Do you wish to use a powerful web host like Hostinger but don’t have the budget for it? Well, fret not as like always we have got your back and have assembled top-notch Hostinger coupon codes for you. We know that it is a dream of most of you out there to host your website via Hostinger. And who wouldn’t want that, with all the features and tools it offers that can help you reach unprecedented heights? Therefore, we spent countless days and nights searching and experimenting with Hostinger coupon codes that will allow you to avail massive benefits for a minute price. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic at hand.

Spend Less, Save More, Gain Big-Time

Hostinger Coupon Codes

Hostinger Coupon Codes

With the Hostinger coupon codes mentioned below, you can easily opt for the long-term premium plans and have access the web host’s top-notch benefits at an affordable price. Just select a coupon code of your choice, settle on a plan, and use the code by pasting it in the coupon code field at checkout.

Discount Hostinger Coupon CodesRequirementsExpiration Date
15%MAX15Valid for all customers31st August 2023
50%FIRST50New customers only30th September 2023
20%HONEY20New customers only31st October 2023
20%NEWYEAR20Valid during the holiday season31st December 2023
20%BLACKFRIDAY20Valid during Black Friday sale29th November 2023
20%CYBERMONDAY20Valid during Cyber Monday sale2nd December 2023
20%SUMMER20Valid during the summer sale31st August 2023
20%FALL20Valid during the fall sale30th November 2023
20%WINTER20Valid during the winter sale31st December 2023
20%THANKSGIVING20Valid during Thanksgiving sale24th November 2023
20%LaborDay20Valid during Labor Day sale4th September 2023
20%NEW20New customers onlySeptember 30, 2023
20%FIRST20New customers onlyOctober 31, 2023
20%BACK20Returning customers onlyNovember 30, 2023
20%HOLIDAY20Valid during the holiday seasonDecember 31, 2023

Affiliate Websites Codes

Different websites like WPBeginner, bloggerspassion and CNET also offer their own Hostinger coupon codes. You can utilise these codes at checkout to get unparalleled discounts and premium benefits. Where as to avail WPBeginner’s exclusive coupon code through which you get 81% off website hosting plans as well as a free SSL certificate and a free domain name, visit the Hostinger website via an affiliate link provided on the WPBeginner website and select a plan of your choice. The discount will be automatically applied in the end.

Bloggerspassion Hostinger Coupon codes

DiscountHostinger Coupon CodesExpiration Date
90%ANILAGARWAL31st August 2023
82%BPSHARED31st August 2023
79%HI1031st August 2023
90%BPSHARED4831st August 2023
98%BPWP4831st August 2023
82%BPWP31st August 2023
76%BPAGENCY31st August 2023
15%SPECIAL1531st August 2023
5%OC531st August 2023
7%SUMMERSALE31st August 2023
90%DARKNET31st August 2023
66%BPVPS2431st August 2023
73%BPVPS31st August 2023
76%BPAGENCY2431st August 2023
75%BPCLOUD1231st August 2023
73%BPCLOUD31st August 2023
78%BPHWB4831st August 2023
65%BP1031st August 2023
72%BPCYBERPANEL31st August 2023

CNET Hostinger Coupon Codes

DiscountHostinger Coupon CodesRequirementExpiration Date
10%10CNETValid for all customers31st December 2023
8%CNET8Valid for all customers31st December 2023

Hostinger Prices After WPBeginner Discount

Regular Prices

Hostinger regular prices
PlanPrice (1 month)Price (1 year)
Single Shared$1.99$9.99
Premium Shared$2.99$11.99
Business Shared$3.99$21.99
VPS HostingStarts at $5.99Starts at $15.99
Cloud HostingStarts at $9.99Starts at $29.99
Managed WordPress HostingStarts at $16.99Starts at $39.99

After Discount

Price after discount
PlanPrice (1 month)Price (1 year)
Single Shared$0.38$1.90
Premium Shared$0.57$2.28
Business Shared$0.76$4.18
VPS HostingStarts at $1.14Starts at $3.04
Cloud HostingStarts at $1.90Starts at $5.70
Managed WordPress HostingStarts at $3.32Starts at $7.60

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Hostinger coupon codes on any plan I want?

Yes, you can use Hostinger coupon codes to avail a discount on any plan you want. However, it will be more beneficial in the long run if you opt for the long-term premium plan. 

Do Hostinger coupon codes even work?

Yes, all the coupon codes motioned above are tried and tested, therefore there is no doubt in their validity.

Does Hostinger offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase you can get a full refund, no questions asked.
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