Upload Speed100 Mbps94 Mbps94 Mbps95 Mbps94 Mbps93 Mbps92 Mbps97Mbps93 Mbps
Ping1ms7 ms71 ms15 ms72 ms84 ms113 ms143 ms213 ms
Distance0 mi5mi25,00 mi300 mi3,500 mi4,000 mi4,800 mi6,700mi9,900 mi

The average speed using IPVanish using the older OpenVPN protocol is slower. With the introduction of the WireGuard protocol, IPVanish is now considered as the top-class VPN in the market.

IPVanish Trustworthy no log policy

 IPVanish is a zero-log VPN service you can easily trust on.  It does not keep your data and browsing history.  The only information it saves is your email address and the payment details. This information is necessary for maintaining the service and it’s the standard practice observed by the majority of the VPNs.

Data type Logged by IPVanish
Browsing dataNo
Device informationNo
DNS queriesNo
 Individual Connection TimestampsNo
Individual bandwidth usageNo
Number of simultaneous connectionsNo
VPN Server IPNo
VPN Server LocationNo
Account InformationYes
Date of Last ConnectionNo

IPVanish Easy to use Interface

 IPVanish VPN has highly configurable applications that are simple to use and has multiple advanced features.  The application on Windows, Android, and iOs uses a similar interface with macOs soon to follow. This VPN service has redesigned the application and removed the extra clutter on the home screen. The redesigned favorite the service providers as they rose to fame due to easy to use application.

IPVanish Plan and Pricing

IPVanish costs a total of $ 10.99 per month, which is slightly greater than the VPN of a similar price range. But this service is for sure a good value for a reasonable amount of money. Surprisingly, IPVanish has reinstated its free trail for the new mobile subscribers. This option is rare among all the other premium VPN options. Lets have a look at the pricing details in this IPVanish review.

Subscription OptionIPVanish
Monthly plan$10.99
Quarterly plan$15.99
Yearly plan$47.88

The payment options that are available for IPVanish are credit cards or Paypal. Both are secure payment options and you can secure anyone of them for the subscription plan.

IPVanish server and Locations

 IPVanish has extensive server coverage of 2,200 servers spread across 53 countries.  This covers most of the regions and provides users to access to US and UK streaming platforms.

RegionsNo of countries
South America5
North America4

Most of the IPVanish servers are in European countries and over 1400 servers are in North America. The choice is limited as only a single server location is in Africa. All the IPVanish servers are physically located in different regions, only with the exception of India.

IPVanish Coupon Codes

IPVanish  Review

Coupon codes are the effective way to gain advantage of this top-tier VPN at a minimal price. No matter where you are currently residing , you can make use of the coupon codes deal available at different affiliate sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IPVanish Vpn a safe option?

IPVanish is the safest option with the military-grade encryption AES-256 and the latest tunneling protocols. With two advanced protocol options that include OpenVPN and WireGuard it effectively masks your IP address.

What is IPVanish used for?

IPVanish allows access to the internet through its encrypted VP tunnel. Your web traffic is encapsulated in unbreakable encryption and routed through VPN servers. You can use IPVanish to access public Wifi and change location to access geo-restricted content.

How much does IPVanish cost?

The Subscription plans of IPVanish start from $2.49 per month for the annual plan.  The price increases if you go for short-term plans. But if you want to test the service first then go for the monthly plan of IPVanish.
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