US is a part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance; therefore, privacy is of crucial importance.  As citizens are under strict surveillance of the government therefore the use of VPNs is in incredibly high demand. The top-tier VPN can encrypt all your web traffic and make it inaccessible for ISP surveillance.  In addition, VPN for US unblocks various streaming sites and bypasses a lot of geo-restrictions.

While it’s clear that even the best VPNs cannot solve all the cyber issues in this digital world but can minimize them to a greater extent.  From evading ISP blocks to accessing streaming sites, a VPN does all for you.  Furthermore, VPN service in USA is a viable way to access the content you already pay for in your home country.  Let’s dive deep in and explore the Best US VPNs in terms of server fleet,  unblocking capabilities, speed, privacy, and all other important elements.  

 Overview- Best US VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN– Best US VPNs in terms of speed, security, and privacy. Unblocks geo-restricted content with ease and provides 24/7 customer support.
  2. NordVPN- Top pick for US with vast global network of servers.  Offers great speed with robust security along with 30 -day money-back guarantee.
  3. SurfShark- Great Value for money especially in countries like US.  Offers unlimited simultaneous connections, and strong security with servers in 100+ countries.
  4. IPVanish – Feature-rich us VPN with a strict no-log policy.  Customizable kill switch, secure encryption with excellent unblocking capabilities.
  5. CyberGhost – Fast, beginner-friendly best US VPNs that is reliable all around the globe. Unblocks popular streaming sites with optimized servers .

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN- Best US VPNs

ExpressVPN gained the top spot among the best US VPNs that is a complete package of everything. With user-friendly desktop and mobile applications with advanced features, it is an excellent Premium VPN for USA. With a grand total of 3000 servers in 94 countries, it is an excellent option for Netflix binge. If anything goes wrong the 24/7  availability of customer support makes it easy to help you out.

 The overall connection speed in the US is good with an average connection of 100 Mbps.  As it provides credible US IP addresses so the information remains undetectable to hackers and snoopers.  The  peak level performance is due to the availability of 23 US VPN servers for a stable connection.  With ExpressVPN, you can easily stream content on  Netflix, Peacock, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Peacock, and more.  Whatever you are into and wherever you are, you can access the content with just few clicks with the help of ExpressVPN.

Features ExpressVPN
 Number of servers 3000+
Server locations 160
Streaming sites unblocked Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, BBC iPlayer
Simultaneous connections 5
Compatible with  Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, Linux

2. NordVPN

NordVPN-Best US VPNs

NordVPN is for sure a great shout if you are looking for the best US VPNs.  With more than 1970 servers in 15 American cities, it offers optimal performance and stable connection. NordVPN being the top-tier option in the market is more focused on security features like AES-256 encryption and class-leading DNS protection.  The benefits do not end here but it also provides kill switch, Double VPN, and Onion over VPN for safe web browsing.

NordVPN will let you stream a range of content that includes Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon which is its greatest selling point. Good Performance is the utmost priority for US VPN and NordVPN does exceptionally well in terms of speed and overall performance. This Vpn is inculcated in the best US VPNs as it have its own properiatry, NordLynx protocol tat ensure that the connection is stable and it keeps no log of user traffic or connection metadata.

Features NordVPN
 Number of servers 5,500
Server locations 80+
Streaming sites unblocked Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, YouTube,
Simultaneous connections 6
Compatible with Windows, Mac , iOs, Linux, Android

3. SurfShark


Although the VPN is comparatively new to the market, Surf Shark shows top performance with unbeatable value.   For easy access of users, the application interface makes it easy to access any server.  Surfshark is a great pick for us in terms of device connections and availability of servers. Solely it has 600+ servers in 25+ locations in the US  that include NewYork, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles , Las Vegas and many more.

Over the years, the VPN service has strived hard to increase its connection speed.  It has great unblocking capabilities and is regarded as Nest US VPN to access Netflix, iPlayer, Peacock, YouTube TV, and Amazon among many others.  With its incredible feat and reasonable pricing, it shows solid performance and is inculcated in the list of best US VPNs.

Features SurfShark
 Number of servers 3200+
Server locations 100+
Streaming sites unblocked Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon
Simultaneous connections Unlimited
Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOs, Linux, Android

4. IPVanish

IPVanish- Best US VPNs

IPVanish is feature rich VPN option among the best US VPNs with servers in 20 locations all across the US.  The range of servers in US exceeds more than 1200  in prime locations of Las Vegas, New York,  Phoenix and many others to guarantee privacy.  This VPN does not log any of your online activities, and only necessary information like email and payment method is saved. The privacy features of IPVanish include a customizable kill switch and military-grade AES-256 encryption. Moreover, the on-demand feature provides a connection to VPN while connecting with public Wifi.

IPVanish offers  2200 servers in 52 countries and successfully bypasses geo-restrictions for almost all streaming platforms. With WireGuard tunneling protocol it offers fast P2P connections for browsing, streaming, and torrenting.  The subscriptions of IPVanish are at a reasonable cost starting from $3.33 per month.

Features IPVanish
 Number of servers 2200
Server locations 52
Streaming sites unblocked Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon
Simultaneous connections Unlimited
Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS , Android

5. CyberGhost


CyberGhost offers a diverse selection of privacy and security features to choose from the best US VPNs. The total number of servers exceeds 1400  in US and is spread across 11 States.  The servers are widely spread across the US  in states like Las Vegas, New York, Seattle, and Atlanta among many others. This VPN provider provides specialized servers for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. The good aspect is that  it is based in Romania and is not affected by the 14-Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance and other data retention laws.

The NoSpy servers offer great performance and full P2P  connection support for additional privacy.  Plus to offer safe browsing experience, the advanced AES-256 encryption and no log policy are independently audited to offer safe browsing experience. This VPN service can unblock various streaming sites  that includes Amazon Prime Video , Netflix, Hulu and  much more. It is important to mention here that being one of the best US VPNs it works well for  all Operating system but lack some features for iOS.

Features CyberGhost
 Number of servers 9438
Server locations 91
Streaming sites unblocked Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Max, Disney+
Simultaneous connections 7
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Amazon FireTV stick, iOs

What is the criteria of the best US VPNs?

First and foremost, a US VPN should provide excellent speed with high-level privacy.  The in-depth research and detailed analysis help us select the best US VPNs. Here are the criteria that is used to select the best VPN services:

  • Servers in US– It is important to have various server options in the US to choose from. In case one does not work for streaming, you can opt for another option to secure a fast and stable connection.
  • Speed–  fast speed is crucial for an overall good streaming experience. No one wants to watch their favorite show or tournament with buffering and lagging. Different protocols are seperately tested to check the speed of VPN for streaming and torrenting.  
  • Security and Privacy– For a VPN to become credible enough in the market, it should offer robust security.  For ultimate privacy advanced features like kill switch, robust encryption, no log policy is important.  To shortlist the best VPNs in UK, we have emphasized the no-log policy and military-grade encryption for safe access.
  • Great for streaming–   The amount of content you can access through a VPN also adds to its credibility. The best US VPNs in our list can get around the geo-restriction of streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and much more. So, no matter where you are currently residing you will be able to watch the best in class US content.  
  • Customer Support– Good customer support with all the above benefits is the cherry on top.  For all those who need tech support from time to time. The best US VPNs offer either live support so that you always have helpful resources at hand.
  • Price – Pricing plays an important role in selection if you are considering VPN for the long term.  The VPNs in the list offer great value for money in terms of features and services.
  • Reputation– The best US VPNs are credible enough to offer the best security practices. Thus, any providers that have issues like security breaches are not included in the list.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN has most of US servers?

NordVPN has a range of servers in the US and is located in prime locations in the US. Although being the best US VPNs the provider does not disclose the location of all of its servers but the number of servers solely in US is 2000.

Which USA VPNs are free?

Although the options for free best US VPNs are available but they offer limited data limits and includes the following:
1. Windscribe
2. Proton VPN
3. PrivadoVPN

 Why do I need US VPN?

US is a hub for quality entertainment content for the English-speaking world. No matter if you want to stream your favorite Netflix library or are eager to watch your favorite sports , the best US VPN works best for all use cases.  So to keep all your web information safe and secure, a good US VPN is a must.
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