Netflix is an over-the-top American Subscription streaming service, managed by Netflix, Inc. The Service delivers TV series, videos, and movies of various genres and languages, produced by a similar name media company. It is a leading streaming service with more than 232 million subscribers and is available in more than 190 countries.

With more than 3600 movies and 1800 plus TV shows, Netflix stands among the leading streaming services, worldwide. It offers its subscribers numerous award-winning movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc. Further, you can stream whenever you want to without interruptions such as commercials. There are always new things in line to discover, you can select any of them according to your interest. Let’s have a close look at this Netflix review below to better understand the streaming platform.

Netflix Review: Pros and Cons

Exceptional features and apps No live channel options
Original and high-quality programmingRegional restrictions on various contents
Download options for offline mobile usageThe download option does not apply to every available content
4k streaming 
Allows multiple viewership 
Compatible with a variety of devices 
Advertisement/add free streaming 

Netflix Review: Prominent Features

The unique features of the Netflix App which makes it a famous streaming platform, are described in this Netflix review. Most of them were first time introduced by the platform and are still in demand.

Features Key Benefits
Parental ControlHighly beneficial, parents can keep an eye on their children’s activity through different maturity levels for content from “little kid” to “all”
Dolby Digital SoundNetflix offers excellent sound quality over all devices, people who want perfection can subscribe to the premium package for Dolby quality sound
Multiple Profiles and AccountsYou can have multiple account options with a single subscription, depending on your choice of streaming plan
Link Through Voice CommandFor modern households with smart devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can connect Netflix to these devices and play content through voice command
Watch on the goPeople prefer watching movies and show on the go. Netflix offers a download option for various content along with video quality. Although everything on Netflix does not come with a “download” option.

Netflix Review: What Content is Available on the Service?

Netflix - Netflix Review

Netflix offers an extremely large content library, but it’s at the changing wheel always. The show that is available today may be gone by tomorrow, at the same time new movies and videos keep coming too. Therefore, you can’t create an exact list of available shows, making the site an everlasting thrill. Countless third-party websites publish articles like “Everything on Netflix this Month” and “Everything that’s leaving Netflix” to give you an overview of the relevant updates.

However, sometimes viewers get disappointed with the removal of their favorite shows, for instance, Friends, The Office, etc. These were among the most-watched shows that Netflix has lost to their original productions. This trend is growing with the passage of time and leading to the times when Netflix is going to need more of its originals, some of which are highlighted in this Netflix review. At the present moment, newcomings are compensating a bit like Seinfeld and Community.

Original Netflix Productions

The Streaming service as discussed in the Netflix review, is topnotch when it comes to its original content/productions. This is because Netflix produces original content with the collaboration of renowned producers, directors, and actors. That’s why many of its original titles have gained popularity.

Some current popular original Netflix shows described in this Netflix review include:

  1. The Umbrella Academy
  2. Queen Charlotte
  3. Love Is Blind
  4. The Recruit
  5. Virgin River (along Alexandra Breckenridge)
  6. Grace and Frankie
  7. Emily In Paris
  8. Workin’ Moms
  9. Black Mirror
  10. The Witcher
  11. Celebrity

The current famous original Netflix Movies as per Netflix review includes:

  1. Glass Onion
  2. Your Place or Mine
  3. The School for Good and Evil
  4. You People (with Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill)
  5. We Have a Ghost
  6. Extraction
  7. Extraction 2

Netflix Documentaries

Netflix is also specialized in producing blockbuster big-name documentaries that accomplish award nominations. There are a number of behind-the-scenes documentaries highlighting the backstage lives of celebrities, we have discussed a few of them in a Netflix review. For instance, Homecoming (Beyoncé’s Grammy-winning), Miss Americana: Taylor Swift to Becoming, Michelle Obama, etc. Further, its collection of Black Lives Matter featured a few award-winning documentaries including Grammy-winner The Two Killings of Sam Cooke and the Oscar-nominated What Happened Miss Simone?

Netflix also offers nature-related documentaries such as Blackfish, conversation starters like FYRE and Being Elmo, etc. How can we forget about Crime documentaries, some powerful ones are included in this Netflix review such as American Murder: The Family Next Door, Amanda Knox, and Long Shot. Sports fans can watch The Last Dance (a multipart documentary), etc.

Netflix Anime

Netflix has become a powerful streaming source for anime lovers. Particularly, it is doing a great job with older anime series including Little Witch Academia, Rurouni Kenshin, Inu Yasha, and Robotech. Now, Netflix has also added anime to its productions such as rebooting the venerable She-Ra, Castlevania, and Voltron series. The only trouble with its anime collection is similar to that with its content, they come for streaming and go without notice.

Netflix Games

Netflix has a separate fanbase for shows like Daredevil, The Witcher, and Cowboy Bebop. Resident Evil and Castlevania are direct adaptations of video games. That’s why it’s not surprising at all to see Netflix’s recently introduced mobile game subscription packages. If you have an Android or iOS Netflix subscription you can play five games for free without advertisements. You can either get direct access to the games or download them from Google Play Store or App Store.

Among these five games, three are casual, finicky basketball Shooting Hoops games, Facebook time-wasters Gaming-style: Poker-themed Cart Blast, and Arcade ball-balancing game Teeter-Up. In case, someone is more interested in on-brand or substantive, can play retro-styled two Stranger Things adventure games: Strangers Things 1984 and Stranger Things Three the Game.

Netflix Review: Subscription Plans

Netflix offers different subscription packages with a variety of benefits, the ultimate option is a premium package with four account options in a single subscription. Let’s have a look at all the packages and their price ranges mentioned in this Netflix review:

PackagePriceHD Quality ViewSimultaneous Streams
Basic + Ads$6.99 / per monthNoOne
Basic$9.99 / per monthNoOne
Standard$15.49 / per monthYesTwo
Premium$19.99 / per monthYesFour

Netflix DVDs

Some people are still interested in DVDs, yes, although it’s quite shocking for the young generation. Netflix delivers DVDs through mail service, but it is not for all subscribers. Now, you need a separate subscription to get these DVDs, we have described the method in this Netflix review. You can directly subscribe to the DVDs,, or you can also add it to your existing account.

The standard plan of DVD starts from $7.99 per month with unlimited DVD numbers per month and a single DVD out at a time package. This package does not include any late fees and zero return and shipping fees. The Premier plan offers the same package with one exception only, two DVDs in a single cut. The chief benefit of getting a DVD plan is that you can also get a show or movie that is no longer available on the streaming site.

Netflix App on the Web  

The web interface of Netflix uses white text with a dark background and large media thumbnails. You can easily navigate through this elegant view via the menu’s top sections: Search, Home, Movies, TV Shows, Continue Watching, Trending Now, Recently Added, and My List. You can get access to the search bar through the upper right corner, manage your profile, and account settings, and open Help Center. Account settings lead to other offers of video streaming services with options for parental controls, email communications, playback settings, and closed captions.

Moreover, in account settings, you can also view streaming activity (when do the devices used), and recent viewing (watched content). The Home tab highlights noteworthy current content on top and displays an overwhelming horizontally scrolling list of movies and shows across categories like Popular on Netflix, New Releases, and Trending Now. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down rating to any content as your review. You can also add content to ‘My List “to save movies and shows for later watching.

Netflix App on Mobile

A person can easily download Netflix on Android or iOS, it will look completely fine and pretty much look and work similarly to the web interface. This Netflix review gives you a basic understanding of the platform’s mobile interface. You can navigate the app through five menu icons showing at the bottom of the screen, Home, Games, New and Hot, and Downloads. And more. The iPhone app looks nearly similar to the Android with few insignificant navigational alterations. For instance, iOS does not contain an Extras icon in the bottom menu section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prominent features of Netflix?

1. Multiple account creation option
2. Parental control
3. Download option to stream offline
4. Compatible with Smart devices
For more details, you can go through the Netflix Review above.

How do I subscribe to Netflix or what is the subscription process?

You can simply sign in or download the app follow the simple procedure and select a subscription plan that is suitable for you. Now you are ready to stream. The subscription packages for the platform are available in Netflix Review.

What type of content is available on Netflix?

Netflix content varies from country to country and also keeps changing with time. The standard content form includes movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, and Netflix originals.
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