In this Control review, we will dive into the game’s plot, features, plans, and pricing to provide you with a detailed overview. 

The sagacious minds at Remedy Entertainment developed a top-notch, deliciously bizarre game and launched it in 2019 under the name Control. The game provides players with much-needed escapism as it engulfs them in a paranormal fantasy that seems utterly believable and bizarre at the same time. Players step in the shoes of Jesse Faden as she embarks on a wild and thrilling journey to find her brother who was kidnapped when they were kids. The visually stunning and mind-bending game defies all conventional gaming norms and transfers players into a stunningly paranormal world.

Control Review – Pros and Cons

Incredible graphicsBland characters
Stylish combat paired with exhilarating superpowersFrustrating bosses
Great storylineConfusing map
Cinematic game 

Control Review – Plot

Control review

Control delivers an incredible blend of mystery and paranormal, that keeps players guessing till the very end. The plot revolves around the protagonist Jesse Faden as she embarks on an eerie journey to find her brother, Dylan who got kidnapped when they were kids. Her search leads her to the ever-changing and enigmatic Oldest House which is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). 

The Oldest House is not your usual vintage, fortified fortress but is a place that exists out of the ordinary laws of space and time. Upon arrival, Jesse accidentally and unexpectedly becomes the director of this para-natural domain. Players take on the role of Jesse as she unveils the mystery surrounding the FBC, armed with her newfound supernatural abilities and a shape-shifting weapon called the Service Weapon. Throughout her journey, Jesse faces powerful and bizarre adversaries as she tries to earth the secrets of the bureau and comes face to face with her past in the process. 

Players must navigate and find their way through a surreal narrative that blurs the lines between mundane and extraordinary all the while making choices that will reshape the destiny of the Oldest House and those inhabiting it. 

Control Review – World Building

The writers of Control wove a beautiful and intriguing world, binding paranormal phenomena and bureaucratic intrigue into a tapestry of enigma and enthrall. Set within the confines of the Oldest House, the atmosphere carries with it an aura of lore, mystery, and paranatural. The Oldest House is an otherworldly structure existing outside the confines of mundane reality, a place where lines between bizarre and extraordinary blur.

The architecture of the Oldest House is everchanging, surrounded by an eerie atmosphere, harboring supernatural objects within its walls. The world of Control will challenge players’ perceptions of right and wrong, bending their minds with unanswered questions and captivating them with a sense of awe and intrigue that won’t let go till the very end. 

Control Review – Core Features


Supernatural Abilities

The game provides players with an intriguing blend of supernatural and mundane abilities.  The protagonist, Jesse Faden gains supernatural abilities upon arriving at the Oldest House. She can wield abilities like levitation, telekinesis, and mind control to battle otherworldly adversaries and navigate the ever-changing environment of the Oldest House. 

Shifting Environments

The Oldest House is an ever-changing entity, enhancing the intrigue and excitement of the players. Its shifting architecture creates a dynamic and mind-bending environment giving players the opportunity to encounter altered realities, explore hidden passages, and unearth mind-blowing secrets. 

Objects of Power

Throughout the game, players will come in contact with Objects of Power. These inanimate objects possess supernatural abilities, offering unique benefits. Objects of Power can help upgrade Jesse’s abilities that further add to the allure of the game.

Side Missions and Secrets

The game offers players a plethora of side missions that provide additional depth to the narrative. Moreover, the Oldest House is jampacked with dark secrets waiting to be discovered. 

Surreal Atmospheres

The game expertly engulfs players in its enigmatic narrative by providing a deliciously intricate blend of mystery and supernatural. Control features stunning visuals, haunting soundscapes, and atmospheric lighting that add to the enigma and surrealness of the game. 

Intriguing Narrative

Control takes players on a mind-bending journey filled with supernatural mystery and paranormal horror. The game’s narrative keeps players intrigued and confused till the very end with them questioning every step they take. 

Challenging combat

Control delivers challenging and exhilarating combats that test players’ skills, strategies, and abilities. In order to claim victory over the adversaries, players must use a combination of Jesse’s supernatural abilities, tactical thinking, and environmental advantages. 

Control Review – Plans and Pricing

EditionXbox Price
Control $29.99
Control Ultimate Edition$39.99

Control offers players two editions one is the base game edition and the other is the ultimate edition. The price of these editions range from $29.99-$39.99 and is available on the Xbox Store. Both editions are compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Frequently Asked Questions

With which platforms is Control compatible?

Control can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

Where can I buy control from?

You can purchase the digital version of the game from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo Store, and Steam. For a physical copy, you may visit the nearest GameStop.

Who is the antagonist in Control?

The Hiss is the antagonist of Control. It is an unseen, otherworldly entity that has the ability to possess objects and living beings, enslaving them in the process.
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