In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past nine years and haven’t set foot in the glamorous city of Los Santos, we will provide you with a GTA V review to change your mind. 

Even though it’s been nine years since GTA V came out, the game is still preposterously fun, offering a sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America. After playing the game, you might feel that Rockstar developed this wickedly comic game just to mock modern-day America, the millennial generation, the middle class, the media, and celebrities. Set in the superficial city of Los Santos that represents a warped image of Los Angeles, this gruelingly amusing game is filled with crime and debauchery.

GTA V Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Intricately detailed, stunning world Characters can be irritating sometimes
Exciting heist missions Slow Interface 
Three protagonists Several bugs and glitches
Brilliant missions   
Mind blowing graphics  


GTA V Review
GTA V Review

The game is set in the sprawling sun-soaked city of Los Santos which is plagued by economic crises and filled with starlets, fading celebrities, self-help gurus, and criminals. The game follows three protagonists Michael, a professional ex-con, Trevor, a psychopathic maniac who takes pleasure in violence and is driven by desire and resentment and Franklin, a street hustler who is driven by his hope and ambition to one day achieve his goals. 

The three criminals embark on a journey filled with crime, exciting heists, exhilarating missions, and bloody shootouts.

GTA V World Building 

The fictional city of Los Santos is based on Los Angeles and presents a distorted image of its counterpart. Los Santos is a huge city inhabited by individuals of many races. The city is divided into four parts East, West, North, and South Los Santos. Each part comprises its distinct neighborhoods and landmarks. Some of its famous landmarks include the Vinewood sign, Vinewood Bowl, Hotel Figueroa, and Los Santos City Hall. The city is famous for its film culture and sports however, it is plagued by poverty, murders, gangs, and violence. 

GTA V Review – Core Features

Picturesque Map

GTA V provides a huge map for players to explore, offering tons of great areas to roam around. The map, which is almost fifty square miles comprises beautiful areas, that intrigue and compel one to explore it in depth. Some of the best places that players can visit on the map are Raton Canyon, The Alamo Sea, El Gordo Lighthouse, Mount Chiliad, Vinewood Hills, The Diamond Casino and Resort, Maze Bank Tower, Grove Street, and Vespucci Beach. 

Huge List of Planes

Flying a plane over the shimmering city of Los Santos fills one with euphoria and ecstasy. This is not the only game in the GTA franchise that allows players to fly a plane, but it does house the largest collection, offering more than 30+ planes, each with its own features and attributes.

Variety of Side Games

In case you get tired of all the violence and crime you can unwind by having your characters play golf and tennis and even have them go cycling. GTA’s non-violent side also carries a few fun elements, and it doesn’t hurt to check them out once. 

Three Protagonists

Now this is a treat! With three protagonists, users have the opportunity to switch between them and play the game from three different perspectives. This feature them to experience a range of different stories and settings. All three protagonists have different motivations and thought processes which add more fun and intrigue to the game.

GTA V Review – Plans and Pricing

Edition Xbox Price
Grand Theft Auto online $19.99
Grand Theft Auto V  $59.99
Grand Theft Auto V Premium  $29.99
Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition and Whale Shark card bundle $59.99
Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition and Megalodon Shark card bundle $89.99
Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition and Great White Shark card bundle $44.99

GTA V has various editions and bundles that you can purchase from the Xbox store. All of these editions work on Xbox 360, Xbox one, and Xbox Series X/S. The game also has an online version for the price of $19.99. GTA V Online gives gamers more customization options and content variety. The online game is also multiplayer which makes it ten times better than the offline version.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what city is GTA V set in?

GTA V is set in the fictional city of Los Santos that was created in the image of Los Angeles. Los Santos is a metropolitan city that is famous for its sports and film industry. The city’s main problems are poverty, crime, and violence. 

How many protagonists are in GTA V?

GTA V has three protagonists namely Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. All three are mastermind criminals, hell bent of bringing mayhem and chaos to the world. 

Who developed GTA V?

GTA V was developed and launched by Rockstar Games in the year 2013 and has generated a revenue of $7.7 billion for the company. 
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