Are you looking for an anonymous web hosting service provider that will protect your personal information? If that is the case, then you have found the right article. In this article, we will tell you about the best anonymous hosting service providers. These hosting providers add an extra layer of protection that will keep you safe from cyber-attacks that are on the rise these days. The top priority of these web hosts is to secure your personal data and deem it inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Moreover, if you opt for anonymous hosting, you can easily bypass geographical restrictions and get your hands on restricted information without being subject to surveillance. 

Let’s discuss all these benefits and much more as we take a stroll in the web hosting market to find the best anonymous web hosting service providers. So, we urge you to stay with us till the end to get to know more about this great wonder of technology. 

What is Anonymous Web Hosting?

With anonymous web hosting you can protect yourself from cyber-attacks by registering under a pseudonym. Moreover, anonymous web hosts don’t require you to provide your postal address when you register your domain, adding extra security. Despite being a common belief, that privacy is an unachievable aspect when it comes to the internet, anonymous service providers defy all odds to give that extra layer of protection. With anonymous web hosting, it becomes impossible to track the ownership of a website back to you. Therefore, if you are a person who values privacy above all things and wants to avoid cyber-attacks, you should definitely opt for anonymous web hosting.

Why Do You Need Anonymous Web Hosting?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should opt for anonymous web hosting service providers:

You Might Want to Conceal Your Identity

With anonymous hosting, you can easily register with fake information under a pseudonym without giving away your personal details. This ensures that your information will remain safe and will not be available in widely accessible archives such as domain registrars. 

Need for Offshore Hosting

With anonymous hosting local and even internal authorities will not be able to get their hands on your website to access the data stored there or track the server back to you. 

Reduce the Risks Associated With Your Occupation

Maybe you have a job that requires utmost anonymity. Like for example a journalist who is covering sensitive topics or a refugee who wants to tell their story to the world. For these kinds of people, anonymous hosting is the way to go as it helps hide identity and reduces the risk of getting exposed.

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers – A Quick Glance

Following are the best anonymous hosting service providers. Check them out if anonymity is your top priority when it comes to hosting.

  • Hostinger – Top web host among the best anonymous hosting service providers
  • DreamHost – Speedy anonymous website host
  • ScalaHosting – Great anonymous reseller hosting
  • HostGator – Beginner-friendly anonymous web host
  • Namecheap – Budget-friendly anonymous web host

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers – Summary Table

Consult the table given below to get a general idea about the best anonymous hosting service providers that are creating waves in the hosting industry.

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers Hostinger DreamHost ScalaHosting HostGator Namecheap
Cryptocurrency payments Yes  No  No  No  Yes 
Domain privacy Paid  free Paid  Paid  Free 
Uptime  100% >99.99% 100% >99.99% 99.82%
Average response time  511ms 231ms 443ms 525ms 1.05s
Control panel hPanel Native user interface cPanel or SPanel Native user interface,cPanel   Native user interface,cPanel  
Data center location The United States, Netherlands, UK, Singapore, India, France, Lithuania, and Brazil The United States EU (Bulgaria) and the States (Dallas and New York) The States The UK and the US
Free domain Yes  Yes  No  Yes  Yes 
Free SSL Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Price range  From $2.90 per month From $2.59 per month From $14.95 per month From $2.75 per month From $1.98 per month

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers – Overview

We have given brief overviews of the best anonymous hosting service providers below in which we have explained their features, performance, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages.

1. Hostinger – #1 among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

Hostinger - Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers
Features Advantages Disadvantages
Email hosting 100 GB SSD storage  Domain privacy is paid
CMS support Free email Cheap plan lacks free domain
E-commerce integration Weekly backups  
File management Unlimited free SSL  
Web framework support Free domain  
Database support Unlimited Bandwidth   


Hostinger is among the most famous web hosting providers in the market and also offers its services at considerably cheap prices. Despite being a budget-friendly web hosting service provider, it does not compromise on your online safety and performance. Hostinger provides its users with a plethora of options to keep their identity anonymous online.  

Anonymous Hosting Features

The web host offers quite a few anonymous web hosting features. First and foremost, the web host allows its users to pay anonymously via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. If you pay using cryptocurrencies, your payment cannot be tracked back to you which means that your identity will remain hidden. Moreover, Hostinger does not ask you to confirm your identity at any point. While registering the only thing you need to provide is an email address and a password. Further, the web host houses data centers that are wrapped in multi-layers of protection, keeping your information safe and sound. Last but not least, Hostinger gives users the choice to purchase domain privacy for an additional cost of $5 that renews annually. 


Hostinger is quite famous in the web hosting market due to its top-notch performance. Despite being cheap, the web host does not compromise on performance. Several test results have shown that the web host keeps a perfect 100% uptime with an average response time of 511ms. Moreover, the loading time of the site was also recorded to be super speedy at just 0.9s.


Hostinger provides a straightforward pricing structure. Users have the choice go for a cloud plan or a shared plan. The cost of these plans starts from $2.90 with a four-year billing cycle. Moreover, the web host also offers its users a 30-day money back guarantee.  

2. DreamHost – Fastest among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

Features Advantages Disadvantages
Custom control panel Award winning support  Does not accept cryptocurrencies
Email hosting Free domain 24/7 live chat isn’t available 
WordPress dedicated hosting Free SSL certificate  
SSDs Free privacy protection   
Pre-installed WordPress No identity verification needed   
1-click installer   Great performance  


When it comes to web hosting, DreamHost is regarded as the titan of the industry. However, it is also among the best anonymous hosting service providers out there. Its free domain privacy and lack of identity verification make it one of the most coveted anonymous web hosts. Moreover, DreamHost offers all these benefits and more at a budget-friendly price.

Anonymous Hosting Features

Unlike many anonymous web hosts, DreamHost offers free domain privacy with all of its plans. Moreover, users can get away with using a prepaid card and fake contact information as there is no advanced identity verification. Furthermore, security is not an issue as the web host harbors its own servers in data centers that are located in the States. The only drawback of the web host is that it doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies. However, even though your payment information won’t be hidden from the provider, it won’t be visible to third parties. 


DreamHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee, a speedy average response time, and fast website loading. Through vigorous testing, it was discovered that the web host holds true to its promise by providing an uptime of >99.99%, 231ms response time, and 1.6 s site loading time.


DreamHost offers two shared plans, the price of which starts from $2.59 with a 36-month billing cycle. Moreover, it also offers its subscribers with a generous 95-day money-back guarantee.

3. ScalaHosting – Most Private among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

Features Advantages Disadvantages
LiteSpeed Unmetered bandwidth  Doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies 
CMS support Unlimited backups Requires a fee for ID privacy 
SpamExperts Free SSL certificate  
cPanel reseller hosting  Unlimited emails    
Managed VPS Daily offsite backups   
SSD cloud hosting    Free 1-click installer   


ScalaHosting might not be the best anonymous shared hosting provider, it does however offer an anonymous VPS for resellers. The web host provides its users with countless features that can help keep them anonymous and protect their identity.

Anonymous Hosting features

By opting for a ScalaHosting reseller plan you can use private nameservers. Every reseller plan offered by the web host comes with a 100% white-label control panel. This means that you can easily customize the website management control panel to harbor your logo. When it comes to payment methods, users only get the choice of three, PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. Therefore, as the methods require identity verification, any payment you make using these can be linked to you. However, you can get ID protection by paying an additional amount of $4.00 per year. ID protection helps hide your company and personal information and prevents it from being accessed via the WHOIS database.


ScalaHosting gives an uptime of 99.99%, with an average response time of 443ms. The site also loads at a fast speed of about 1.8s. Therefore, performance wise the web host doesn’t disappoint. 


ScalaHosting provides its users with a choice between 3 reseller plans that range in price from $14.95 to $39.95. Moreover, the web host also offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. 

4. HostGator – Minimalistic among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

Features Advantages Disadvantages
CodeGuard Unmetered storage  Charges a fee for domain privacy 
PPC Unmetered bandwidth  Doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies  
SEO  Free SSL certificate  
SiteLock Flexible billing  
Hardware Caching  Easy app integration   
LAMP Easy to use    


HostGator is the cream of the crop when it comes to website hosting. With its genrerous server resources and affordable prices, the web host has gained immense popularity. Despite not being 100% anonymous, there are certain top-notch features it offers that you can take advantage of. The main selling point of the web host is its lack of identity verification measures.

Anonymous Hosting Features

A noteworthy aspect of the web hosts is that it allows you to get away with providing fake credentials. You can conceal your identity by providing a fake name, and address and can also use a prepaid card. Even though the provider urges all new customers to provide accurate information, no one really checks. However, the major drawback of this web host is its inability to accept crypto payments. HostGator offers only two payment methods, credit card and PayPal. And as both these methods require identity verification, your payment can be traced back to you. Lastly, the web host offers paid WHOID domain privacy protection that costs around $14.95 and renews every year.  


Performance-wise, HostGator is a pretty solid web host, providing reliable and speedy service. Countless tests proved that the web host maintains an uptime of >99.99% and has an average response time of 525ms. Moreover, the loading speed of the site is also quite fast, 1.2s. 


HostGator offers three budget-friendly shared hosting plans. The price of a 36-month billing cycle starts from $2.75. Moreover, the web host also offers its users a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving them the chance to cancel their subscriptions without losing money. 

5. Namecheap – Inexpensive among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

Features Advantages Disadvantages
Bulk actions Budget-friendly   Short money-back period  
Service tooldowns  Free domain and website migration  Hosting features are limited 
Email redirect Doesn’t require identity verification    
Usage statistics Decent uptime  
Domain contracts   Free domain privacy    
Export CSV file  Accepts cryptocurrency     


Apart from being the largest domain registrar in the market, Namecheap also provided web hosting services. Namecheap is an ideal anonymous web host as it doesn’t require identity verification and also offers free domain privacy. Moreover, the platform also accepts cryptocurrencies adding an extra layer of privacy and security. 

Anonymous Hosting Features

Namecheap is a part of the best anonymous hosting service providers as it offers a plethora of anonymity features, including free WHOIS domain privacy protection that comes with all of its plans. The web host also eludes you from any worry you might have about prying eyes by securing your sensitive data and contact information. Moreover, when you register a domain or account, the web host does not ask for identity verification. Furthermore, it also gives users to option to make payments via cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.


After several testing, it was deduced that Namecheap maintains an uptime of 99.89%, an average response time of 1.05s, and a site loading time of 2.7s. Lastly, users of Namecheap have the choice to host their site either on a UK server or a US one.


You get a choice of 3 shared hosting plans the price of which starts from $1.98 with a 24-month billing cycle. Also keep in mind that if you host your site in the UK, the monthly rate will increase by $2. The web host also offers a money-back policy, albeit a short one, for 14 days. 

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers – Selection Criteria

We all are well aware that the best anonymous web hosts are those that don’t ask for your personal information. However, some do. Therefore, when deciding on the best anonymous hosting service providers, we considered the following aspects:

  • Domain Privacy – Go for a web host that offers domain protection and privacy. This will protect your personal information, like your name, email, or address from prying eyes. All the web hosts mentioned in the best anonymous hosting service providers offer domain privacy.
  • Fast and Easy Registration – Opt for a web host that does not ask for many personal details when you are trying to register. Most of the web hosts that are part of the best anonymous hosting service providers do not ask for personal details when registering.
  • Private Servers – Make sure to go for a web host that houses private servers for extra security. Some of the web hosts mentioned above in the best anonymous hosting service providers list offer private servers.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Look for a web host that allows you to register by using a pseudonym and accepts crypto payments. Best anonymous hosting service providers like Namecheap accept cryptocurrencies.

Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers – Hostinger Web Hosting Review

When it comes to best anonymous hosting service providers, Hostinger takes the first place. With its amazing features, performance, and anonymity it is one of the most private and securest web host out there. If you wish to know more about this robust web host and the features and services it has to offer, refer to our Hostinger review.

Budget-Friendly Alternative among the Best Anonymous Hosting Service Providers

If you have a small budget and are looking for a robust anonymous web host that won’t compel you to rob a bank, then Namecheap is the way to go. Among the best anonymous hosting service providers, Namecheap is the most inexpensive one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of anonymous web hosting?

Anonymous web hosting boosts security by hiding your credentials, allowing you to register under a false name, and accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. 

Is it possible to host a website anonymously?

Yes, by opting for an anonymous web host, you can easily host your website anonymously.

Which anonymous web host is the most reliable one?

Hostinger is the most reliable web host. Not only does it offer robust anonymity features, but also provides budget-friendly registration plans.
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