Join us as we traverse through the unforgivable realm of Demon’s Souls Review, exploring its various aspects. 

Demon’s Souls is a critically acclaimed action-adventure game that was developed by Bluepoint Games, and its remake was launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2020. Just like other Hidetaka Miyazaki games, Demon’s Souls is a challenging and grueling game., well known for its unforgivable difficulty. Players follow a lone adventurer who is on a mission to restore peace to the realm, plagued by chaos and demonic entities. Demon’s Souls features brutal combat, hauntingly beautiful aesthetics, and intricate level designs that bring joy to the hearts of RPG lovers.

Demon’s Souls Review – Pros and Cons

Amazing remake of the 2009 cult classicDual Sense implementation is a little boring
Visually impressive gameDifficult to navigate the game in comparison with Dks1 & Dks3
Brutal combatMight not be everyone’s cup of tea
Exploring the Kingdom of Boletaria is a melancholic joyObscure game mechanics
Stunningly beautiful graphics 
Amazing sound quality 

Demon’s Souls Review – Plot

Set against the cursed and desolate backdrop of the kingdom of Boletaria, the players must navigate their way in the dark realm putting an end to all the demons that might cross their path. Boletaria was once a land of peace but has transformed into an apocalyptic nightmare ever since a primordial demon called the Old One awoke from his slumber and unleashed his army of Archdemons. The 12th king of Boletaria in his quest for power channeled the ancient Soul Arts, awakening the demon in its wake. Now a thick fog surrounds the kingdom that sucks people’s souls out of their bodies transforming them into diabolical creatures. 

Players embark on an epic journey as a lone adventure, on a mission to destroy the Archdemons and bring peace to the realm of Boletaria, lulling the Old One into deep. slumber. Throughout their perilous journey players will encounter diverse characters, friends, and foes alike. The fate of Boletaria lies in the hands of the players, who must venture deep into the realm, putting everything at stake even their mortality. 

Demon’s Souls Review – World Building

demon's souls review

Players traverse through the hauntingly beautiful world of Demon Souls to restore the kingdom of Boletaria. Boletaria was once a prosperous realm but is now plagued by a malevolent force called the Old One. Boletaria is shrouded in a sinister fog that transforms humans into demons, sucking their souls. 

The desolation of the realm is evident from Stonefang’s crumbling stone towers to the melancholic beauty of the Shrine of Storms. However, even in the darkest times, there is refuge for those who seek it. Nexus is the heart of the realm. It is an otherworldly hub where lost souls find a haven and the adventurer finds comfort between their grueling journeys. While traversing through the game players will find themselves getting sucked into its dark lore, with no way out but the reach the ultimate end. 

Demon’s Souls Review – Key Features

demon's souls review

Demon’s Souls Review – Grueling Combat

The game features an unforgiving and grueling combat that will keep you on your toes. In order to defeat the formidable foes, players must think strategically, devise plans, and understand the enemy. Then and only then can they defeat them. 

Demon’s Souls Review – Beautiful Aesthetics

The hauntingly beautiful realm of Boletaria is brought the life with stunning visuals, intricate level designs, and a melancholic atmosphere. The graphics of the game transport players into the magical realm of Demon Souls, tingling their senses and boosting serotonin. 

Demon’s Souls Review – Photo Mode

Demon’s Souls has a feature called photo mode. This feature allows the players to take photos of the game and share with others. This feature is available only in the 2020 remake. 

Demon’s Souls Review – Bug Fixing and Rate Drop

BluePoint has claimed that the new version of the game has fewer bugs. It has also dropped the rates of some game items that players need. 

Demon’s Souls Review – New Items

In this new version, a new item for example Grains has been introduced for the resistance of players against their enemies. Apart from that, the healing grass feature has been changed as well in the game.

Demon’s Souls Review – Multiplayer mode

Demon’s Souls has a unique multiplayer system. Players can team up with friends to take on challenging bosses, invade other’s realms and leave messages for friends.

Demon’s Souls Review – Plans and Pricing

EditionsPS Price
Standard Edition$69.99
Digital Deluxe Edition$89.99

Demon’s Souls is comprised of two editions namely, standard edition and digital deluxe editions with their price ranging from $69.99-$89.99. Both of these editions are available on the PS Store and are playable on PS5. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many endings does Demon’s Souls have?

Demon’s Solus has two endings that are based on the decisions of the player and their route of action. 

Will Demon’s Souls come to PC?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any indication by Sony to launch a PC version of the Demon’s Souls remake.

Is Demon’s Souls a scary game?

The game features certain horror elements. However, by definition, Demon’s Souls can’t be branded as a horror game.
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