In this article we will talk about HostGator coupon codes. HostGator is the crème de la crème of the hosting and website building world. With millions of websites hosted by the web host, its hype is increasing day by day. Due to the robust and reliable features offered by HostGator, countless business owners want to avail its services to put their websites on the digital map. However, the rise in inflation has taken its toll on many businesses especially small ones, and startups. Therefore, even though the hype of HostGator is increasing, its affordability is decreasing.

Countless visions are dying and numerous dreams are diminishing as web hosting and building is becoming a farfetched goal these days. Due to this very reason, we burned the mid night oil to bring to you HostGator coupon codes. These codes will help you save money and bring your vision to life.

How to Save Big on Long-Term Hosting Plans?

HostGator Coupon Codes


With the HostGator coupon codes given below, you can save big time and still get your hands on premium subscription packages that offer advanced features and robust tools. Utilize these codes to bring your vision to life and put your business on the digital map. Also, it’s better if you go for the long-term premium plans as it can be more economical.

DiscountHostGator Coupon CodesValidityRequirements
65% offSHARED366536 monthsNew users only
65% offREADYHOSTING36 monthsNew users only
13% offALONE1336monthsFor new and existing customers 
60% offHOSTGATOR202336 monthsNew users only
50% offNEWYEAR202312 monthsNew users only
40% offBLACKFRIDAY12 monthsNew users only
99% off1CENT1 monthAny user
58% offSNAPPYR19242436 monthsExisting users only
45% offCLOUD364536 monthsExisting users only
40% offMEDIUM202312 monthsExisting users only
35% offBUSINESS202336 monthsExisting users only
60% offHOSTGATORFIRST12 monthsFirst-time HostGator customers who sign up for a monthly plan
65% offHOSTGATORANNUAL12 monthsAnnual HostGator customers who renew their plan
92% offGETGETGATOR12 monthsFor new and existing customers 
50% offHOSTGATORWHOLESALE12 monthsBusinesses that sign up for HostGator’s wholesale hosting plan

 The Mighty Referral HostGator Coupon Codes: A Bonus Point

HostGator Coupon CodesDiscountValidity
WPBEGINNER71% off12 months
WPBEGINNER202362% off36 months

WPBeginner offers its own HostGator coupon codes that can get you massive discounts on your purchases. Currently, there are two codes available that get you a 71% and 62% discount on the WordPress hosting plans. To utilize the 71% code visit the HostGator website through the link provided by WPBeginner and for 62% off click WPBeginner to get redirected to the HostGator website and avail the discount. If the links aren’t working for you follow the steps given below:

  • Open your browser and go to the HostGator website.
  • Once on the website click the “Get Started” button.
  • You will be redirected to a page housing all the plans, choose a hosting plan and billing cycle.
  • In the “Coupon Code” field enter the code and click “Apply”.

Voila, now you can enjoy premium benefits for more than half the price.

HostGator Plans and Pricing

Want to see what HostGator’s prices look like before the discounts? Take into account the table given below:

PlanOriginal Price (per month)Discounted Price (per month)
Cloud VPS$7.99$2.32
Dedicated ServerStarting at $89.98Starting at $26.09

The table above shows the introductory prices for the 12-month plan along with the discounted price after you utilise the WPBEGINNER code. See how much of a difference it makes. 

Big Discounts on Website Building Via HostGator Coupon Codes


With the help of HostGator coupon codes given below, you can avail discounts on HostGators’s website building plans. All you have to do is choose a plan and during checkout insert the coupon code in the “Coupon Code” field to avail the discount.

DiscountHostGator Coupon CodesRequirementsExpiration Date
50% OFFNEWBIE50New users only31st December 2023
10% OFFHOSTGATOR10Any plan31st December 2023
50% OFFFIRST50New users only31st October 2023
40% OFFSUMMERFUNAny plan31st August 2023
30% OFFBACKTOSCHOOLAny plan30th September 2023
20% OFFFALL20Any plan31st October 2023
20% OFFHOLIDAY20Any plan31st December 2023
15% OFFNEWYEARSAny plan31st January 2024
10% OFFANNUAL10Annual billing31st December 2023
10% OFFTWOYEARS10Two-year billing31st December 2023
10% OFFTHREEYEARS10Three-year billing31st December 2023
20% OFFREFERRALRefer a friend31st December 2023
50% OFFFIRSTTIMERFirst-time customers31st December 2023
20% OFFWEBSITE20Any plan 31st December 2023

The above mentioned HostGator coupon codes can assist you to build and host your website without spending hundreds of dollars. In todays economy these coupon codes are our salvation, eluding us of money worries, all the while helping us establish our roots in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HostGator offer?

HostGator is a world-leading web host and website builder. The platform offers flexible hosting options along with robust tools to build a website.  

Can I get a discount on HostGator dedicated hosting?

Yes, by using the WPBEGINNER you can get 71% off on the WordPress dedicated hosting plan along with a free domain name and SSL certificate.
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