In this article two popular control panels DirectAdmin and cPanel will face off. Let’s see who will win the DirectAdmin vs cPanel battle.

When it comes to website hosting, there are countless factors you need to consider and numerous points you must keep in mind for your website to function well. The major decision that you will have to make is about the control panel as the overall web hosting experience is heavily dependent on its features and usability. When we talk about web hosting, the most versatile and popular control panel options in the market are cPanel and DirectAdmin. In this article, we will target these two control panels and give you an insight into DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Which one is better? Let’s begin!




  • DNS administration
  • IP management
  • Show all users
  • Reseller packages
  • Create/ modify resellers and admins
  • System/services info
  • Complete usage statistics
  • Mail queue administration
  • SPAM fighting tools
  • DNS clustering
  • Licensing/updates


DirectAdmin is a renowned graphical web-based control panel for web hosting services. It works well with all sorts of hosting accounts and makes maintenance, web designing, troubleshooting, and development easier. DirectAdmin is also known for its remarkable speed, allowing for fast website development and maintenance. It allows users to develop, remove, or acquire sub-domain information, add or remove information from the server, and modify the MX setting. DirectAdmin also offers DNS admiration, free SSL certificates an IP manager, and automatic data recovery.

Easy to use interfaceFor advance users
Budget friendly Additional functionalities require extra cost. 
Great speedUser base is small
Remarkable stability 

What is cPanel?



  • Backup/restoration
  • Security center
  • File management
  • DNS zone management 
  • Service configuration
  • Create calendars and emails
  • Backup, transfer, and manage files
  • Publish a website
  • Launch databases
  • Add or remove subdomians


cPanel is immensely popular among hosting companies and web developers. It is a Linux-based control panel that works almost like a desktop application, allowing users to perform a variety of actions via a single dashboard instead of running a series of difficult commands. This control panel facilitates the users to operate management functions with ease, without much technical expertise, and is simple to use. The control panel makes use of automation and an intuitive interface, to make website administration easy. By employing a point-and-click graphical interface, users can effectively perform tasks with zero to no hurdles.

Works with various web browsersExpensive license
Use-friendly interfaceIs vulnerable to cyber attacks
Great customer supportRisk of corruption and data loss
Automated software installation 
Multiple features 

DirectAdmin vs cPanel

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Comparison at a Glance

DirectAdmin vs cPanelDirectAdmincPanel
Pricing Comparatively affordable Heavy priced license 
Free trial30-day14-day
ScalabilityExpensive add-onsAffordable add-ons
Features Not that many useful featuresMultiple useful features
Ease of useGeared towards experts Beginner-friendly

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Price Comparison

Price comparison

Despite being affordable DirectAdmin cannot be used by many as it is comparatively tech-savvy and is geared toward people with technical knowledge and experience. The control panel also has a 30-day free trial, paired with a cheaper license.  It offers three plans with prices ranging from $5 to $29.

On the other hand, cPanel is more beginner-friendly, and geared toward technophobes and those with little technical expertise. Its free trial of 14 days is also shorter than DirectAdmin, and it is also heavily priced, offering four plans the price of which range from $15.99 to $59.99. 

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Scalability Comparison

Scalability comparison

When we look into scalability, we find that DirectAdmin offers much more scalability as compared to cPanel. As your website grows, DirectAdmin allows you to add more functionalities and increase the number of resources as well. However, these web features and resources come at a steep price. 

cPanel is also scalable although not as scalable as DirectAdmin. However, it is much cheaper and easier to use. You can add web plug-ins to your website via cPanel at a more affordable price. Moreover, cPanel also allows site users to customize code options on the system and prolong the features of the control panel for better scalability. 

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Ease of Use Comparison

Ease of use comparison

Even though DirectAdmin offers a less overwhelming, easy-to-navigate user interface, those who are just starting out might find it to be more on the complicated side. Whereas, On the other hand, cPanel offers all the functionalities and configurations one might need, along with customized links making navigation less torturous and access to queries easier. All of these aspects make cPanel extremely easy to use. 

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Features Comparison

Features comparison

Both control panels offer stellar features. DirectAdmin provides its users with many features including an IP manager, DNS administration, reseller packages, spa fighting tools, licensing, and complete usage statistics. However, cPanel offers more extensive features such as email and calendar creation, migrating new customers, launching databases, and managing domains. Apart from that cPanel also facilitates customizing your brand, reseller hosting, backup and file management, and spawning cPanel user accounts.

DirectAdmin vs cPanel: Which One is Better?

The answer to the above-mentioned question actually depends on your personal preferences and hosting needs. If you are more tech-savvy and have the necessary knowledge and expertise to work with DirectAdmin, go for it, it is affordable and has great features. However, if you are just starting out it’s better to opt for cPanel, The price is a bit steep, but its add-ons aren’t that expensive, it’s easy to use, and offers robust features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

DirectAdmin vs cPanel, which one is pricier?

DirectAdmin plans start from $5, whereas cPanel has plans that start from $15.99. However, when it comes to add-ons, DirectAdmin has priced them quite heavily compared to cPanel.

Is cPanel free?

No, cPanel is not free. You get a choice of four plans that range from $15.99 to $59.99. It does however offer a 14-day trial period. 

Are there some similarities between DirectAdmin and cPanel?

DirectAdmin and cPanel, both are control panels geared toward managing websites and possess more or less similar features.
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