In this Ghostery Review , all the details including key features , pricing plans and combability of this efficient software is explained in detail.

When you are surfing the internet, trackers are continuously tracking your online activity.  The information helps in target advertising, selling it to trackers, and even stealing your personal information.  With Ghostery as the name states you can surf on the web like a ghost, leaving no trace.  Its useful and powerful tools are available at a minimal cost.

Ghostery is a powerful ad tracker and blocker that completely protects your online privacy. It is high-rated ad blocker that won the 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy  & Security. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the hype is all about in this Ghostery Review .

Ghostery Overview 

Ghostery Review

Ghostery offers a comprehensive free version that is efficient in blocking ads and trackers.  To provide a good user experience, it also offers whitelisting and blacklisting features. In addition, it shows optimal performance in regularly updating the list of blocked trackers.

Does it block YouTube ads? Yes
Compatibility Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera
Contributor Plan Starts at $11.99/mo

To our delight, Ghostery blocks advertisements on web pages with incomparable performance for free. It also has the ability to automatically decline cookies for you so that you don’t have to.   Overall the intuitive interface and streamlined approach help to provide an excellent browsing experience.

Ghostery Review : Key Features

Ghostery Review

By improving the loading time through efficient ad blocking, Ghostery can improve the overall performance of the web pages. Ghostery take care of your privacy so you don’t have to worry about suspicious ads popping up on your feed based on your browsing behavior.  To explore further let’s explore in detail all the prominent features in this Ghostery review.

 Never Consent Feature

 Ghostery is one of the most credible ad blockers that have a convenient “ never-consent” feature. This advanced feature automatically declines consent for cookie pop-ups, so you don’t have to do it by manually clicking it.  In addition to this, the pause feature lets you pause Ghostery for a span of 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours.

Comprehensive library of trackers

Ghosterey lets you block ads and trackers through the latest technologies and its comprehensive library of more than 5000 trackers.  The trackers are continuously updated and posted in database at WhoTracks.Me.  In addition, the advanced setting is more inclined towards a community-driven approach.  It lets anyone submit a tracker they find on the company’s website, making it easier to add more trackers to the list.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

 Ghostery also offers whitelisting and blacklisting features that are shown on the dashboard as “trust site” or “restrict site”. This feature lets you decide to allow or disallow the list of trackers on a specific webpage you visit.  You can access this feature through the Ghostery settings.

Intuitive Interface

 Ghostery blocks various types of ads, site analytics trackers, and social media trackers.  It has a simple, easy-to-use interface for easy navigation.   In addition, it has an “ads blocked counter” that displays the number of advertisements that are blocked on each web page.

Contributor-Only Features

 The paid plan of Ghostery offers several additional features that are not available in the free plan.   The contributor plan has the following features that are additional to the free plan and explained as follows in this Ghostery review :

Historical trackers and stats– Allow you to access data that has been collected on a daily or monthly basis.  It shows the record of all the trackers detected and blocked.

Priority Support-Quick and efficient responses to all your queries. This ensures that none of your query remain unanswered.

Advanced tracker analytics -Provides extensive insights about the type of trackers that are found and how often they are found.

Custom color themes– For a personalized experience, Ghostery offers custom color themes. To make it vibrant, you can play around with this feature.

Sponsored Links – For secure and safe browsing sponsored links are removed from private browsers and private search.

With all the premium features, Ghostery’s paid plan is worth checking out.  If you want a secure, customized experience, do give Contribution Plan a try.

Ghostery Compatibility

 Ghostery is a powerful and versatile browser extension that is compatible with a range of browsers. Along with browsers, it works extremely well for Android and iOS devices.  

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • iOs devices
  • Firefox for Android

 Ghostery Pricing Plans

Ghostery plans start out free but it also has a reasonable contributor plan that cost $ 3.99/mo when billed annually. The free and paid version comes with a range of features. Have a look at the key features of free and paid plan in this Ghostery review.

  Free Plan Contributor Plan
Cost Free $3.99-$11.99/mo
Ad blocking
Tracker blocking
Cookie consent blocker
Custom Themes
Historical statistics
Historical tracker analytics
Hide sponsored links
Priority Customer Support

Ghostery Coupon Codes

Ghostery Review

Coupon codes are the good approach to use the abilities of the ad blocker in a lesser price . For effecient ad blocker like Ghostery , there are numerous discounted deals available on various affiliate sites. We have compiled them at a single place for you to make use of Ghostery in best possible ways.

Is Ghostery Worth it?

Ghostery helps you browse efficiently by giving complete control over ads and tracking technologies. Moreover, it is a safe option to increase page load speed, eliminate clutter and protect your data.  With a comprehensive privacy engine, it is the ideal choice to stop trackers, hide ads, and prevent popups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ghostery track your information?

No, Ghostery does not track your information at all.  It offers a  full-fledged privacy suite and prevents third parties to access your data.

Can Ghostery be trusted?

Yes, Ghostery is extremely secure. With a transparent privacy policy and comprehensive tracking library. It also has a data protection office that ensures complete compliance with data protection laws.

Does Ghostery decline cookies?

 One of the unique aspects of Ghostery is that it automatically declines cookies, saving time for all the manual work to decline cookies on every webpage.  So, check Ghostery to block trackers and ads.


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