In the past few years, the risk and regulation related to torrenting have increased significantly. As torrenting is a fast process to download large files and anyone who know your IP address can track the information you downloaded.  Moreover, downloading copyright-infringing files can lead to legal issues and result in restrictions on your online freedom.

 If your ISP knows that you do P2P downloads, they even slow down the network connection or prohibit you from using P2P downloads.  Fret not, you can easily download large files anonymously by using the best VPNs for torrenting. Moreover ,the best VPNs for torrenting will keep your data secure and private while also maintaining a reliable and fast connection.

How to choose the best VPNs for torrenting in 2024?

VPNs usually work well with streaming platforms but finding the best VPNs for torrenting is an arduous task. There are several key factors that are worth considering when choosing the best VPN services in 2024:

Check the Torrenting Policy

Not all the VPNs show optimal performance for torrenting but those who claim that they work for torrenting are the best ones. There are typically 3 different scenarios for VPN Providers: some companies explicitly allow torrenting, some companies don’t mention it in their policy and the rest have clearly stated a no torrenting policy. And in case the VPN Provider does not address it in the torrenting policy, refer to their customer support or look for information in the FAQ section.

Check the provider’s logging policy

Among all the key factors it is important to check the company’s logging policy.  Some trustworthy companies have strict no-logging policies while some only save connection logs that are harmless. Activity and usage logs must be avoided as they contain all the browsing history, downloaded files, location, and much more.  

Check the speed of VPN providers

For the best P2P file-sharing experience, it is important to check the speed of VPN. A fast and secure connection is necessary to download large files.  Through the P2P speed test, you can easily check the VPN speed for torrenting and choose the one that suits your needs.

Apart from these, VPN encryption protocols, the number of servers, and kill switch are important factors to keep in mind while selecting the viable VPN option for torrenting.  Preferably the jurisdiction should be outside the US along with 5,9 and 14 Eyes.

Best VPNs for Torrenting

As you have looked for what to look out for in a torrent VPN, here’s the list of the best  5 VPNs on the market today and why they are the best ones.

Charting the Best VPNs for Torrenting

Best VPNs for TorrentingPriceNumber of serversP2P supportSecurity featuresSpeedMoney-back guarantee
ExpressVPN$12.95/month3,000+Yes256-bit encryption, kill switch, split tunnelingFast30 days
NordVPN$11.95/month5,500+Yes256-bit encryption, kill switch, double VPNFast30 days
Surfshark$12.95/month3,200+Yes256-bit encryption, kill switch, split tunnelingFast30 days
Norton Secure VPN$7.99/month3,000+Yes256-bit encryption, kill switchSlow7 days
CyberGhost$12.99/month7,700+Yes256-bit encryption, kill switch, split tunnelingFast45 days

1. ExpressVPN– Ultra fast for torrenting and P2P file share

  • Kill Switch for complete anonymity
  • Easy-to-use applications
  • 100% Anonymous

ExpressVPN is a worthy choice among the best VPNs for torrenting and P2P file sharing on all servers globally. This VPN provider provides all-around benefits from high-level security to restriction-free torrenting.  As the Von is based in British Virgin Island so they are safe from the major surveillance alliances that force companies to abdicate information from all the users.

ExpressVPN has a large fleet of servers across 94 countries in the globe.  The entire network utilizes RAM-only servers for user confidentially under all situations.  Although the VPN gets a bit sticky when comes to pricing and the standard plan starts at $6.67 per month.  Not only you can use this VPN with 5 simultaneous devices but can also connect to router.

2. NordVPN – Large Server fleet for Anonymous torrenting

  • One of the robust encryption levels
  •  Large fleet of servers in 59 countries
  •  Strict no logging policy

NordVPN tops most VPN wish list with its advanced features and functionalities. Along with streaming, it is regarded as one of the best VPNs for torrenting as well. NordVPN has specialized servers for P2P support and offers ultra-fast speed and connection among the rest of the VPNs.  Based in Panama,  the VPN  has strict no active logging policy requirements.  

NordVPN works on NordLynx protocol which means it’s the best VPN for torrenting as it retains 90% of the baseline speed.  Moreover, it also allows the use of Tor over VPN, which adds an additional layer of security for the VPN. You will also get automatic kill switch that instantly shut down the torrenting activity when your VPN connection is not stable.

3. Surfshark– Optimized security for Torrenting

  •  Customizable encryption methods
  •  Dedicated P2P servers
  •  Split tunneling functionality

Surfshark is an amazing amalgamation of performance and affordability and is regarded as the best budget-friendly VPN. This VPN provider ensures fast and safe torrenting experience. This VPN is comparatively easy to use with no bandwidth and simultaneous connection limit. Moreover, Surfshark allows switching between AES-256 GCM  and Chacha20Poly1305  encryption ciphers that provide the highest level of security.  

With a fleet of  3200+ servers in 100 countries, Surfshark allows torrenting on any of the server with ease. All of its servers run on RAM-only hardware which means no logs are saved.  Surfshark includes the advanced tunneling protocol with which the torrenting rate will remain solid.   On top of that, it also offers DNS leak protection along with a kill switch.

4. Norton Secure VPN-Reliable security and speedy torrenting

  • Dedicated P2P servers
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Reliable Kill switch and Adblocker

 Although Norton VPN does not have the largest server fleet but it also has P2P-friendly servers for reliable torrenting. The robust security features make it a viable option for torrenting. Like all the top-rated VPNs it includes the next-gen AES-256 encryption for complete anonymity. Even though the company is based in the US, it still has a strict no-log policy to collect its data for any ulterior purposes.   

Although few P2P servers are available but they work well for torrenting. Norton VPN has an added functionality of adblockers to ensure that you won’t click on click baits and malicious links.  In this way you can keep your PC and mobile safe from malicious content.  Being an inexpensive VPN, the pricing starts from $2.50 per month with 10 simultaneous connections.

5. CyberGhost – Feature-rich P2P VPN

  • Safe and secure Public Wi-Fi connection
  •  Surf the internet at an ultra-fast speed
  • Dedicated IP option

 CyberGhost is a great choice that puts privacy at the forefront and shows optimal performance for regular torrenting. The key privacy features that are offered by this VPN are a kill switch, DNS, and IP leak protection along with multiple secure protocols.  The massive fleet of servers are specialized for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

CyberGhost believes that you have the right to protect your digital privacy hence it’s a strong choice for P2P enthusiasts.  With WireGuard tunneling protocol, the connection is stable and the speed is relatively faster. Moreover, as being the viable option among the best VPNs for torrenting it offers reasonable pricing and won’t break the bank to protect your privacy. For CyberGhost you get a subscription as less as $2.19 per month.

Comparison of the Torrenting Policies

For the ease of users here’s the quick overview of the best VPNs for torrenting in terms of logging and torrenting

VPNTorrenting SupportLogging Policy
ExpressVPNYes, dedicated P2P serversStrict no-logs policy
NordVPNYes, dedicated P2P serversStrict no-logs policy
SurfsharkYes, dedicated P2P serversStrict no-logs policy
Norton Secure VPNYes, dedicated P2P serversNo logs policy (except for timestamps and connection start/stop times)
CyberGhostYes, dedicated P2P serversNo logs policy (except for connection timestamps)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VPNs really work well for torrenting?

All the top-rated VPNs encrypt your web traffic which includes BitTorrent activity as well.  Specifically, the VPNs that have dedicated P2P servers can efficiently help in safe and secure torrenting.

 In which countries torrenting is legal?

Torrenting is legal in a few countries that include Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, and Switzerland.  And among all these Mexico is regarded as the best VPN location for torrenting.

Does a VPN slow down the torrenting?

Yes, to some extent it slows down the download speed. VPN sends your encrypted data to another server and mask your IP Address so between all these process the speed hinders.
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