CyberGhost is one of the top VPN providers. Users prefer CyberGhost over other VPNs due to its excellent security protocols, risk-free usage, speed, and server fleet. With a wide range of servers in its arsenal, it’s no surprise that CyberGhost can bypass any and every geo-restriction and censorship. For you our dearest reader, we have put together a detailed CyberGhost review so that you can decide if it suits your needs or not.

Quick Summary-CyberGhost Review

Rank #4 out of 55 VPNs

CyberGhost was launched in 2011 by Robert Knapp and was later acquired by Kape Technologies in the year 2017. The VPN has more than 9,000+ servers that are scattered in 91 locations. By looking at the server fleet you must have concluded that CyberGhost is capable of unblocking geo-restricted and censored content.

HBO Max isn’t available in your country? No worries just get CyberGhost, choose a suitable server, connect to it, and enjoy. Oh, wait! Did we tell you that it is absolutely risk-free and user-friendly? With military-grade AES-encryption, anonymous browsing, split tunneling and a kill switch, the dedicated VPN makes sure your information and internet activity remains safe and hidden, no matter how bizarre or questionable it might be.

CyberGhost Review: Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
Colossal server fleet Fewer features for Apple users
Unblocks geo-restricted and censored streaming platforms. Only 7 simultaneous connections
Risk-free and user friendly Doesn’t have apps for routers
Accepts cryptocurrency   
Offers free trial and 45-days money back  

Who should get CyberGhost VPN

Get CyberGhost

  • If you want to stream geo-restricted and censored platforms. The VPN will help unblock countless streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube TV.
  • If you want to get past the Great Firewall of China. The VPN has 12 servers in China. If you are a resident of China and want to access the platforms China has geo-restricted, you can use CyberGhost to stream your favorite platforms without the feat of getting monitored by the government. 
  • If you want a VPN that isn’t complex and is easy to use. CyberGhost has a user-friendly interface and is completely risk-free.

Don’t get CyberGhost

  • If you are looking for a free VPN. First of all, a free VPN won’t offer you as many features as CyberGhost does. Moreover, CyberGhost offers various subscription plans that aren’t that expensive, so if you want to gain something you have to lose something. In this case, money.
  • If you are an Apple user. We are not trying to start a debate on Apple vs Android. We love them both equally like a mother loves her firstborn and middle born, but we have to look out for you and warn you that CyberGhost doesn’t work that well on Apple products. 

CyberGhost Review: Key Details

Data Cap Unlimited
Speed 296 Mbps
Servers 9,000+
Data leaks No
Logging policy No logs policy
Jurisdiction Romania
IP Addresses  9000+
Countries 91
Torrenting Yes
Customer support Customer support and email
Money back guarantee Yes, 45 days money back 
Simultaneous connections 7

CyberGhost Review: Services

Perfect for streaming

CyberGhost offers specialized servers for streaming. Every CyberGhost server is fast and streaming optimized. With about 9,000+ servers around the world, unblocking censored geo-blocked streaming platforms is no big deal for CyberGhost. Let’s take a look at the streaming platforms that CyberGhost helped us unblock.

CyberGhost Review: Streaming Platforms Does CyberGhost work?
Hulu Yes
Netflix Yes
Disney+ Yes
Amazon Prime Video Yes
Apple TV Yes
YouTube TV Yes
HBO Max Yes
BBC iPlayer Yes

Unblocking Netflix

You got to admit the US Netflix library is vast and elite. CyberGhost helped us unblock the US Netflix on the first try without any problems. Plus, the streaming was smooth and lag-free. Not once did we see the buffering icon on our screens. It will also facilitate you in unblocking Netflix in other countries efficiently. 

Netflix CyberGhost Unblocked? Fast speed?
US Yes Yes
UK Yes Yes
France Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Finland  Yes Yes
Japan Yes Average
Germany Yes Yes
India Yes Yes
Brazil Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Australia Yes Yes

Unblocking other streaming platforms

We also tried unblocking Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video, and others. Of course, the VPN worked like a charm and we were able to access all these platforms without a hassle. The streaming was smooth and epic without lags, buffering, or frozen screens. 

All in all, CyberGhost proved to be an ideal VPN for unblocking geo-restricted streaming platforms. Don’t trust us? Try it for yourself. 

CyberGhost Review: Perfect for Torrenting

Through our extensive research, it was found that CyberGhost is the perfect VPN for torrenting. It gives users the protection they need all the while giving them lightning-fast download speed. It provides users with specialized servers for P2P file sharing.

 Region Baseline speed Torrent server speed % drop from base
Russia 100Mbps 88Mbps 12%
UK 100Mbps 88Mbps 12%
Japan 100Mbps 82Mbps 18%
Australia 100Mbps 79Mbps 21%

CyberGhost Review: Security and Privacy

CyberGhost offers some of the best security and privacy protocols. You won’t have to worry about hackers or data leakage while using it. 

No-logs Policy

The VPN has a strict no-logs policy. It doesn’t store or share user-sensitive data. CyberGhost facilitates anonymous browsing without keeping tabs on your internet activity and VPN connections.

Data Type Logged by CyberGhost
Browsing Activity No 
Device Information No 
Individual Bandwidth usage Yes 
Individual Connection No 
Timestamps No 
DNS Queries No
Originating IP Address No
VPN Server Location Yes 
VPN Server IP No 
Account information Yes 
Data of last connection Yes 
Number of simultaneous connections No 

Anonymous Browsing

CyberGhost is a strong advocate of anonymity and privacy. The VPN allows its users the freedom to browse anonymously. It also masks users’ IP addresses and encrypts internet traffic to fend off hackers, snoopers, trackers, and other malware.  

A Perfect Combination of Speed and Security

CyberGhost is a fast and secure VPN. It protects its users from all kinds of risks via state-of-the-art protocols like IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN. You can even use public Wi-Fi without jeopardizing your safety because CyberGhost will protect you from hackers and all kinds of malware. 

Fast Servers

Every server of CyberGhost offers speedy connections and is streaming optimized. You can connect to any server of your choice and still get high speed. You won’t have any complaints about server speeds when you’ll use CyberGhost. Stream any platform you want or download content from Torrentz, CyberGhost will not disappoint you.

Server Download  Upload  Ping
Romania – starting 88.95 Mbps  92.70 Mbps  36 ms
USA – New York 56.90 Mbps 71.73 Mbps 211 ms
USA – Los Angeles 39.47 Mbps 71.38 Mbps 344 ms
Canada – Montreal 57.98 Mbps 74.39 Mbps 231 ms
Mexico 55.89 Mbps 59.39 Mbps 281 ms
Brazil – Sao Paulo 55.27 Mbps 59.86 Mbps 287 ms
Australia – Sydney 47.76 Mbps 45.77 Mbps 550 ms
UK – London 64.36 Mbps 83.25 Mbps 73 ms
France – Paris 55.86 Mbps 81.84 Mbps 71 ms
Germany – Berlin 55.10 Mbps 77.37 Mbps 84 ms
India – Mumbai 44.07 Mbps 59.87 Mbps 333 ms
Japan – Tokyo 46.20 Mbps 53.54 Mbps 493 ms
Average 52.62 Mbps 67.12 Mbps 268.90 ms

CyberGhost Review: Subscription Plans and Pricing

CyberGhost offers users three plans to choose from. you can either pick the monthly plan that costs $12.99 per month, the 6-month plan that costs $6.99 per month or the annual plan, which is the most economic plan and costs $2.19 per month.

Plan Price/month
Monthly plan $12.99
6-month plan $6.99
Annual plan $2.19

CyberGhost Review: Servers

CyberGhost has a whopping 9,000+ servers in 63+ locations. Users are given a vast library of servers to choose from and each server is safe, fast and streaming optimized. 

Region Number of Countries Number of Servers Type of Server
Europe 46 6192 P2P Optimized
Oceana 2 226 P2P Optimized
Asia  26 857 P2P Optimized
North America 3 1894 P2P Optimized
Central America 2 39 P2P Optimized
South America  5 174 P2P Optimized
Caribbean 1 35 P2P Optimized
Africa 6 142 P2P Optimized

CyberGhost Review by Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CyberGhost free?

No, CyberGhost is not free, and you have to choose a subscription plan if you want to avail its features. It is however cheaper as compared to some other top-ranking VPNs.

Does CyberGhost work in China?

Yes, CyberGhost works in China. It offers about 12 fast and streaming optimized servers in China.

Can I stream Hulu with CyberGhost?

Yes, you can stream Hulu easily with CyberGhost without lags and buffering. To stream Hulu you can connect to a server in US.
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