So, you have planned to buy Play Station 5 for your vacation season. Yes, that’s the right way to spend your summer sitting on the couch with your controller. PS5 is quicker and more robust to give you the best gaming experience that’s more immersive than ever.

On the top of that, PS5 games excite gamers with new functionalities and next-gen graphics. Also, the good news is that PS5 is compatible with most of the PS4’s game library. To help you select the best games. Here’s the detailed list of top 10 best PlayStation 5 games.

Quick Overview- Top 10 best PlayStation 5 Games

  • Demons Souls – Remake of 2009 cult classic for passionate gamers
  • Astro Playroom – Best pack-in game that shows the best of PS5’s Dual Sense Controller
  • Marvel’s Spider – Man- Squeal to Marvel Spider-Man that surpasses the original one
  • The Pathless – Fast action PS5 fantasy game for pro-gamers
  • Sackboy: A big Adventure – Immersive 3D platform experience for gamers
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Action-adventure series with the backstory of Viking invasion of Britain
  • Bugsnax – Entertaining and adventurous game where you capture 100 bugs
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Call of duty series that takes you deep into Cold War
  • Godfall – Shooter game where you feel every blow of the war
  • NBA2K23 – Latest version of NBA 2K series paying tribute to Michael Jordan

Summary table – Top 10 best PlayStation 5 Games

For a quick overview to know about the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games in glance , here’s a guide for you.

GameGenreGameplay hoursCompatibilityTotal salesLaunch year
Demon’s SoulsAction RPG30-40 hoursBackwards compatible with PS410 million+2020
Astro’s Playroom3D Platformer5-10 hoursExclusive to PS53.3 million+2020
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAction-adventure10-15 hoursBackwards compatible with PS46.5 million+2020
The PathlessAction-adventure10-15 hoursBackwards compatible with PS41 million+2021
Sackboy: A Big Adventure3D Platformer10-15 hoursExclusive to PS53.5 million+2020
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAction RPG30-40 hoursBackwards compatible with PS415 million+2020
BugsnaxAdventure10-15 hoursBackwards compatible with PS42 million+2020
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarFirst-person shooter20-30 hoursBackwards compatible with PS430 million+2020
GodfallAction RPG10-15 hoursExclusive to PS5500,000+2020
NBA 2K23Sports50-100 hoursBackwards compatible with PS4TBD2023

Overview- Top 10 Best PlayStation 5 Games

The PlayStation 5 has been out for over two years now, and it has already had a stellar lineup of games. From action-packed RPGs to stunning open-world adventures, there’s something for everyone on the PS5.

In this overview, we’ll take a look at the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games with reference to the latest games available in the market. These games are all critically acclaimed and have been praised for their gameplay, graphics, and storytelling.

1. Demons Souls

Demons Souls

Best for-Players who want to customize their characters in whatever way they want

No of players– Upto 6 players with PS plus

Price– $69.99-$89.99

Demons Souls gained the top spot in the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games and is a masterpiece developed by Bluepoint Games.  Competing with a wide range of titles, this upgrade of cult classics is at the top of the PS5 game list.  This new game brings a list of new features, and updates to create a good balance from the original game.  The obvious changes are the graphical overhaul, haptic feedback, and the immersive experience of the game. Demon’s Souls lets you fight as a lone warrior in PVP combat, defend against invasions or gather allies in the multiplayer game to fight against demons.  

An amazing remake of the cultDual Sense implementation is a little boring
Most visually impressive game for the interface of PS5Difficult to navigate the game in comparison with Dks1 & Dks3
Combat is brutal and  satisfactory for the players 
Exploring the Kingdom of Boletaria is a melancholic joy 

2. Astro’s Playroom

Astro Playroom

Best for-Players who want to test their reflexes for great gameplay

No of players– 1 Player

Price-Free of cost

Astro’s Playroom is one of the best free games on PS5.  The key purpose of bundling games with a console is to highlight the console features. You play as a small robot named Astro exploring the four different worlds set in the universe.  With DualSense’s vibration technology, you take full control of the main character. Moreover, with engaging characters and a lot of humorous scenes, this game is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. This game is full of hidden references and artifacts honoring PlayStation console history. Being in the list of top 10 best PlayStation 5 games , it serves the free tech demo for its DuaSense controller.

Unmissable, imaginative tribute to PlayStation historyIts over far too soon
All four stages are busting with bright ideas 
An inventive and impressive DualSense showcase 

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moracles

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moracles

Best for-Experiencing in-depth narrative focus and open-world gameplay style

No of players– 1 Player


Marvel Spiderman is one of the best remasters out there in the market. With great visual improvements, improved performance, this one is so far the best ray tracing on consoles.  Moreover , the  4K base resolution enhanced by Temporal injection and Dual Sense controls further light up the features of the game.  This game gained the top spot in the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games and so far the most realistic version of Marvel’s Spider-Man showing incredible details in each portion of the game. in brief , the game is spectacular 15 hour long adventure for players to enjoy.

 Shadows and ray-traced reflections for high resolutionStory quickly becomes predictable
 Dual Sense support to deliver haptic feedbackTechnical flaws in some parts of the game
Agile combat system that feels powerful 
Short story with great dramatic moments 

4. The Pathless

The Pathless

Best for-Experiencing the fun movement system and unearth long forgotten lores

No of players– 1 Player


The Pathless was released for both PS4 and PS5 simultaneously. Surprisingly, the two versions cost the same.  This game is at its best when living up to its name as it is filled with hidden puzzles to satisfy the curiosity of users.  The PS5 version of the game can solely boast the new PlayStation’s DualSense Controller Technology.   The game revolves around the archer and eagle trying to dispel the curse of the darkness that has been cast over the world.  With haptic vibrations and choice of performance options (4K with 60 FPS or4K with 30 FPS) is what makes the game standout from the rest.

 Fluid transversal mechanicsLack of guidance
Thrilling boss battles that keeps things short and simpleUnwanted intrusion and combat is underplayed
Great sense of speed and pace 
Vibrant and high-resolution graphics 
Intriguing open-world island with a varied range of puzzles 

5. Sackboy: A big Adventure

 Sackboy: A big Adventure

Best for-Gaining access to a multitude of platforming levels and experiencing 3D movements

No of players– 2-4 online players


Sackboy is one of the most preferred PlayStation characters of all time.  This 3D platform adventure is the most immersive Sack Boy game yet.  Due to the easy setup of this game, it tick marks all the decent doses of surprises that are enough to grab the attention. We picked this game to be a part of our top 10 best PlayStation 5 games list because it is packed with everything you want from a genre; creative-level design,  compelling visuals,  simple controls  and  soundtracks packed with radio hits.

Creative and simple design that’s appealingPedestrian take on the genre
Soundtracks are a beautiful mix of rhythm and platformerRepetitive boss battles
Vibrant and excellent visual quality 
A cute and charming platformer to showcase PS5 

6. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Best for– Trying the ultimate best version in sea-based gameplay

No of players– 1 player


 Assassin’s Creed Vahalla is a full-fledged series of trajectory of open-world RPG.  The developer has restored the history-themed action-adventure based on the Viking invasion of Britain.  This also includes a bonus mission for PS5 entitled as The Legend of Beowulf.  The game outperformed on PS5 and plays at 60 frames per second for a smoother experience. Moreover, being in the list of top 10 best Playstation 5 games it offers breathtaking combat with enhanced visuals bring a new life to the game.

Breathtaking combatFamiliar and basic storyline
Refined meta systemsBugs and glitches are reported
Incredibly dense world with great cast of characters 
Less complicated RPG 

7. Bugsnax


Best for– Exploring, hunting, and  capturing all 100  different  bugsnax

No of players– 1 player


Bugnax is a light-hearted first-person adventure game that is packed with mystery and puzzle adventure. Firstly, given out free, this game is for the players to indulge in fun gameplay. It draws a  beautiful margin between the adorable and creepy for gamers to experience the game in its full form. With appealing visuals, the food-finding game combines a mishmash of weird parts into eccentric and adorable creations.

Well-written and defined storylineNon-skippable text
Capturing every Bugsnax is a puzzleSnag info is irritating
Time and weather mechanicsFeel repetitive at some points
Secret boss battles are intriguing 

8. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best for– Experience tonnes of silly , fun and multiplayer modes.

No of players– Upto 40 players with PS Plus


The latest series of Call of Duty drops players into the Cold War years of the early 1980s.  This game is specifically designed for the historical fiction gaming genre enthusiasts to show the balance between power and alter history. The distinct feature of the game is for the players who purchase a $20 Battle Pass Bundle and receive additional 5 tier skips that’s why it made into the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games list .  Moreover, if you play together in parties, you will receive 25% weapon bonus.

Incredibly designed fast-paced gunplayMultiplayer is lacking in comparison with the previous season
Unified war-zone experienceShort  story
 A large number of iconic characters is a nostalgic treatSome fast paced missions are boring
Has moments of seriousness and humor 

9. Godfall


Best for– Trying out the next generation of console gaming 

No of players– 3 network players


Godfall received mixed reviews but it’s still a unique spin on the looter-slasher genre.  With sound combat mechanics, the gameplay quickly stole the attention of gamers.  The fantasy action rolling game that rewards you with loot when you kill armies standing in your way. Enemies and bosses are primarily designed with co-op in mind, therefore equipped with special abilities that counter players attacking from various angles.  The stereotypical next-gen launch with the ultimate graphical prowess is the show stellar.  But the gameplay lacks at some points, which is frustrating for pro gamers.

Visually appealing and Next-gen graphics  Skippable endgame
Responsive fight mechanismMonotonous structure of repeating fights
 Each weapon feels different and fun to useMeaningless upgrades and skill
Varied physical abilities add depth to each encounter 

10. NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23- Top 10 best PlayStation 5 games

Best for– Experience best-in-class graphics and gameplay

No of players– Upto 8 online players


NBA 2K series never failed to amaze gamers with improvements in the overall graphics and gameplay.  The next-gen version pays homage to Michael Jordan with an exclusive Michael Jordan Edition that features the Jordan Challenge. NBA 2k23 takes you closer to the action with enhanced vibration function and trigger effects.  With “My Team” mode you can easily build your own team of current and former NBA players to compete in different game modes.

The Jordan challengeLong loading times
Lots of new game modesDifficult controls 
A love letter to basketball fans 

How we have selected the top 10 Best PlayStation 5 games?

Although there are hard-to-fast rules to determine the criteria of the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games here are some general factors that are kept in consideration while making a selection.

Gameplay of top 10 Best PlayStation 5 games

  • Engagement: How does the game keep the player engaged?  It should have a compelling story, challenging gameplay, or a rewarding progression system. All the games listed in the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games list keep the user hooked until the last challenge.
  • Variety: Does the game offer a variety of gameplay experiences?  In any of the games listed in the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games you have the chance to experience different levels, enemies, or challenges.
  • Depth: How much depth does the game have? All the games in top 10 best PlayStation 5 games offer the chance to master the mechanics and strategies to become better at every level.
  • Replayability: How much replayability does the game have?  Some of the top-rated games in the list offer players experience different things each time they players play.

Storytelling power of Top 10 Best PlayStation 5 games

  • Characters: Are the characters well-developed and relatable? Do they have clear motivations and goals?  All the games that took the top spot in  top 10 best PlayStation 5 games have well-developed characters that carry forward the story of the game.
  • Plot: Is the plot engaging and suspenseful? Does it have twists and turns that keep the player guessing? Plot being a thing of vital importance are taken into account for the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games and only the games that have well-defined plot are inculcated in the list.
  • Themes: Does the game explore any interesting themes or ideas? Does it have something to say about the world or the human condition? Yes, you heard it right games with monotonous themes are the reason why people leave the missions in the middle . All the games mentioned in top 10 best PlayStation 5 games list  are story driven with interesting themes.

Graphical fidelity of top 10 Best PlayStation 5 games

  • Visual fidelity: How realistic and detailed are the graphics? Do they take advantage of the PS5’s hardware? Check it in well-crafted list of top 10 best PlayStation 5 games, you will be amazed to know that most games emulate the real world to the highest possible extent.
  • Art style: Is the art style unique and visually appealing?  The art style should fit the game’s tone and setting in the best possible way. Whether is monochromatic, vector or pixel art, choose the art style that matches your preference from the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games.
  • Animation: Are the animations smooth and fluid?  They should convey the characters’ emotions and movements effectively.  All the high-rated games in the top 10 best PlayStation 5 games list have high animation performance and frame rate.
  • Atmosphere: Does the game create a believable and immersive atmosphere . The  games that gained the top spot in top 10 best PlayStation 5 games use sound, lighting, and other effects to create a sense of place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best version of Ps5?

Both the models of PlayStation 5 models deliver excellent gaming experiences.  But the standard  PS5 offers great value in the longer run.  Although it costs an extra $100 but the price is worth the gaming experience.

What PS5 games are worth playing?

 The top games that you will  enjoy will include the following :
1. Demons Souls
2. Astro Playroom
3. Marvel’s Spider-Man
4. The Pathless
5. Sackboy: A big Adventure


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