In this Adblock Plus Review , we have elaborated all the key details including pros and cons , compatibility, pricing of this efficient ad blocker.

AdBlock Plus is one of the old-guard ad blockers that are extremely easy to use. As annoying advertisements are an inescapable part of the internet, so ad blockers are crucial for great web experience.  It doesn’t matter whether you are watching a recipe on the Internet or reading out a blog post, it’s equally annoying.  It’s an extremely easy-to-use, cost-effective way to block advertisements.

As more and more people are inclined towards the use of online video, advertisers are increasingly focused on targeted ads.  In testing Adblock Plus, it is noted that it is able to remove advertisements on the PCMag home page and all other pages. Also, AdBlock Plus suppressed pre-roll and windowed advertisements on YouTube. to know all its features read the Adblock Plus Review.

Adblock Plus : Quick Overview 

Adblock Plus Review

 Adblock Plus is an effective browser extension with a user-friendly interface and improved functionality.  You can first check out the free version to enhance your overall web page experience. Lets have a look at the basics in this Adblock Plus Review.

Does it block YouTube ads?Yes
CompatibilityGoogle Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari
Paid VersionStarts at $1.99/mo

Adblock Plus is efficient in blocking YouTube ads, display ads, banners, and much more. Not only this but in the paid version you can get rid of pop-ups when you are scrolling. This functionality is not only useful to get rid of ads but also in terms of the malware it contains.

Adblock Plus Review: Key Features

AdBlock Plus offers several different functionalities to facilitate safe browsing for users.  One of the most useful features is the allow listing toggle.  With this option, you can easily whitelist a site to allow ads or toggle off the blocker for a specific webpage.  There is no need to create a special block list as the plug-in does that for you. All the key features are explained in detail in this Adblock Plus review.

Acceptable Ad option

With a range of functionalities, it allows you to customize your web browsing.   It also has the option of acceptable ads which allow non-invasive advertisements on the site while also allow listing of certain advertisements.  You can easily add the websites to the allowlist which is an exception in this case that allows the website to display ads. The advertisements usually give back to your favorite creators who rely on ad revenue.  

Apart from this you can create filters, block social media trackers, and much more. There are even several options that can disable tracking features on social media sites so they can’t build a profile of you.

Security & Privacy

The Android application of Adblock Plus blocks web pages, and trackers and provides a high level of privacy.  This application works smoothly to help you in browsing the web anonymously, prevent trackers from tracking your online activity and lastly block advertisements from getting displayed.  

Themes on Adblock Plus

For a clean and seamless browsing experience, AdBlock was installed on Safari browser, macOs, and iOS devices. From site like Forbes and other video-based sites, it blocks the ads at the beginning which also increased the page loading speed.

Distraction Control Adblock Plus

The premium version takes your online experience to the next level with advanced features.  The distraction control helps you block annoying distractions like floating videos, site notifications, and newsletter pop-ups. With this functionality enabled, you can get rid of all those ads in a matter of seconds.  Moreover, it allows users to have full command of their online experience by blocking survey requests and other annoyances. To access Distraction control, all you have to do is to access the premium version.

AdBlock Plus Compatibility

Adblock Plus Review

Adblock Plus is a top-notch ad blocker that has a decent offering of browser compatibility.  It works extremely well for a wide range of browsers and devices. Although it has a free application for Android for the browser, it’s a great start.

AdBlock Plus Premium

Adblock Plus is a robust tool with premium subscription plans that have advanced options for blocking site notifications and floating videos.  Even the premium subscription plan is budget friendly and costs you approximately $20 per year. With this reasonable pricing, you can take advantage of all the premium features. AdBlock Premium is worth it if you want to get rid of all the annoying advertisements on web pages.  

 AdBlock Plus  Pricing

Have a look at the pricing of free and premium plan in this Adblock Plus review

 Adblock Plus FreeAdblock Plus Premium
 PriceFree$1.99/mo or $19.99/yr
Block ads and pop-ups✔️✔️
Block trackers✔️✔️
Block site notifications✔️
Block survey request✔️
Block floating videos✔️

Adblock Plus doesn’t compromise the privacy of users. This means that your data is in safe hands and not up for sale.  The application even mentions in its privacy policy that your data is practically invisible to users.  AdBlock Plus does notify that it shares aggregated anonymous information with some third parties, but the information cannot be traced back to you.

 Is Adblock Plus worth it?

In terms of ad blocking, Adblock Plus is a viable option. Not only it blocks ads but also offers a safe and anonymous user experience. Adblock Plus has a huge user base and is used by over 100 million devices all across the globe. This large user base indicates that most of the users are satisfied with the service. Look for no other option than Adblock Plus to customize your web experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adblock Plus free or paid?

Adblock Plus is a free open-source browser extension for ad blocking and content filtering.  Moreover, you can also opt for the Premium plan with some advanced features in an affordable price range.

How does Adblock generate revenue?

The main source of Adblock revenue is donations. Also, the other source is through their Premium subscription plan which costs less than $20 a year.

Is Adblock Plus easy to install?

 Yes, Adblock Plus is extremely secure when you download it from the official site or Google Play Store. Just in multiple easy steps , you can easily install Adblock Plus in your PC and Android devices.
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