Being a highly censored country, people in Russia face discrimination for publicly expressing their viewpoints and accessing the content of various websites.  Internet censorship has prohibited people from accessing all online and offline activities.  Although its not legal to use VPN in Russia only the best ones show optimal performance there.

 The best VPNs for Russia lets you gain access to your favorite streaming channels and save you from all the prying eyes.  In this blog, we will cover the best VPNs for Russia based on server and bypassing capabilities. We will get into the major details of each VPN so it’s easy for you to make well-informed decisions.  Read on to find the top VPN to bypass geo-blocks in Russia.

Summary – Best VPNs for Russia

  • NordVPN- Double VPN that routes your web traffic through two servers to increase your privacy in Russia.   Huge fleet of servers with fast connections therefore best all-around for Russia.
  • Private VPN- Stealth mode to bypass geo restrictions along with firewalls to access global content from Russia. Reasonable pricing for Russian citizens
  • ExpressVPN- Top-level security and privacy features and accepts Russian payments including Qiwi, YooMoney, and WebMoney.
  • Surfshark – Boast security and privacy protection at a minimal price in Russia.  Servers in 100+ countries with no connection limits.
  • CyberGhost – Beginner-friendly and no-log policy VPN  with streaming and torrenting optimized serversPlus it also offers virtual servers for Russian IP address

Comparison of the Best VPNs for Russia

Best VPNs for RussiaNumber of Servers in RussiaServer LocationsSecurity FeaturesSpeedPrice
NordVPN7,00059 countries256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, double VPNFast$11.95/month
PrivateVPN20063 countries256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionGood$7.99/month
ExpressVPN3,00094 countries256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionFast$12.95/month
Surfshark3,20065 countries256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, unlimited simultaneous connectionsFast$2.49/month
CyberGhost7,70091 countries256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, ad blocker, malware protectionGood$4.99/month

How we selected the best VPNs for Russia?

As there are plenty of VPN options available in the market but it’s quite hard to decide which one best suit your needs.  For this reason, we have selected the best VPNs for Russia based on the following criteria:

Servers and Locations

We have only selected those VPNs that offer the largest fleet of servers across various countries. In this way, you can easily change your Russian IP address and mask it with the IP address of other countries.   If one server does not offer ultra-fast speed you can change some other to stabilize your connection along with speed. The best VPNs for Russia offers blazing fast speed along with stable connection.

Advanced security

 The top VPNS use high-grade encryption AES-256 bit to secure your connection along with no-log policy.  Thus this makes sure that your web data is inaccessible to third parties. Moreover, premium VPNs that are selected have additional features like kill switch DNS leak protection to completely secure your data.


We have preferred those VPNs that provide safe access to the web no matter where you are.   The best VPNs for Russia are compatible with renowned desktop and mobile devices such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Unblock streaming sites

 Due to high level of censorship and internet restrictions, only a few options work best for Russia. The ones that are inculcated in the list of best VPNs for Russia can efficiently surpass geo-blocks and let you stream your favorite sports or movies.

Cryptocurrency payments

Most of the selected VPNs among the best VPNs for Russia accepts payment in cryptocurrencies. So in this way, you can easily pay  all your subscription charges using alternative or Bitcoins.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN- best VPNs for Russia
 Best for Beating Government Censorship in Russia
Operating SystemPC, Windows, Linux, FireTV, Android, Mac, iOs
Activity LogsNo
Simultaneous Connections6
 Best Deal$3.29/mo

NordVPN is the top pick for Russian users with large fleet of servers to protect privacy in Russia  as compared to the other VPNs.  In addition, it offers strong security features to protect the privacy and anonymity of Russian users.   The VPN provider operates on RAM-only servers with independent no-log policy and lets you choose between NordLynx and OpenVPN protocol.

All the subscription packages of NordVPN offers complete security suite that includes Threat protection to shield all the the malicious content.  Moreover, it serves as an excellent security buffer and completely protects you from government surveillance in Russia.   You can give one of the popular VPN among best VPNs for Russia a try as it offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Private VPN

Private VPN - Best VPNs for Russia
  Private VPN
 Best for Stealth mode  mask your data as it’s a regular Internet traffic
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOs,  Routers
Activity LogsNo
Simultaneous Connections10
 Best Deal$2.00 /mo

Private VPN  has a robust stealth mode that can easily bypass  VPN blocks and firewalls for a secure connection.  It is not as fast as the other top competitors but it shows peak performance with its unblocking capabilities.  It offers VPN servers in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia for reliable speed in Russia.  Being in the list of the best VPNs for Russia, it offers kill switch, AES-256 encryption with protection against IP and DNS leaks.

Despite being based in Sweden, it abides by the strict no-log policy which helps  in safeguarding your online liberties in  Russia.  You can try  7day free  trial and even if you opt for long-term plans you can get 30-day money-back guarantee. In brief, it’s an excellent choice for Russia in terms of security , performance and simplicity.

3. ExpressVPN

 Best forAutomatic obfuscation if it detects deep packet inspection
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS,  Routers, Smart TVs
Activity LogsNo
Simultaneous Connections5
 Best Deal$6.67/mo

ExpressVPN is a versatile VPN option that lets you browse the web with ease.  With a  huge server fleet it’s great for security and entertainment in Russia .  The VPN is independently audited and runs on RAM-only servers and provides safe tunneling protocols like Lightway and Open RAM.  Moreover, it has stealth servers that obfuscate your VPN connection. You can easily setup ExpressVPN on multiple devices for a secure VPN connection.

 One of the great aspects of ExpressVPN is its performance. It offers 10+ Gbps speed for a safe and stable connection which lets you access US Netflix with no buffering and lagging.  To watch all the great blockbuster and series on BBC iPlayer, Hulu and other streaming sites, you make use use of this Vpn in Russia.  Although its on the pricier side , but overall the media streamer feature of this best VPNs for Russia enhances your streaming experience.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark-  best Vpns for Russia
 Best for Privacy and stable connection as it have severs in neighboring countries of Russia
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOs
Activity LogsNo
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited
 Best Deal$2.49 /mo

 Surfshark is a viable VPN provider that places strong importance on security and privacy of users in Russia. It has servers in neighboring countries of Russia to offer blazing-fast speed.  When torrenting or browsing online, you don’t have to face buffering and lagging.  This service does not limit the number of devices so your whole family can enjoy VPN access in a single subscription cost.  Surfshark is fully packed with security features that include kill switch and also offers protection against IP and DNS leaks.

With the NoBorders feature, you can easily bypass strict country-wide blocking in Russia and surf the web with ease.   The VPN stands tall among others and offers “camouflage mode” to protect data tracking by ISP and protect yourself from Russian censorship laws. This VPN provider does not log any information and you can also pay in cryptocurrency for additional privacy.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost- Best VPNs for Russia
 Best for  Virtual servers that provide you Russian IP address along with secure access to local servers
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOs, Router, Smart TV , Amazon Fire TV Stick
Activity LogsNo
Simultaneous Connections7
 Best Deal$2.19 /mo

CyberGhost is a decent VPN provider that offers solid security. It has AES-256-bit encryption and robust VPN protocols to keep you safe from snoopers and Russian authorities.  The VPN  includes specialized servers for complete anonymity for an added layer of privacy. Anonymity servers efficiently disguise your IP address so that no one can trace your private data.

 With unlimited bandwidth, you can gain access to major streaming sites that include Netflix , Hulu , BBC iPlayer. Along with streaming, it works well for torrenting on its optimized servers.  Moreover, CyberGhost is an inexpensive service that costs you nearly $2.25 per month on a long-term three-year plan.  ON long terms plans, CyberGhost offers a money back guarantee of  45 days.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN is best for gaining access to social media sites in Russia?

VPN completely encrypts your web traffic and lets you bypass internet censorship so can gain access to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.  So for unblocking social media , ExpressVPN is among the best VPNs for Russia due to its speed and robust encryption.

 How to use the best VPN in Russia ?

 As the overall top pick for Russia is NordVPN  so can access the VPN   in these simple steps:
1.Go to website of NordVPN and choose the desired subscription plan
2. Enter the required details and pay for the VPN services
3. Download the .exe files and open it
 4. Afterwards allow the app to make changes to your device
 5. Follow the complete installation instructions
 6. Log into your account and pick your desired server
7.  Voila! You have successfully logged in for NordVPN

Can free VPNs be used in Russia?

Yes, you can use a free VPN in Russia but it’s always a good option to opt for freemium VPN to gain access to streaming sites and get safe browsing experience in Russia.  Even the premium VPNs offer free trials and a 30-day money-back guarantee for long-term subscriptions.  

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