Apple is known for the best security practices but that does not mean that it protects all your data. So, if you are a Mac user, you might need an additional layer of security to protect all your information. Apple has strived hard to make Mac more secure but to form a stable connection with mac and the internet, VPN is mandatory.  Mac does not prevent your ISP from collecting your IP address but the best VPNs for Mac does.

Selecting the best Mac VPN is an arduous process, as there are a number of factors to assess before coming to one final decision. And in this case, Mac users are used to the clean, intuitive interface with a well-organized set of digital tools therefore the usability of VPN matters a lot. Let’s dig deeper and find the best VPN  that complements macOS machines.

 Summary- Best VPNs for Mac

  • NordVPN – Best and Fastest Mac VPN
  • Surfshark – Affordable Mac VPN with unlimited device connection
  • ExpressVPN – Privacy-focused VPN for MacBook
  • IPVanish – Security Guarantee VPN for Mac users
  • Private Internet Access- Enormous network macOS VPN

Charting the best VPNs for Mac

Best VPNs for MacPriceNumber of serversSecurity featuresSpeed
NordVPN$3.49/month5,500+ servers in 60 countriesStrong encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protection, double VPNVery fast
Surfshark$2.49/month3,200+ servers in 65 countriesStrong encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionFast
ExpressVPN$6.67/month3,000+ servers in 94 countriesStrong encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionVery fast
IPVanish$3.99/month2,000+ servers in 75 countriesStrong encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionFast
Private Internet Access (PIA)$11.95/month10,000+ servers in 84 countriesStrong encryption, kill switch, DNS leak protectionFast

What makes the best VPNs for Mac?

Choosing the best VPN for Mac is entirely dependent on the need and preferences of users.  There are multiple reasons to choose VPN whether it’s for streaming, torrenting, or staying secure online. for novices and experienced VPN users, here’s what makes the best VPN for Mac:

macOS app functionality

Not everything that works well on Android can show optimal performance on Mac. Some applications are not well developed for Mac and therefore offer fewer features or have connection issues. Therefore, it is important to select VPN that is primarily designed for the macOS app.

Apple media service unblocking

Having a VPN  with a large server fleet can easily bypass restrictions of Apple media service.  A good VPN for macOS can unblock Apple TV  for Chinese users. 

 Zero logging policy

Mac devices like other device is not safe from ISP monitoring and surveillance of the government, so a VPN provider with a clear no-logs policy is important. Also it is better if the privacy policy is audited by an independent firm.

Robust security features

The best VPNs for Mac have industry-standard encryption AES-256  to ensure unbreakable data encryption.  Moreover, a kill switch can protect your data from leaking even if the internet connection drops.

High-speed retention

MacOS devices are fast and provide a smooth user experience. VPNs potentially decrease the browsing speed but it’s important to choose VPN that retains a high-speed percentage.

Geo-restriction bypassing capabilities

Some VPNs among the list of best VPNs for Mac have streaming-optimized servers with a large server network to bypass geo-blocks. For all those who want to watch streaming content in high resolution, Such VPNs are a must-have. In this way,  unblocking global libraries on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max is comparatively easier.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - best VPNs for Mac
Extra security featuresApps are a little clunky
 Lots of extensions 
Loads of servers 
Impressive WireGuard speed 

NordVPN is the best-known VPN service in the market and is at the top of list for all Mac users.  This VPN is comparatively easy to use with more up-to-date features.  With powerful encryption and various protocols, it delivers exceptional speed. It has a large server fleet so you don’t have to figure out which server to choose and can easily click on the “Quick connect” feature. This feature will form an immediate connection with the server that is best suitable for your needs and preferences. Additionally for unrivaled privacy, the  distinct “ Onion over VPN”  routes you through the Tor network. NordVPN gained the top spot among the best VPNs for Mac with its ultra fast speed.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark- best VPNs for Mac
Low subscription costKill switch cannot be customized
Data breach alerts 
Strict no log policy 
Impressive speed with WireGuard protocol 

 SurfShark is a great-value VPN that offers advanced features in a minimal price range.  The application is comparatively easy to use and have strong unblock capabilities.  The connection speed is remarkable with WireGuard protocol to deliver ultra-fast speed.  You won’t notice any buffering or lagging until the WireGuard protocol is connected.  With advancements in the service, the company has upgraded all its servers to run entirely on RAM. Being run from Netherlands, it is a privacy-friendly option  for secure connection on Mac.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN-  best VPNs for Mac
Audited no logs High subscription cost
Unblocks a range of streaming sites 
Split tunneling for macOS apps 
24/7 Customer Support 

ExpressVPN is one of the greatest VPN services you can trust on as a Mac user.  This VPN is a complete package with all contemporary functionalities that include an effective kill switch and impressive device supportThe split tunneling feature is readily available for app-by-app protection for macOS.  ExpressVPN has set an example for other VPNs with its high-level security.  

Being in the list of best VPNs for Mac it has RAM Based servers along with solid device and tech support.  The Lightway protocol efficiently increases its speed but as it’s open-source so other services can make use of it.

4. IPVanish

IPVanisH- best VPNs for Mac
 Unblocks various streaming giants Subscription cost raises every year
Great performance 
 Best-in-class cloud storage option 
Connection automatization option 

IPVanish is a viable option for Mac with fast speed, special customization options, and advanced security features. Like all the reputable VPN options in the market, it offers a functional kill switch.  This on-demand feature lets you customize your Mac to automate VPN connections especially when connected to public Wifi. 

With fast speed of this VPN among the best VPNs for Mac, you will be able to access geo-restricted content without buffering. Although the Mac application is quite old school but it provides all the essential VPN functionalities.  The application with simple interface can be easily used by beginners to stream content worldwide.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access -  best VPNs for Mac
Good for advanced VPN users Average speed
Lots of customization optionsBased in 5-Eyes country
 Dedicated streaming servers to unblock content 
24/7 availability of customer support 

Private Internet Access is the one of those VPNs with proven no-log claims in the court. PIA offers all the advanced functionalities to facilitate tech-savvy users. On Mac, it’s easier to unblock your favorite show with PIA. Through dedicated streaming servers, you can access to more IPs for stable connection.  PIA has a comprehensive search engine that allows you to completely sort the servers alphabetically depending on their latency.  The split tunneling feature in the macOS application allows you to use VPN with specific applications. Moreover, this VPN restricts the bandwidth and  offers good speed for streaming and browsing.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 How does a Mac VPN work?

Mac VPN   encrypts all your web traffic and routes it through remote server.  This makes it hard for cybercriminals to track your online activity.  VPN efficiently masks your IP address and prevents the website from tracking your IP address.

How to maintain fast speed with Mac VPN?

Essentially, the best VPNs provide fast download and upload speed.  The download speed is almost  50 Mbps and the upload speed is approximately 20 Mbps. This speed is sufficient for a range of online activities including streaming and torrenting.  To maintain steady speed consider the following factors:
1. Choose VPN with range of servers
2. Connect to nearby server
3. Use VPN with robust WireGuard protocol
4. Check your Internet base speed

What is the top-rated Mac VPN?

Overall, NordVPN is the best VPN among all others when it comes to Mac. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then SurfShark is a comparable service.
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