In this It Takes Two review we will circle around the plot, features, and plans and pricing of the game to give you a general idea. 

Developed by Hazelight Studios and launched by Electronic Arts in 2021, It Takes Two tells a heartfelt story of love and family. This captivating multiplayer game takes players on a fantastical journey all the while placing emphasis on the importance of working in tandem. Players take on the roles of Mary and Cody and aid them as they traverse through treacherous realms to get back to their bodies and daughter. The game took inspiration from the family in peril trope and created a masterpiece that won’t be forgotten for decades. 

In this cooperative action-adventure video game, players venture through imaginative environments, working together and exploring themes of friendship, love, forgiveness and power of unity.

It Takes Two Review – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Responsive gameplay Unimpressive voice acting
Well-told narrative Some levels can be dull and boring
Incredible cooperative gameplay The characters of Cody and Mary aren’t that likeable
Mind-blowing visuals   
Fun to play  
Keeps players guessing till the end  

It Takes Two Review – Plot

It Takes Two Review

It takes Two is a game that celebrates the value of human connection and family. In this game players assume the role of Cody and Mary, a dysfunctional couple on the verge of a divorce. Upon learning about her parents broken relationship, their daughter Rose magically transforms them into pint-sized dolls. Trapped in their new bodies, the two must find a way to beat all odds and get back into their bodies. 

Along the way they get help from a talking book of love called Dr Hakim. As the game progresses, Cody and Mary traverse through imaginative environments solving puzzles, taking on challenges all the while discovering the beauty of togetherness and love. As they venture through the wild and whimsical landscape, the two rediscover the joy of being a family. The game beautifully explores themes of love, togetherness, and cooperation providing a vital piece of advice in the end. 

It Takes Two Review – World Building

It Takes Two transports players into an imaginative and whimsical world, blending elements of reality with fantastical environments. The story is based on the struggles of a couple Mary and Cody, whose relationship is hanging by a thread. Upon finding themselves trapped in the bodies of dolls the couple must work together to navigate their way through a series of interconnected environments, where each environment represents an aspect of their relationship. These whimsical environments range from a magical tree house to a winter wonderland and also includes a beautiful kaleidoscope inspired space. 

Along their journey, Cody and Mary come face to face with anthropomorphic characters that personify emotions, adding depth to the intriguing narrative. Every level of the game symbolizes the joy of family and the importance of working together. The whimsical and emotionally charged environments of It Takes Two presents players with trials and tribulations that can only be overcome by working together. 

It Takes Two Review – Key Features

It takes two

It Takes Two Review – Engaging Storyline

It Takes Two immerse players into an emotionally charged narrative, weaving a compelling tale of a dysfunctional couple striving to mend the fragments of their marriage and reconcile their differences. The story is delivered in a light-hearted, heartfelt manner with a deeply rooted message.

It Takes Two Review – Cooperative Gameplay

It Takes Two is a multiplaye­r game that allows two players to join forces e­ither online or locally. The playe­rs step into the shoes of Mary and Cody as the­y navigate their way through the imme­rsive storyline. This cooperative­ game necessitate­s teamwork for conquering challenge­s and progressing in the narrative.

It Takes Two Review – Imaginative World Building

While playing It Takes Two, players will come across imaginative environments. Each environment harbours distinct challenges and gameplay. These environments present players with a variety of settings including a magical tree house and a winter wonderland.  

It Takes Two Review – Puzzles

Throughout the game players will come across a wide range of puzzles that demand the cooperation and critical thinking of both players. These demanding puzzles require players to combine the abilities of Mary and Cody to get through them. 

It Takes Two Review – Dynamic Gameplay

Each level of the game introduces players to new and inventive gameplay. This tactic keeps the game intriguing and fresh all the while keeping players on their toes requiring them to adapt and collaborate to progress. 

It Takes Two Review – Abilities of Characters

Game developers ta Hazelight Studios assigned distinct abilities to Cody and Mary, which have a great impact on the gameplay. Mary possesses the remarkable ability to clone herself while Cody excels at wielding a hammer. These abilities play an important role in overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles throughout the game. Players must combine the abilities of the two characters to reach the end.  

It Takes Two Review – Emotional Themes

The incre­dible world depicted in It Take­s Two serves as a powerful me­taphor for Cody and Mary’s transformative journey towards reconciliation. The game explores themes of forgiveness, love, and family giving a vital message of togetherness in the end. 

It Takes Two Review – Plans and Pricing

Edition  Xbox Price
It Takes Two Digital Version  $39.99

If you wish you play It Takes Two, you can purchase it via the Xbox Store. Apart from the It Takes Two Digital Version the store also has a free It Takes Two Friends Pass. With the friends pass you can play the game with a friend even if you don’t have the complete version. The game can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Frequently Asked Questions

With which platforms is It Takes Two compatible?

The game is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

What is the price of It Takes Two on different platforms?

The price of It Takes Two on all the platforms mentioned above is $39.99. You can purchase the digital version of the game from the Xbox Store, PS Store, Nintendo Store and Steam. For the physical version you can visit the nearest GameStop. 

Who is the antagonist in It Takes Two?

The Vacuum is the antagonist in It Takes Two. Mary and Cody abandoned the Vacuum when it broke and ever since that day it harbours feelings of hatred and vengeance towards them.
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