Atlas VPN is one of the budget-friendly freemium VPN options that focus on a secure and private connection. With fast connection speed and well-developed applications for various operating systems, it is one of the viable VPN options.

In this detailed Atlas VPN review let’s explore all the strengths and weaknesses of this freemium VPN. Even the free plan of this VPN offers additional security and privacy features for users to try before availing the Plus plan.

Quick Summary: Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN offers a moderate set of privacy and security features to make it to the list of top VPNs in the market.  The primary reason people opt for this option is due to unlimited simultaneous connections.

Atlas VPN is comparatively easy to use , based in the US VPN service and offers the premium WireGuard tunneling protocol.   With 1000+ servers in various countries all across the globe, it provides fast and reliable connections to its users. But for the free version, you can choose between 3 servers.

Atlas VPN:  Pros & Cons

Great free version with the option of 3 serversRelatively small server network
Built-in 2FA log in Frequent bugs with Windows app
Live support availableNo third-party infrastructure audits
Fast connection even at distant serversAwkward interface
Multi-hop connections 
30 days money back guarantee 
 Allows unlimited simultaneous connections 

Who should get Atlas VPN?

Gain Access to Atlas VPN if :

  •  You want a free VPN with various advanced functionalities. You can use VPN services without adding the payment details.
  •  You have not used VPN before in life. Atlas VPN services are good for beginners to get your hands-on VPN.
  • You want fast and secure connection. The premium version offers fast speed and strong connections as explained in this Atlas VPN review.

Avoid Atlas VPN if:

  •  You want a guaranteed privacy policy. The logging policy of Atlas VPN is not verified yet.
  •  You need a free VPN with lots of data cap. It only offers 5GB of data per month  which is not enough for streaming
  • You want Smart DNS functionality.  Atlas VPN does not work when it is installed on routers and other streaming devices.

Atlas VPN Key Details

 To have a deeper understanding of the VPN and its primary function, let’s look at the detailed overview of this freemium VPN service in this Atlas VPN review.

Premium VersionFree Version
Data CapUnlimited5 GB
Speed95 Mbps95 Mbps
Data LeaksNoNo
Logging PolicyNo Identifying DataNo Identifying Data
JurisdictionUS (Five Eyes Member)US (Five Eyes Member)
IP addresses1,000+3
Support24/7 Live chat supportEmail support
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 3 yearsFree
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Works in ChinaYesYes
US Netflix YesNo

Atlas VPN features

Atlas VPN offers essential security features, unlike all other VPNs. Being a strong all-round service, it offers the following features in this Atlas VPN review :

FeaturesAtlas VPN
Network EncryptionAES-256
Safe BrowsingYes
Data Breached monitorYes
Safe Swap ServersYes
Split TunnelingYes
DNS featureNo

With the main functionalities, it is an overall suitable option for all those looking to mast their Ip addresses.  With Atlas VPN, you can connect with SafeSwap servers that rotate your IP address.   This further enhances your anonymity without causing data leakage.

 Is Atlas VPN a safe option?

Atlas VPN is a secure service with AES encryption and a reliable kill switch. Also, the tunneling protocols you can select are extremely secure that include IKEv2 and market-standard Wire Guard.

 But on the other side, Atlas Vpn has room for improvement.  This Vpn service provider doesn’t use RAM-only servers but keeps data in encrypted drives.  In addition to this, their no-log policy is subjected to criticism for no independent audits.

Is Atlas VPN excellent for streaming?

Atlas VPN Review

For both free and premium, Atlas VPN offers a wide range of streaming options. Although the streaming options are fewer for the free service it’s still greater than the competitors who offer free versions.   For a comparison of the free and premium versions, here’s the detailed streaming guide for you in this Atlas VPN review.

Streaming PlatformAtlas VPN FreeAtlas VPN Premium
Netflix USYesYes
All 4YesYes
HBO MaxYesYes
Hotstar IndiaNoNo
Amazon Prime VideoNoYes
BBC iPlayerNoYes

Atlas VPN works well with Netflix

Atlas VPN works well to access Netflix libraries. It claims and does not work well with popular Netflix libraries that include UK, Italy, Canada, and Japan.  Apart from this, Atlas VPN works well when connected with Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu.

Atlas VPN is good at unblocking other streaming platforms

 Atlas VPN is a robust solution as explained fully in this Atlas VPN review and it can easily surpass geo-restrictions.  It works well with content services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other such platforms to gain access in just few clicks.  Due to the WireGuard protocol, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the streams.  With this VPN , you won’t experience any noticeable lag making your viewing experience 10x better.

Atlas VPN is safe for torrenting

 Atlas VPN is a good option for torrenting. P2P is allowed on all servers with fast speed and easy downloads.  The VPN kill switch and private logging policy effectively work to hide your torrenting activity from your Internet service provider. 

Unless you are an expert user who prefers port forwarding, this VPN is a good option for torrenting.  Moreover, it also lacks SOCKS5 proxy which is essential to seed before downloading more data. Alternatively, split tunneling can be a suitable alternative for this problem, but this feature only works for Android users.   You can easily torrent using the free version but the data limit is only 5GB per month.

Atlas VPN has fast speed across all server

Atlas VPN download speed is faster and it uses Wire Guard protocol. In performance, it matches the top quality  VPNs like IPVanish and  Private Internet Access.  When connected to the US server with 100 Mbps the download speed of 93 Mbps.  Here’s a detailed overview of download and upload speed along with the ping time in this Atlas VPN review.

Server LocationNo VPN (New York)US(New York)US (Los Angeles)Canada (Toronto)UK(London)Germany (Berlin)Brazil (Sao Paulo)Japan (Tokyo)Australia ( Sydney)
Download Speed100Mbps95Mbps91 Mbps92 Mbps93Mbps90 Mbps92 Mbps835Mbps76 Mbps
Upload Speed100 Mbps95 Mbps94 Mbps96 Mbps96 Mbps97 Mbps91 Mbps96 Mbps97 Mbps
Ping1ms6 ms92 ms24 ms73 ms86 ms112 ms147 ms213 ms
Distance0 mi5mi25,00 mi300 mi3,500 mi4,000 mi4,800 mi6,700mi9,900 mi

Atlas Vpn is overall Fast in every location.  But the overall performance in US was particularly impressive with greater download and upload speed. Whereas for Australia and Japan, the download speeds are comparatively lower when compared to the other top-ranked VPNs.

Atlas VPN logging policy is not audited

Although Atlas VPN does not collect your personal information and IP address but its logging policy is not audited.  It’s not verified and checked by the third-party services for its logging policy.  This VPN provider is also based in US and is a member of Five Eyes countries with all the logging details stated in Atlas VPN review.

Data type Logged by Atlas VPN
Browsing dataNo
Device informationYes
DNS queriesNo
 Individual Connection TimestampsNo
Individual bandwidth usageNo
Number of simultaneous connectionsNo
VPN Server IPNo
VPN Server LocationNo
Account InformationYes
Date of Last ConnectionNo

Although the VPN claims no logging policy the privacy policy is not yet tested. As it’s not audited so it is impossible to know whether the claims in the privacy policy are truthful.

Atlas VPN is easy to use

Atlas VPN is extremely easy to use due to lesser functionalities.   The application allows the users to easily change the location, server and choose the protocol of their choice. Setting up the application is also an easy task, as with a single click you can download it from Windows or app stores.

 This VPN is perfectly suitable for beginners who have little to no experience with VPN software.   The simplicity and lack of features make it a poor choice for advanced users who want more customization for additional security.

Atlas VPN Pricing and Plans

Atlas VPN review

 Being a freemium VPN, Atlas VPN offers great value to all its users.  It is one of the inexpensive Vpn options that come in the range of many VPN users.  Surprisingly, 3-year plan costs around $1.99 per month which is far less than other competitors.  The monthly plan costs around $10.99 which is also a reasonable option.  And if you don’t want to pay at all, go for the 100% free option that doesn’t require you to fill out the payment details. The pricing plans are given below in this Atlas VPN review.

Subscription OptionAtlas VPN ( Premium)
Monthly plan$10.99/mo
One-year plan$3.29/mo
Three-year plan$1.99/mo

If you have already tried the free version, go for the long-term plans that are easy on your pocket.

Payment and Refund Options

 For payment options, you have American Express, Bitcoin, Mastercard, PayPal, and much more options.  Along with this, this VPN ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Atlas VPN Server and Locations

 A large server fleet means a faster server and decreased loading time. Atlas VPN offers coverage but not in many locations across the globe.  It has 1000+ servers across 42 countries in the globe. Initially, Atlas VPN is a mobile-only VPN service but soon it expanded its services to grow its audience.

RegionsNo of countries
Rest of the World2

Is Atlas VPN worth it?

If you are using VPN for the first time and are on a limited budget, Atlas VPN is the best option.  The long-term plan of 3 years is the cheapest that costs a total of $1.99 per month. And in this price, you can gain access to US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Atlas VPN a totally free VPN service?

Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN service that offers both free and premium versions.  The free versions are available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOs to protect your data but the data limit is only 5GB. 

 Is Atlas VPN slow?

Atlas VPN does not have any bandwidth limitations.  But sometimes you might experience a loss in bandwidth speed.  Due to encryption, and internet speed, a drop-in speed is expected when connected to the nearby VPN server.

 Is Atlas VPN a good option?

Atlas VPN is among the top VPN options in terms of pricing. It’s faster than many other premium VPNs due to secure encryption with ChaCha20 and WireGuard.

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