Choosing a good domain registrar can be a daunting task and with so many options in the market, it is easy to get a little confused. Many domain registrars offer attractive introductory prices in the beginning to attract customers in only to hit them later with high renewal rates, contract lengths, and inclusions. To help you in your web-hosting venture we have rounded up the top 10 best domain registrars. Consult the article to avoid any unnecessary surprises and make an informed decision. 

Domain Registrar: An Overview

A domain registrar is authorised by either a national ccTLD authority or ICANN to register domain names. These registrars enable individuals, organizations, and businesses to establish a unique online identity by renting out domain names. Typically, a domain registrar will issue you a domain name for a year, however, you can renew it for up to 10 years. Keep in mind that you do not get permanent ownership of a domain name, meaning you are only renting it for the length of your registration term. If you wish to continue using it, you must learn it once the term ends. 

Apart from providing domain name registration services, many renowned domain registrars also offer web hosting, website-building tools, email accounts, and SSL certificates. Some registrars top all the aforementioned services with some extra features like privacy protection that aid in safeguarding registration details like your name, address, and phone number from being accessed by the public in the WHOIS database. 

Before setting on a domain registrar, it is essential that you look at the total package of services it is offering, customer support, pricing, and its reputation. Some registrars tend to hunt customers by offering low initial registration prices only to renew them at steep rates or charge extra for the services that other registrars offer for free. Therefore, it is best for your sanity and of course, your wallet to research and compare several domain registrars before deciding on one. 

Without further ado let’s take a look at the top 10 best domain registrars that the market ha store offer.

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars – A Quick Glance

Following are the top 10 best domain registrars that are the best of the best in the market right now. These were selected after thorough research and testing. Therefore, if you are on your way to registering your domain check out the top 10 best domain registrars list first and then make a decision.

  • IONOS – Offers ideal comprehensive hosting packages
  • DreamHost – Impeccable customer support
  • Porkbun – Ideal for creative and unique domain extensions
  • Namecheap – Has the most user-friendly interface among the top 10 best domain registrars
  • Hostinger – Great hosting packages
  • – Robust privacy protection features
  • Dynadot – Ideal for auction services
  • – Great security, accepts crypto
  • Hover – Offers great bulk discounts 
  • GoDaddy – Has extra low introductory rates

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars – Summary Table

In case you don’t have the time to read the entire article we complied all the general information of the top 10 best domain registrars in the table given below. Feel free to browse.

Domain RegistrarIntroductory RatesRenewal PriceFree WOHIS Privacy 
IONOS$1 for first year $17 per year Yes  
DreamHost$7.99 per year $17.99 per year Yes 
Porkbun$9.73 per year$9.73 per yearYes 
Namecheap$5.98 for first year$13.98 per yearYes 
Hostlinger$9.99 for first year $14.99 per yearYes$11.99$14.99No
Dynadot$10.99 per year $10.99 per year Yes$15.95 per year$19.95 per yearYes 
Hover$14.99 per year $16.99 per yearYes 
GoDaddy$5.17 for first year $21.99 per year No 

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars – Overview

We complied a brief overview of the top 10 best domain registrars in which me included their features, some general information and their pros and cons. Keep on reading to find out about their services.

1. IONOS – NO#1 in the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

IONOS - Top 10 Best Domain Registrars


  • SSL Certificate
  • Online stores
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Virtual private servers
  • Cloud Computing


IONOS is among the top 10 best domain registrars available in the market right now. IONOS is a German website hosting company that graced the world with its presence almost three decades ago. The company offers domain registration services that are relatively low-priced and support dozens of TLDs. Free extras like SSL certificates, email, and privacy protection are also included in the domain registration package. The registrar offers robust customer support via telephone and live chat that is available 24/7. The only drawback of this domain registrar is its backend user interface, which many users find quite complex and outdated.

Affordable domain registrarInterface is quite complex 
Free SSL certificates included in the packageAggressive upselling 
Offers free privacy protection  

2. DreamHost



  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain
  • SSDs
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Custom control panel


Since its humble beginnings in 1996, DreamHost has built its reputation as one of the best web hosting and domain registration services. The registrar offers all the necessary services that aid in the up and running of your website, including five different types of web hosting and free domain registration. Apart from 400 TLDs, the domain registrar also offers free privacy protection and unlimited subdomains. Other noteworthy aspects of DreamHost are its simple and intuitive domain management page, security features, and reliable customer support. Among the top 10 best domain registrars, DreamHost offers the most impeccable service.

Free domain for one year Paid antimalware tool 
Free SSL certificates No phone support 
Free WHOIS privacy protection   

3. Porkbun



  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • URL Forwarding 
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting


Founded in 2014, Porkbun is an ICANN-accredited internet domain registrar, offering domain name registration and management services. Known for its completive pricing with no hidden fees, the registrar offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, reliable customer support, free SSL certificates, free WOHIS privacy protection, and countless other perks. On top of all the users get about 400 TLDs, including country-specific domains. The registrar is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a complete registration package at an affordable price.

User-friendly interface  Limited hosting options
No hidden feesLacks phone support  
Free WHOIS privacy protection   
Excellent customer support 
Free SSL certificates  

4. Namecheap



  • Web hosting
  • Domain contracts
  • Email redirects
  • 1,500 domain name extensions


Namecheap is a USA-based web hosting and domain registration service provider that started operating in the year 2000. The registrar is famous for housing the largest number of TLDs, about 1,500. It is also known for its dedicated cloud hosting services and other services like a content delivery network, a VPN, and SSL certificates. Namecheap offers its users an easy-to-use interface accounting for easy navigation and also provides them with free privacy protection and a DNS naming system. Namecheap is the most user-friendly registrar among the top 10 best domain registrars.

Affordable domain registrar   Lacks phone support  
Great customer support Convoluted pricing 
Excellent uptime   
High level security features  

5. Hostinger



  • CMS support
  • Control Panel Integration
  • Web Framework Support
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Security tools


The company that started in 2004 under the name Hosting Media has now grown into a web hosting and domain registration giant. Hostinger brings a lot to the table, from free domain registration to fantastic pricing to a wide range of plans and server locations. The platform is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a one-stop hosting solution. With Hostinger you will get access to a free domain, SSL certificate, email accounts, and even a free web builder. All of these aspects and features make Hostinger an ideal hosting provider for personal and small business websites.

Note: For a more detailed overview refer to Hostinger Web Hosting Review.

Free domain for one yearSlow control panel  
Free SSL certificate  Customer service takes a lot of time to respond  
Has servers in 4 continents    
Free daily and weekly backups  



  • DNS management
  • URL and email forwarding
  • All-in-one renewal centre
  • Bulk management tools
  • Sedo/Afternic integration
  • Two step verification


Founded in 2003, is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that offers easy, and secure domain registration and management services. Valuing privacy and security, the registrar offers its users with WOHIS privacy for a price of $4.99. is regarded by many as a one-stop-shop for all things website related as apart from domain registration, also excels in web hosting, providing efficient hosting solutions. Beginners tend to gravitate towards the platform due to its easy to use features and beginner-friendliness. It was added to the top 10 best domain registrars list to help novices.

Highly reputable domain registrar Above average prices
Free domain registration with all plansDoesn’t offer free WHOIS privacy protection
Provides different billing periods
Free SSL certificates  
Handles common TLDs and new gTLDs 

7. Dynadot



  • Leading control panel
  • API
  • 500+ domain extensions
  • 24/7 customer support


Dynadot is a USA-based domain registrar that was founded in 2002. The registrar is known for providing simplified registration services paired with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. There aren’t any unnecessary bells and whistles which might confuse some newbies. With Dynadot, users can seamlessly search for any available domain name and easily buy it. The platform also hosts domain name auctions, where users can bid on high-value domains. Apart from all that the platform also provides free privacy protection to its users.

Easy to use interface  Offeres limited hosting plans   
Great e-commerce features    Dull and bland website templates 
Cell phone optimized    
Transparent plans and pricing   



  • Privacy protection
  • Email forwarding
  • Domain forwarding
  • Anycasted DNS

Overview was launched by Peter Sunde in 2017 in order to help users seamlessly purchase domain names. It is an easy-to-use and reliable registrar that offers robust security and privacy features. The platform supports more than 100 domain name extensions and also offers features like domain sharing, Anycasted DNS, email forwarding, 24/7 customer support, and free privacy protection. A major noteworthy aspect of the domain registrar is that it accepts cryptocurrencies, exempting its customers from security concerns. However, unfortunately the major drawback of the registrar is its weak customer service and support.

Powerful security and privacy features  Outdated interface  
Offers proxy registration      Doesn’t offer extra features
Accepts cryptocurrenciesLacks major integrations
Great privacy protection     
Free privacy protection 

9. Hover



  • Domain transfer
  • Auto-renewal
  • Custom emails 
  • Hover Connect
  • Two-factor authentication


Hover is a Canadian domain registration service that started operating in 2008. Apart from domain registration the company also offers services like email forwarding, and email web boxes. In the domain registration field, the company provides satisfactory services, supporting hundreds of TLDs, domain transfer, and WHOIS privacy protection. Another noteworthy feature that the platform offers is Hover Connect which allows users to directly connect their domain to third-party platforms. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support makes it a reliable domain registrar that can be accessed easily by newbies and technophobes.

Supports powerful domain name search features   Limited services     
Offers 300 plus top-notch domain extensions      Lacks web hosting
Monthly sales on domain extensions  
Robust DNS tools and domain management   

10. GoDaddy



  • Mobile responsive
  • Domain name transfer 
  • Domain auctions
  • WHOIS database search tool
  • Uptime guarantee


GoDaddy is a USA-based web hosting and domain registration service provider that was established two decided ago. The company is a giant in the domain registration industry, serving almost 20 million customers. It is known for its easy-to-use interface, a wide selection of domain extensions, and excellent customer support. The major drawback of the company is its steep price. Despite having affordable introductory prices, its renewal prices are extremely high, making one think twice about doing business with it. However, it was included in the top 10 best domain registrars list as it Ofers an all-in-one website solution.

Easy to use Aggressive upselling 
Great customer support Expensive as compared to its competitors 
Vast selection of TLDs     

Top 10 Best Domain Registrars – Selection Criteria

Before choosing a domain name registrar, it is of pivotal importance that you look into and consider a variety of factors. For example, you must look for a registrar that offers not only domain name extensions ( .com, .org, .or, .biz) but also provide you with competitively priced domains ( for the first year and every year thereafter) and offers money-saving extras. When selecting the top 10 best domain registrars we considered the following aspects.

Affordability of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

As we have mentioned before, most domain registrars bring in customers by offering discounted rates for the first year, creating a delusion of affordability and inexpensiveness. However, once the first year is over, they will surprise you by throwing high renewal rates at your face. This increase in price can catch you off guard, especially if you weren’t mentally prepared as the registrar didn’t send you a notification beforehand. Therefore, before making a decision, make sure to understand the full pricing structure, taking into account both the introductory and renewal rates. Most of the registrars mentioned in the top 10 best domain registrars list have transparent pricing options and are inexpensive.

Which Extensions are Offered by the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars?

While searching for a domain registrar you will find that most of them offer top-level domains or TLDs, for example .org, or .com. However, if you are interested in getting your hands on a more unique and specific extension like .store or .blog, or in case you have an immense love of your country and want a country-specific one like .ca or .us, then you will need to make sure the registrar you decide supports it. Keep in mind that not all registrars offer unique extensions, therefore it is important to research and consider your options. 

Before making a choice, visit the websites of the top 10 best domain registrars mentioned above to know more about the extensions they offer.

Ease of Use of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

We cannot stress this enough, get yourself a domain registrar that is easy to navigate so you aren’t wasting your time and focusing on more important things. Many leading domain registrars provide comprehensive help centers, that include exceptional documentation and tutorials, created to aid you in connecting your domain to content management systems like email hosting provides or WordPress. It is also of vital importance that the registrar you are using has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface and management dashboard. The top 10 best domain registrars are easy to use and offer an intuitive interface and dashboard.

Support Offered by the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

It doesn’t matter how good your planning is, there will come a time when you encounter some issues or have questions swirling around your mind that require professional help.  Now when that happens you will need to contact the customer support of your registrar. Therefore, when evaluating a domain registrar take into account the hours during which customer support is available and the channels through which you can contact them like email, phone, live chat, etc and take into account the user reviews to get a general idea of the registrar’s reputation and customer support. Most of the registrars among the top 10 best domain registrars offer reliable tech and customer support

Registration period of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars

When you are registering a domain name, think of it like you are signing a lease on a new apartment or house. Your registration period is the lease term, that often starts with a commitment of one year. However, you have options, if you decide you can lock down your digital address for 10 years. The smart move would be to go for the longer commitment. It will prove to be a better choice in terms of finance and practicality, helping you secure your spot on the web and often saving you some money. The top 10 best domain registrars offer varying registration periods. Do your research before settling on one.

Is Domain Transferability Offered by the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars?

What is domain transferability you ask? Well, it’s the ability to switch your domain and take your domain name with you in incase you sport a better deal. But as we mentioned, getting a domain name is like getting a house, and similar to moving houses, switching domains also comes with a bit of legwork and sometimes even extra costs. Therefore, before opting for a registrar get to know and try to understand its policies, taking into account questions like:

  • How long after my initial registration can I switch?
  • Will I have to pay a fee if I move and how much is it?
  • Will it be difficult to switch?

What are the Expiration Policies of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars?

Every registrar has some rules that dictate what happens once your domain registration period ends. It is very similar to what happens when your apartment lease runs out. Some companies offer you a grace period in which you can renew your domain without any extra charges, while others slap you in the face with a hefty late fee, imbeciles. Now what happens when you don’t renew it in time? Well, chances are your domain will end up back on the market or on the auction block. Do take into account our advice and do yourself a favor by getting familiar with your registrar’s expiration policies.  

What Additional services are Offered by the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars?

Despite what the name suggests, domain registrars, don’t just offer a domain name but also come with tons of other perks like email services, web hosting, website builders, privacy protection, and much more. But keep in mind that not all registrars offer the same quality of perks. The cost, quality, and usefulness of these perks can vary from registrar to registrar, so look around, browse, and settle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What domain registration companies are the best ones?

IONOS, Porkbun, and DreamHost are the top companies when it comes it domain registration services. Factors like pricing, features, and customer service played a huge role in making these companies the registration giants they are today.

Can I get a free domain name?

Yes, many companies offer a free domain name, however, they only support very few domain extensions and come with countless limitations.

Do I need a domain for my website?

No, it is possible to a website without registering a domain name. However, you will not be able to properly brand your site.


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