In this 1Blocker Review, we will shed light on the key features , pros and cons along with other specifications of this ad blocker.

Most of the time iOS users are discriminated for not getting the application on App stores. Even when the application is compatible with iOS, macOS, and Safari, it offers fewer functionalities. On top of that, the parental control options are not available in many ad blockers on Safari. 1Blocker was designed specifically for the Apple operating system and Safari browsers.  

1Blocker is a robust array of fine-grained blocking tools that reduces data usage and load times.  It integrates not only with iOS but with the application across the device protecting you from trackers, ads, cookies, and even the comment section of some sites.  The software is altogether very efficient and cost-effective to get rid of annoying advertisements.

1Blocker Review : Quick Overview 


1Blocker works seamlessly for macOS and iOS with lots of options that include a firewall as well.  It significantly improves the mobile web page experience and allows ad-free browsing for all its users.  The extension and application have a simple and intuitive interface to handle and block major online privacy invasions. Lets look at the key details in this 1Blocker review.

Does it block YouTube ads?Yes
CompatibilitymacOs , iOs, Safari
Paid  PlanStarts at $2.99/mo

1Blocker blocks ads to show a clutter -free website to you.  The application is available on AppStore, making it relatively easy to block intrusive ads.  The extension and application strike a good balance by bundling multiple sets of content-blocking rules for all the iOS devices. As App Store offers greater privacy and malware protection so 1Blocker application is designed to offer more filters than one can expect in iOs.

1Blocker Review : Features

1Blocker offers a range of customization options on the paid plan that are extensive in terms of usage.  The feature on the browser extensions is categorized into general, regional, and custom options. The unique feature which makes the application stand out from the rest is the firewall feature.  This functionality helps to block in-app trackers. Lets look at the other features in this 1blocker review.

General Safari Filters

1Blocker works seamlessly from the web browser, use apps and clicks links without worrying about constant tracking of data.  1Blocker general Safari filters include the following:

  • Blocking advertisements on the websites
  •  Blocking trackers on the website
  • Blocking annoyances such as mobile banner ads
  • Blocking widgets
  • Blocking adult sites
  •  Blocking comments for some of the sites

When you open social media applications, 1Blocker stops you from collecting data on everything you are doing on your device.  Furthermore, it also restricts the tracking of your location.

Regional Safari Filters

 For easy access users, in the regional section of the application blocks advertisements in specific countries that include:

  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • China
  • Japan
  • Holland
  • Poland

Custom Rules

Custom rules allow you to create your own options on different web pages by using the app’s templates.   The rules include the following

  • Allow list
  • Block sites
  • Block cookies
  • Hide elements
  • Force HTTPS

Firewall Feature

1Blocker has further expanded its reach with a firewall feature.  Firewall gives you high-end security by automatically blocking trackers. Additionally, it blocks the first-party trackers that correlate your data with data collected by other companies.  So, it provides an additional layer of protection between you and data brokers.If you want to get rid of constant online surveillance, 1Blocker firewall works best for it.   Surprisingly, it integrates with Siri to allow you to toggle off and on through Siri commands.  

Key Benefits of 1Blocker

 Many other ad blocks have fallen into the category of disrepair as they are not updated in ages and lose their effectiveness.  1Blocker is not one of them.  It has advanced ad-blocking capabilities with great configurability and easy whitelisting.  1Blocker offers the following benefits that include many  such as

  • Full throttle ad blocking with superior configurability  and  easy whitelisting
  •  Have the option to disable content blocking in iOS under the screen time section in the setting
  •  Shows optimal performance in blocking ads and showing “Suggested Content” at the bottom of almost every website.
  • Works best to stop YouTube auto-playing videos.

1Blocker Compatibility

1Blocker is built exclusively for all Apple products. Hence it works well  with the following browsers and devices:

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Safari

 If you are planning to add an extension for browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Linux, Windows, or others then unfortunately you won’t be able to do it with 1Blocker.  The only integration is with Apple devices for permissions and whitelist transfer.

1Blocker Price Plans

 1Blocker Review

1Blocker offers both free and paid plans.  If you want to get the most out of 1Blocker then paid plan works best for you. With the paid plan, you will be able to unlock advanced features, receive weekly updates and try out the newest features.

 There are altogether three subscription models offered.  The first tier is the monthly plan which costs approximately $ 2.99 per month. The annual plan costs $14.99 and the lifetime plan costs a total of $38.99. Consider the one-time plan offer if you are considering using 1blocker for a long duration of time. The key functionalities are listed in this 1Blocker review.

 1Blocker Free Plan1Blocker Paid Plan
PriceFreeStarts at $2.99/mo
Blocks ads
Blocks web trackers
Blocks pop-ups and annoyances
Blocks widgets
Blocks site comments
Blocks adult sites
Blocks in-app trackers
Regional blocking capabilities
Whitelisting from Safari
Whitelist Synchronization
Weekly updates
Use Safari filters
Advanced Customization offers

Is 1Blocker worth it?

 1Blocker is a robust tool that was designed specifically for all Apple devices. With advanced functionalities, it keeps you secure and allows a good browsing experience.  The customization options and control make it a perfect solution. Although tons of options are available, but this specifically built app for Mac fit well for iOS users.  

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1Blocker Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the total cost of 1Blocker?

The free version is readily available to download for both iOS and Mac App Store.  Users can subscribe to the premium versions at $2.99 per month or $14.99 annually.

Does 1Blocker work efficiently to block YouTube ads?

Yes, 1Blocker is effective in blocking YouTube ads.  It is designed primarily for operating systems, not browsers. Unlike all other ad-blocking apps, if you are opening YouTube in Safari, 1Blocker will block all the annoyances.

What’s the greatest advantage of 1Blocker?

With the custom whitelist option, 1Blocker delivers a flexible ad-blocking experience on mobile web.
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