FIFA 23, developed by EA Sports and launched by Electronic Arts in 2022, is a beloved football simulation video game worldwide. Considered the pinnacle of football gaming, FIFA 23 encompasses enhanced graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics, and an abundance of new features that create an immersive experience. As the final instalment in the FIFA series, EA Sports dedicated significant efforts to crafting a masterpiece that will be revered for generations to come. From casual gamers to devoted football enthusiasts, players will be captivated by its realistic gameplay mechanics from start to finish. We at Top 10 Gen are big football enthusiasts, so we decided to write a detailed FIFA 23 review so that you can enjoy it as much as we did.  

FIFA 23: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fluid gameplay Feels more like an update
Balanced match mechanics  Clunky interface
New mode updates   
Detailed visuals  
Great audio and soundtrack  

FIFA 23 Modes

The game offers players 11 modes which are then divided into further categories. From online mode to offline, single to multiplayer, FIFA 23 offers an array of features and modes for its fans to enjoy.

Kick-off Mode

Kick-off is the most coveted game mode of FIFA 23, especially among casual players. The mode enables players to orchestrate quick matches against CPU or their friends, by utilizing any of the available teams. All the licensed FIFA teams are at your disposal, all you have to do is select your favorite team and play ball. To add a little excitement to the game you can also set up rules and play various licensed competitions. 

Online Friendlies 

In the Online Friendlies mode, players have the opportunity to invite their friends for an exciting online gaming experience. Throughout the game, they can monitor their performance and determine who emerges as the top contender on the field. The player with the highest points after five seasons will be awarded a prestigious trophy.


The tournament mode of FIFA 23 is what we call innovative. This mode gives players the opportunity to come up with a custom tournament. Gamers can come up with their own rules, select the tournament type and teams. Furthermore, they can also experience over 50 real football tournaments and can lead one of the UFEA Champions League and CONMEBOL Libertadores teams to the final. Another noteworthy aspect of FIFA 23 is the Women’s International Cup, in which players can experience the pinnacle of women’s football. Talk about gender inclusion.

Skill Games

Skill Games provide an exceptional mode suitable for beginners. This mode allows players to refine their skills by participating in numerous challenges such as free kicks, chips shot, and dribbling. 

Practice Arena 

Another exhilarating mode that can help beginners get into the game is Practice Arena. This mode gives players the freedom to select a player and a goalkeeper for training. Users can visit the Arena to train and hone their skills like shooting, goalkeeping, and dribbling. 


FIFA 23 introduced a top-notch, and unprecedented mode called VOLTA FOOTBALL. Volta brings futsal and street football to the FIFA series, where players can come up with a football character and train him/her via single, multiplayer, or skill games. Within VOLTA FOOTBALL players can hone their skills by playing different game modes including Squads, Arcade, and Battles. 

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the most profitable mode of FIFA, allowing players to build their very own dream squad. Gamers can purchase new players to add to their clubs via global transfer market. When creating your dream team pay extra attention to the players ’ positions and team chemistry and don’t resort to just throwing in well-known players in the squad. 

Career Mode

For decades the Career Mode has been the most coveted mode in the FIFA franchise. Although it can’t be played online yet, rumor has it that EA is on its way to launch an online version of the mode. Players get two options in Career Mode, they can either become a manager or a player. In the managerial career, players can manage a team for years, even decades. As manager players will have the obligation to conquer board goals and use the club’s budget to balance the team. If you select the player career, you will have to hone the skills of your character and build your career as a famous footballer. 

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs is an online social mode that allows players to create an avatar called a Virtual Pro player and have it play in the field with friends. Players can engage in 11 vs. 11 matches and improve their avatar by gaining XP and leveling up.


The Seasons mode of FIFA 23 is split into co-op and online modes. In Seasons online mode, players can take the field with their favorite team and play against other online users within their division. In Seasons co-op mode, players can engage in 2 vs. 2 matches and team with a friend to play against two other players.

FIFA World Cup

In FIFA 23 you can witness the mother of all tournaments, the FIFA World Cup and play a part in it. Players will be able to feel the excitement and thrill of the tournament resonate through their consoles. EA Sports did a commendable job in replicating the true experience of the ultimate football tournament. The mode features all you can hope for and much more including stadiums, national teams, match balls, and of course the prestigious FIFA trophy. 

Core Features

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

EA Sports meticulously created a game that sets unprecedented standards for future football games. FIFA 23 features improved gameplay mechanics, providing a more authentic experience. From realistic player movements to improved ball physics, everything screams authenticity and perfection.

Career Mode

The Career Mode features enhanced player development, additional managerial challenges, and improved AI transfers. All these features aim towards providing a more realistic and authentic gaming experience. 

Visual Upgrades

FIFA 23 went through some major visual upgrades. The game features improved graphic and visual effects that delivers a stunning football experience. The visuals of the game are enhanced and sharp, giving the impression of a real-life tournament. 

Women’s World Cup

For the first time in EA Sports FIFA history, gamers can play as women’s club teams. EA Sports went a tad bit further and included the Women’s World Cup, proving to the world that football isn’t just for men. 

Plans and Pricing

Editions Xbox Price
FIFA 23 Standard Edition $59.99
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition $99.99

You can visit the Xbox store if you are interested in purchasing the game. The store offers two editions of the game, a standard edition and an ultimate one, with prices ranging from $59.99-$99.99. Both of these editions are playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms is FIFA 23 compatible with?

FIFA 23 is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. 

From where can I purchase FIFA 23?

You can purchase the game’s digital version from the Xbox Store, PS Store, Nintendo Store, EA Store, Steam, and Epic Games.

What is the Price of FIFA 23?

For Xbox and PS, the price of FIFA 23 ranges from $59.99-$99.99. Whereas for Windows its price ranges from $69.99-$89.99. The price of FIFA 23 on the Nintendo Store is $39.99.
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