Cybersecurity issues and data breaches are the most common threat in the online realm. That’s why it is an integral question asked by people “ Do I really need VPN?” In this era where cyber-attacks are difficult to halt, VPN encrypts the data and provides complete protection on Public Wifi Networks.  In this article let’s dig deeper to know the main purpose, benefits, and why VPN is worth in 2023.

Key Reasons why you need a VPN

 VPNs are essentially important to create a secure, private network for your computer when using the public internet. It adds an additional layer of security to secure your data. But lets dig deeper and know all the key benefits of VPN.  

Protect your online privacy

Whenever you browse the internet, your data is accessible to dozens of prying eyes such as trackers, ISP government and more.  To secure your data in an appropriate way, you need a reputable VPN   that encrypts data and the whole web traffic.  The advanced encryption AES-256 and digital security layers of the VPN make it the appropriate choice for users.

 Apart from encryption, VPNs also have tunneling protocols to secure the data. Tunneling protocols like WireGuard provides fast connection without compromising on security. Moreover, double VPN adds additional privacy while kill switch helps in the efficient masking of IP addresses even when the VPN connection drops.

 Avoid ISP spying

Your internet service provides access to massive amounts of data including your browsing history and all other details. And even in most scenarios, all the data fetched by hackers is given by ISPs.  This alarming situation puts you in danger as all the credit card information and details are leaked through this. Through the use of VPN, you can safeguard your privacy by preventing ISP  from selling internet usage data.

 This is the major concern in countries like China where there is great censorship and your browsing history could land you in jail. Moreover, ISP throttling your connection is a universal issue that can be solved through the use of VPN.

 Bypass geo-restrictions

 If you are living abroad through VPN you can easily circumvent geo-blocks. Without VPN, you may find yourself using websites in multiple languages as the website is not localized to your current location. You can take advantage of VPN service primarily when you are moving abroad and want to access data from your home country.

 Through VPN you can easily and legally watch shows or movies from any other country. Some VPNS primarily NordVPN help you enjoy multiple Netflix libraries in HD and Ultra HD format.  Moreover, VPN funnels still protect identity while accessing data from different locations.

Bypass government censorship

 The decision you make in the cyber world is completely up to you.  However, in heavily censored countries like Russia, China, and Iran, there is a lot of restriction on online freedom. To overcome the problem of Internet surveillance, VPNs came into the market.

 For netizens to enjoy popular streaming sites, platforms, and games, a VPN connection is mandatory. The robust VPN connection offers military-level encryption for web traffic. On top of that, VPN has obfuscated servers that hide your VPN connection from prying eyes.

 Save additional money

 Security is the number 1 benefit of VPN services but that’s not all VPN has to offer.  by changing your IP address, you can save tons of money.   Airline companies tend to increase the price based on your IP address and specific region. However, if you select a VPN server that’s away from your motherland, you can take advantage of all the flight deals.

The same thing goes for streaming platforms, video games, and all other organizations. The pricing range differs from country to country depending upon the economic conditions.  So if you are living in New York, you might be paying extra when compared to Mexico. All in all, choosing the right server location brings you fortune!

 How much does a VPN cost?

 There are multiple factors that influence the cost of VPN. But the important reasons for this are:

  •   Diversity and size of server fleet
  •  Streaming and torrenting capabilities
  •  Quality and overall performance
  •  Number of simultaneous connections
  •  Subscription packages
  •  Customer support availability

It is important to note that the cost of the top 10 VPN providers is more or less similar.   However, the fair price and the quality ratio are two of the most important considerations for purchase.  The market-leading SurfShark is a budget-friendly option that starts at $ 2.30/month. Meanwhile, the average cost of all the other VPN services is approximately $ 3.90/ month. For further details about pricing refer to VPN pricing and plans.

Is a VPN worth it?

A VPN may seem like an additional expense at the start but compromising on privacy is never an option. The worth of VPN depends on several factors, especially for what purpose you are using the software.   An additional layer of security never hurts for just a few dollars per month.  You can get great value out of VPN regardless of the budget, needs, and setup. As VPNs also vary in quality, so it’s crucial to evaluate the if VPNs have ability to bypass geo-restrictions and protect data from prying eyes.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are VPNs Really Worth It?

Yes, VPN masks your IP address. Instead of a real IP address that holds information regarding your location, VPN provides a new IP address to hide your web traffic.

Is VPN really effective?

Yes, VPNs are highly effective in protecting your online privacy.  It completely encrypts your internet history and masks your IP address.

 Are there any good free VPN available in the market?

 Yes, there are various free VPN services available, but there are certain limitations to it.  the limitation generally includes data limits, connection limit, and very few location options.
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