Online privacy is one of the integral concerns of all internet users.  And the first step towards digital privacy is picking up the best anonymous VPN service.  By changing your IP address and encrypting your web traffic, VPN offers an easy way to protect your data.  But not all the VPNs are as private as they are depicted.  The top-tier VPN with zero log policy and does not collect or sell any identifiable information.

 So for all those who are looking for ways to stay anonymous, we have listed down the top 5 providers who offer the anonymous VPN experience.  After thorough analysis of the privacy policies, kill switch, and other features we compiled to list of best no-log VPNs.

Summary- Best Anonymous VPN Services

  • ExpressVPN – The most private VPN on the web.  Accepts Bitcoin payment and have a strict no-log policy
  • NordVPN – The best value VPN to stay private.  Extremely secure applications with clear zero log policy
  • Atlas VPN- Audited no-log VPN. Military-grade encryption, advanced tools and a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Private Internet Access – The most secure anonymous VPN.  Budget-friendly along with a proven no-log policy.
  • CyberGhost– Affordable torrenting VPN. Accepts crypto payment and releases transparency report every quarter

Why should I use a no-log VPN?

 If you really care about your privacy then a no-log VPN is important. Not even your VPN  provider can access your web activity. Here are some important reasons to use a no-log VPN :

  • Hide your internet activity from ISP. Internet Service providers collect all your web information and store this for a prescribed period of time.ISPs are obliged to share all the information with the government and law enforcement agencies.  However, if you use best anonymous VPN services you can avoid this problem, encrypt your traffic, and mask your IP address.
  • Increase online security.  A zero-log VPN  can hide all your online activities and web traffic from various third parties. Third parties are always on surveillance and can easily fetch the important information of users.  So VPNs with clear-cut logging policies protect you against cyber threats. Additionally, some of the best anonymous VPNs also block malicious websites.
  • Avoid targeted ads.  In a few countries, ISP sells data to third parties such as advertisers.  To avoid target advertising, use no-log VPN to secure all your information.

1. ExpressVPN – No 1 among Best Anonymous VPN Services

ExpressVPN - best anonymous VPN services

ExpressVPN is regarded as the top VPN in terms of privacy and security. As this VPN accepts cryptocurrency payments so it is also regarded as the top option among the best anonymous VPN services. The service is based in the British Virgin Islands and there are no data retention laws there.  It has zero logs which means that it does not keep a record of the user activity.

With court proven independently audited no-log policy, you can easily count on ExpressVPN.   Unlike all the top-tier VPNs, this provider has a bug bounty program.  This program enables tester to catch the bug which has been missed by the developers. ExpressVPN is comparatively easy to navigate and even advanced settings can be toggled on and off with a single click.

Free Trial Yes
Pricing   $12.95 /per month
Pros ✔️Strict zero log policy
✔️Great for streaming
✔️Easy to use on all platforms
✔️Customizable encryption for advanced security
Cons ❌Lack of port forwarding for torrents
❌ On the pricier side

2. NordVPN – Relaible option among Best Anonymous VPN Services

NordVPN - best anonymous VPNs

NordVPN service is based in Panama which is a privacy safe haven. This country does not have data retention laws like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia so it offers a high level privacy to users. This VPN service has strict no -log policy that is audited twice by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The logging audit confirmed that NordVPN does not save any logs.  Moreover, this also means that they don’t keep traffic logs , IP addresses, browsing data or any other information of users.

NordVPN strived hard to deliver ultra-fast speed to all its users. With the use of NordLynx protocol users can efficiently stream or torrent content with ease. It can efficiently unblock streaming sites like Netflix US. You can easily gain access to this VPN at a cost of $3.19/month with 6 simultaneous connections. In addition , the firewall and well-protected servers include them into the list of best anonymous VPN services. 

Free Trial Yes
Pricing   $11.99 /per month
Pros ✔️Consistently fast connections
✔️Ad and malware-blocking capabilities
✔️ Customizable encryption for advanced security
Cons ❌Installation issues on iOS
❌Static IP address

3. Atlas VPN – Freemium VPN option among Best Anonymous VPN Services

Atlas VPN

Although this VPN is based in the United States but it guarantees a strict no-log policy. The iOS application is separately audited by VerSprite.  The test only showed low-risk issues that could not undermine the privacy concerns of the users. In addition, it does not collect any logs or personal identifiable information related to your web usage.  The only information it saves include name, email, payment methods

As far the security is concerned, Atlas VPN uses industry-grade encryption and has an IP rotator to efficiently mask your IP address. The other prominent feature of this service includes a kill switch and Safe Brose to block all malicious content.  The subscription package starts at a minimal price of $1.82/month with 30-day money-back guarantee.  Furthermore, you have the option to pay in cryptocurrency which is preferred by wide range of users.

Free Trial Yes
Pricing   $11.95 /per month
Pros ✔️Solid free version
✔️Unlimited simultaneous connections
✔️Strict no log policy
Cons ❌Based in US , so its not privacy friendly
❌Comparatively small server fleet  

4. Private Internet Access– Reasonable priced among Best Anonymous VPN Services

Private Internet Access -Best Anonymous VPN Services

 Private Internet Access is  in the list of best anonymous VPNs with a proven no-log policy . it maintains zero logs and provides updated privacy reports on warrants, court orders, and subpoenas. To ensure high-level privacy, browsing data is never stored on hard disks  It Specially passes through null device  hat treats every data just like it never exists. Being based in US  and a member of 5 Eyes Alliance causes doubt in buyers’ minds but the track record proves that they have no logs to show.

 PIA  shows optimal performance with robust security protocols that include OpenVPN and WireGuard. The other important attributes of this VPN includes SOCKS5 proxy , split tunneling,  and port forwarding.  All the advanced features make his VPN a little techy but at the same time, it offers various customization options.

Free Trial Yes
Pricing   $11.95 /per month
Pros ✔️Advanced encryption options
✔️Large fleet of servers
✔️No-log policy proven in court
Cons ❌Beginners require hands-on support
❌Not as fast as NordVPN and ExpressVPN

5. CyberGhost – beginner friendly VPN option among Best Anonymous VPN Services

CyberGhost-Best Anonymous VPN Services

CyberGhost is a beginner-friendly service that laid its focus on privacy.  Being based in Romania, it’s outside the Fourteen Eyes Jurisdiction, so it’s a secure option. Moreover, this VPN service releases transparency reports which are never done by any of the VPN services. The company continuously update its users about police request, malicious activity complaints, and police requests.

This VPN does not save any logs  which is confirmed in the latest reports by Deloitte in March 2023. The report is not publicly shared on the official site but you can request it through email. The robust security features like AES-256 encryption, DNS leak protection make it a viable option among users.  Cyber Ghost plans start for $2.19/month with a whopping 45 -day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, you can easily pay in crypto to save your personal information.

Free Trial Yes
Pricing   $12.99 /per month
Pros ✔️Independently audited
✔️ No-log policy
✔️Ad blocking capabilities
✔️ WireGuard tunneling protocols
Cons ❌No RAM-only servers
❌ Unintuitive Linux Client

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Anonymous VPNs free to use?

 Not all anonymous VPNs are free to use. Although there are ample of options but among all of them Betternet is a viable option to surf the web for free.

What is no-log VPN?

A VPN service that does not save any of the user information transmitted through the network is known as no-log VPN.
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